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Top Five NFL Offenses Stuck
Posted on November 28, 2012 at 05:18 PM.

The NFL is becoming a passing league, but that doesn't mean teams have stopped running. We've also seen some offenses slow down this year. Dallas can't run, Green Bay can't block and Philadelphia has imploded completely. Without further ado, here are the top five in the NFL.

5) Atlanta Falcons

In theory, they should be in the top three, but their inability to run the football at times this season has been troubling to say the least. However, when you're 10-1 I guess you can overlook these sorts of things. The Falcons boast the league's second-best passing offense, and while the running game has been lackluster, at times, they often haven't needed to run the ball until the end of games.

Matt Ryan looks like a legitimate MVP candidate, and receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones form the best tandem in the league. Ageless wonder, Tony Gonzalez, is showing no signs of slowing down. If only they could get Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers going, they'd be higher up.

4) Washington Redskins

Admittedly, there is a caveat here. The offense with Pierre Garcon is the fourth best in the league. Without him, they are likely around sixth or seventh. Robert Griffin III has transformed this team. While they aren't in the top half of the league in passing, it's because it has been so easy for them run with Griffin and fellow rookie, Alfred Morris.

The last two games have seen the Redskins offense come alive, and it's no small coincidence that Garcon has been a part of the offense. Even without up-and-coming tight end Fred Davis, this team has still been able to move the ball down the field and score. In a league where passing is king, the Redskins have found a balance that few teams have.

3) Denver Broncos

It's truly amazing what Peyton Manning can do for an offense, isn't it? Even without Willis McGahee for the next few weeks the Broncos should be able to survive thanks to a weak schedule. Manning and the Broncos have the third-highest scoring offense in the league.

Obviously without McGahee the offense will struggle, but Manning and company are more than adequate in picking up the slack. Receivers Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas aren't the top duo in the league, but they are certainly in the top ten, if not five.

2) Houston Texans

They are the definition of balance. Arian Foster is second in the league in rushing, and Houston is in the top five in the league. Matt Schaub -- when he isn't being sucker punched by Ndamukong Suh below the belt -- is leading a top-ten passing offense.

Andre Johnson has proven time and again the last few weeks why he is such an elite receiver. While Houston has always been lacking a complementary receiver to Johnson, Owen Daniels has continued to fill the void.

1) New England Patriots

Surprise, surprise. I know. This is perhaps the most balanced and therefore most dominating offense under the Belicheck and Brady era. The Patriots finally have a running game with Stevan Ridley, it helps to have Danny Woodhead around as well.

The Patriots can basically throw to anyone on the roster. Everyone knows about Gronkowski and Hernandez, oh and Wes Welker. They also have Brandon Lloyd, and mini-Welker in Julian Edelman. It also helps to have that Tom Brady character spreading the ball around.

Anyone you think is missing from the top five? Detroit maybe? Tampa Bay? Make your argument in the comments below.
# 1 elsoulas @ Nov 29
You've got to be kidding.Where is the 49ers offense? They have by far the most balanced and tough to match up offense.
# 2 Brendan Darr @ Nov 29
They are in the bottom 5 in passing, and score less than everyone on the list, plus Tampa who was also considered. They aren't top 5, and I'm sorry, but I didn't even consider them. We'll see what this offense looks like after more than 2 weeks with Kaepernick.
# 3 Brendan Darr @ Nov 30
You're in the tank for Green Bay. They can't run and they aren't scoring as much as last year. They aren't even in the top 10 for scoring. It's easy to take one game out and say they could have scored 60. Well, they couldn't even score 13 against the Giants...
# 4 cusefan74 @ Dec 2
I wouldn't put Green Bays offense in there either. I mean they just scored there first rushing touchdown in like 2 months. They have not been as good as the last couple of years. Yes they put up big numbers against Houston, but I still think they are a little overrated a this point.

San Francisco, not even close. They are a defensive team. They run the ball good, but Smith is not great, and the new guy, he will come down to earth in a couple of weeks, and that will slow him down. Although in the end I think he will be better then Smith.
# 5 smlmeyer @ Dec 3
I think the weak opening to the season for the Pack hurts them for a list like this but don't you think they've redeemed themselves for that by reaching out and crushing the might Texans?
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