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Thursday, August 17, 2017
04:21 PM - August 17, 2017. Written by aloncho11
Here is a compiled list of historic players correct eye color for future reference.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017
11:32 AM - August 16, 2017. Written by NYCDaFuture
NBA 2K18 GET SHOOK Official Trailer


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01:24 AM - August 16, 2017. Written by mcdowell31
Another August and the football and basketball hype trains are loaded and left, or loaded and leaving. This is the pre-season for game fans of those particular sports, and people are limbering-up on every tidbit of marketing hype trotted out. Can't blame them... despite twenty years of the circus, I'm not jaded enough to not watch a YouTube with something quality about its information. Every team has the potential for champion during pre-season, and every fan is hopeful.

Speaking ... Read More
Tuesday, August 15, 2017
04:24 PM - August 15, 2017. Written by aloncho11
Here is a compiled list of historic players off-hand usage for future reference. It consists of retired players and players with at least 10 years in the current NBA.


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Monday, August 14, 2017
We will be discussing impressions of NBA Live 18 Demo, and talk about NBA 2k18. Call at 6pm Est. 877 497-1811


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Sunday, August 13, 2017
04:09 PM - August 13, 2017. Written by The Lob Mob

NBA Live Demo, Cavs Vs Warriors gameplay.. SHOUTOUT TO MARKUS KILZHEIMER link to his twitter here: https://twitter.com/EliteOwNage12/status/896562775744557056
Just as the title says... STEPH CURRY GET KICKED IN THE BALLS!!!

Playlist with all NBA 2K17 Videos here:

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Saturday, August 12, 2017
05:01 AM - August 12, 2017. Written by millertime98
While this year's draft was criticized as a weak at the top class, several teams were able to take a leap forward.
The top pick CF Bernardo Vizcaino 21-73-99 is a legit stud and could debut next season. They also picked up his OF partner
LF Marshall Barnes 19-63-90 in the second round. They are setting themselves up to have the best OF in the game.
Another rebuilding team that helped themselves was Oakland. Thier first pick was SP Alberto Santos 22-72-91, a 99 velo guy with ... Read More
04:20 AM - August 12, 2017. Written by millertime98
The draft is the way we'd like to build our team. This first season is going to be difficult as we have the 18th pick and there will be no sure fire players left at that point. This first season is going to require our scouting department to pull through.

When looking at our roster we have a lot of needs.
SP: 19/15 four players signed next season. 3 not coming back
RP: 21/15 one signed next season 11-12 not coming back
CP: 2/3 both returning ... Read More
03:39 AM - August 12, 2017. Written by millertime98
RECORD: 19-35 (14-15) 16.5 gb RANK= 25th MLB= 28th

After a horrible 4-20 start we won the first 3 games of May and 6 of the first 7. However, we lost 7 striaght at the end of the month and while we follwed that by winning 4 of the final 5. We are not going anywhere, obviously, and it is time to look into making trades.

5/8 CIN gets C Vazquez from BOS for SS Cozart
5/9 MIN gets LF Santander from BAL for SS Escobar
5/13 LAD ... Read More
Thursday, August 10, 2017
09:13 AM - August 10, 2017. Written by Pawel93
Where to Find Madden Mobile How to Play
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017
10:23 PM - August 9, 2017. Written by millertime98
With the Tigers off to such a miserable start and the front office making statements to the effect this offseason, it seems like just a matter of time before the Tigers are forced to jettison some of their top players. The biggest trouble is that most of their top trade bait players are not cheap. Verlander, Miggy and Zimmermann are all making way too much money for just any team to take them. They will have to eat a lot of if not the majority of any of the contracts they deal. Their best bet will ... Read More
02:51 PM - August 9, 2017. Written by quehouston
I remember being a 17 year old kid. Young. Jubilant. Competitive. Passionate. Skilled.

I just moved into my dorm room for my freshman year at East Carolina University. My first order of business (once I finally got my crying family out of there) was to set my PS3 up, and fire up my copy of NBA 2k10.
It was the summer, so we were nearing the end of the 2k10 cycle, though it was still a pretty fun game. I still played it very regularly, which is weird for me to say ... Read More
04:01 AM - August 9, 2017. Written by millertime98
Perhaps my biggest fear in taking over the Tigers was that they are a better team on paper than IRL. So, what if all of these aging stars had one last fight in them and put together a magical run? The Tigers are capable of winning 90 games or losing 100.
Well, after the first month, I can relax a bit...

RECORD: 4-21 last - 13.5 gb MLB RANK = 30

- After opening the season 2-0 we deopped 21 of our next 23 including an 11 game losing streak. We also lost to MIN ... Read More

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