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Saturday, June 10, 2017
02:01 PM - June 10, 2017. Written by mcdowell31
Obviously, I like/want smooth presentation in MyLeague; rather, I do not want gameplay animations and strategy (the nuts and bolts of this game) watered-down with unnecessary presentation bloat.

Here is an idea: Adapt a version of VIP to track my button presses so presentation adapts to me.

As I have said, the immersion animations are not bad, they are insulting: Each animation suffers from overuse and/or lack of context. Every MyLeague game draws out too long; the ... Read More
Thursday, June 8, 2017
10:30 PM - June 8, 2017. Written by NYCDaFuture
https://www.Twitch.Tv/NYCDaFuture Im Live #NBA2K17 109- 20 🏀 Greatest PlayNow Online Player wit the Knicks Follow the Channel also. If anyone wants to play hit me up. I got X1 n Ps4
05:52 PM - June 8, 2017. Written by The Lob Mob

Call it a WWE 2K18 wish list, call it a WWE 2K18 top ten list or whatever... but this is me speaking my thoughts on what I want to see in WWE games going forward...

My WWE 2K17 Story Mode videos are here:

My WWE 2K16 MyCareer videos are all HERE:

Check out my LMW WWE 2K ... Read More
Sunday, June 4, 2017
Over 100 of the nation's best NCAA players created into the game! Check it out:


Friday, June 2, 2017
01:21 AM - June 2, 2017. Written by Baebae32
2017 NBA All-Star Game RostersEastern ConferenceWestern ConferenceHead Coach:
Logan Schmidt, BKNHead Coach:
Isaac Flory, LALPosStartersPosStartersGCedric Meekins, BOSGRoss Sparks, UTAGBobby Sloan, PHIGRico Dantley, OKCFB.J. Irving, CHIFAmari Peterson, OKCFMarvin Byrd, BKNFFrank Rooks, LACFKameron Justice, MIACJalen Buchanan, NOPPosReservesPosReservesGWade Robinson, CLEGWayne Cheaney, HOUGDonnell Caldwell, ATLGDave Cato, LALFStuart Meyer, MILFShawn Bellamy, SACFDamien Augmon, CHIFDylan Padgett, ... Read More
Thursday, June 1, 2017
12:53 PM - June 1, 2017. Written by AlexBrady
In response to last night's NBA TV Open Court episode that debated this very topic. I looked at the rosters, competition, and records to determine these rankings.

5. 1982 Boston Celtics

RECORD — 63-19 .768 (1st)
OFFENSE — 112.0 (4th)
DEFENSE — 105.6 (8th)

This team had a great front-line in Larry Bird, Cedric Maxwell, and Robert Parish. The guards were Gerald Henderson and an older Tiny Archibald. Off the bench came Kevin McHale who abused ... Read More
11:52 AM - June 1, 2017. Written by Baebae32
Philadelphia 76ers at New Orleans PelicansDec 8, 20161ST2ND3RD4THSCOREPhiladelphia (22-2)2825152189New Orleans (12-11)29232726105Philadelphia 76ersSTARTERSMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-AREBASTSTLBLKTOPTSL. Wilkins381-100-50-03142022B. Sloan3414-245-98-90201441B. Carr295-130-12-38010212R. Flores362-40-01-2710005M. Marsh323-50-10-0803006BENCHMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-AREBASTSTLBLKTOPTSA. Clark294-120-31-2342019W. Woods181-40-12-2110004E. Farmar122-50-03-4302017A. Yarbrough111-21-10-0000003S. Stafford10-00-00-0000000TEAM ... Read More
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
11:29 AM - May 31, 2017. Written by AlexBrady
With the Finals starting up tomorrow I thought I would rank the best Championship rounds in the game's history. This was based on the quality of the teams, players, and overall competitiveness. The longer the better so I only ranked those rounds which went the full seven games.

5. 1974 Boston 4 Milwaukee 3

A memorable series which pitted finesse (Milwaukee) against strength (Boston). Dave Cowens, the 6-9 center, used his strength to wear down a young Kareem ... Read More
09:53 AM - May 31, 2017. Written by majesty95
MUT Squads is going to change the way you play Madden!

I was part of a small group that was flown to the EA studios in Orlando last week to test out new features in Madden 18. To be honest, going in, I had absolutely zero interest in team play. However, after playing several games in MUT Squads with the group that I was a part of, it quickly became my favorite way to play Madden. I literally had more fun in one day playing Squads than I have at any other time in the 27 years I’ve
... Read More
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
08:26 PM - May 30, 2017. Written by KentuckyNCAA14FB
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Sunday, May 28, 2017
08:03 AM - May 28, 2017. Written by KentuckyNCAA14FB
CFB Top 25 entering the week
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Saturday, May 27, 2017
05:39 AM - May 27, 2017. Written by Kanobi
We dig into the NFC East offseason and analyze key transactions and draft picks that will ultimately decide who claims the division crown. Read more...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
09:41 AM - May 24, 2017. Written by Kanobi
The AFC South is emerging as a division built on defense and power ground attacks. We examine each team's key moves in the race for the division title. Read more...

09:19 AM - May 24, 2017. Written by Retired25Won2K
Hey fellas, I am looking to start this concept league ... its a group of competitors that are looking to laceup certain type of lineups. For example, North Carolina Alumni -vs- All-Time Charlotte Hornets players. How it works is as follows:

1. Users submit their roster pic for the concept lineup they wish to use (multiple lineups are permitted of course).

2. A challenger will reply with their lineup.

3. One of the users in the matchup must submit the ... Read More
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
04:38 PM - May 23, 2017. Written by bhrangerfan0809
Using my all-time roster set for NHL 14, I went into season mode and entered a fantasy draft. I controlled the Phoenix Coyotes and only drafted enforcers (and grinder P.J. Stock) along with a few very bad goalies. Upon completion of the draft, this was my depth chart:

D. Boogaard (74) - Z. Konopka (75) - D. Hordichuk (73)
M. Haley (73) - D. Wood (74) - S. Peat (71)
J. Rosehill (72) - P.J. Stock (72) - E. Godard (72)
S. Blouin (71) - J. Scott (72) - P. Cote (71) ... Read More