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Monday, July 17, 2017
12:08 PM - July 17, 2017. Written by OBinKC
The favorite to win all year, Johnny Manziel has won the 2013 Heisman award. It will be interesting to see if "Johnny Football" can have continued success in the NFL.
Dynasty: OBinKC
07:49 AM - July 17, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Tulsa has received the bid to play in the New Orleans Bowl on December 22 against the Sun Belt champs, the Texas State Bobcats. And the trash talk has already started.

"I applaud the job that the kids at Texas State did this year, but All-Americans?" remarked Tulsa head coach Bill Blankenship. "It's kind of a slap in the face to the players in this country who had to face power 5 conference talent week after week. We're not going to roll over just because they achieved stats in the Sun Belt."

Bobcats head coach Dennis Franchione had a response.

"We're not going to apologize for going 11-1 against the schedule laid out before us", said Franchione. "Especially to a team that went 7-5."

So clearly the lines have been drawn. It seems to have taken a Sun Belt versus Conference USA narrative even if it doesn't deserve to be. But we'll take the added drama to an already exciting upcoming game.
Dynasty: OBinKC
07:37 AM - July 17, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State's accolades just keep coming, as the All-American teams have been announced and we have some Bobcats sprinkled in. Tight End Bradley Miller and defensive tackle Damian McMiller made the first team, while halfback Terrance Franks, wide receiver Isaiah Battle, and defensive tackle D.J. Yendrey made the second team. Quarterback Jordan Moore was named to the freshman All-American squad.

"I'm really proud of what our guys achieved this year", said Bobcats head coach Dennis Franchione. "The good news is that some of these kids are coming back next year."

Indeed there are building blocks for an even brighter future. The magic in San Marcos this year is really something to behold.
Dynasty: OBinKC
07:26 AM - July 17, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State has bragging rights to the Sun Belt title, and now they have the award for the most outstanding tight end in the country. Bradley Miller has been named winner of the 2013 John Mackey award. The tight end finished the season with 60 receptions for 1051 yards and 8 touchdowns. He averaged 87.6 yards per game.
Dynasty: OBinKC
Sunday, July 16, 2017
11:44 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by bacon96
Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels
Apr 13, 2018123456789RHE
Texas (6-4)0000000202111
Los Angeles (5-5)00100101X360
W: Graham Young (1-1) L: Nick Montgomery (0-2) S: Cody Hamlin (5)
Scoring Summary
LAA3rdNakamura scores on a passed ball.01
LAA6thRoland singled to left. McIntyre scores.02
TEX8thAlexander homered to center.12
TEX8thHitter doubled to center. White scores.22
LAA8thMcIntyre homered to left.23
Texas Rangers
Velez SS4000000.243
Alexander RF4141001.465
White LF4110010.205
Hitter 1B4021000.333
Rodriguez CF4000010.143
Downs 3B4010010.270
Vina 2B4000020.184
Sharpless C4020010.190
Galvan DH4010010.208
2B: Hitter 2 (5), Alexander (5)
HR: Alexander (5)
RBI: Hitter (7), Alexander (14)
GIDP: White, Galvan
E: Hitter (1)
PB: Sharpless (1)
Los Angeles Angels
LeFave LF3000010.279
Dunbar SS3000110.056
Brennan CF4000020.250
McIntyre DH4221011.302
Lamb RF4010000.308
Roland 1B3011110.357
Gardner 2B3000000.000
Nakamura 3B3110000.270
Fernandez C2010110.156
2B: McIntyre (2)
HR: McIntyre (3)
RBI: McIntyre (7), Roland (7)
SAC: LeFave
Texas Rangers
Montgomery (L, 0-2)12110216.75
Los Angeles Angels
Martinez7 1/39110610.81
Young (W 1-1)2/32110005.40
Hamlin (SV, 5)10000108.44
Dynasty: bacon96
09:43 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by bacon96
Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers
Apr 12, 2018123456789RHE
Los Angeles (4-5)1110002005101
Detroit (2-6)000110000281
W: Alex Sadler (3-0) L: Tanner Rooney (0-2) S: Cody Hamlin (4)
Scoring Summary
LAA1stBrennan singled to left. LeFave scores.10
LAA2ndShields flied out to right. Rice scores.20
LAA3rdWolf singled to left. Roland scores.30
DET4thPrescott homered to left.31
DET5thPain homered to right.32
LAA7thMcIntyre singled to center. Nakamura scores.42
LAA7thRice flied out to left. Roland scores.52
Los Angeles Angels
LeFave LF5110000.300
Nakamura 3B5120020.265
Roland 1B4220100.359
Brennan CF4011110.278
Wolf RF3011000.357
Lamb RF1000000.333
McIntyre DH4011010.282
Rice 2B1111200.217
White SS4010000.138
Shields C3001000.000
2B: Nakamura (1), Rice (2)
RBI: Wolf (5), Rice (2), Brennan (7), Shields (1), McIntyre (6)
HBP: Wolf
SF: Shields, Rice
GIDP: Wolf, White
E: LeFave (2)
Detroit Tigers
Young RF5030010.300
Brazoban SS2000210.114
Phillips 1B4000020.250
Sanchez DH4000000.206
Carroll CF4000020.182
Prescott C4111011.233
Rodriguez LF3000110.308
Pain 3B4131011.182
Velasquez 2B4010010.250
HR: Prescott (1), Pain (1)
RBI: Prescott (2), Pain (1)
HBP: Brazoban
GIDP: Velasquez
SB: Young (3)
E: Phillips (2)
Los Angeles Angels
Sadler (W, 3-0)55222821.35
Irwin (H, 3)1+1000007.71
Armstrong (H, 1)2/31001000.00
Young (H, 2)10000004.50
Wheeler (H, 3)1/30000003.00
Hamlin (SV, 4)110002010.38
Detroit Tigers
Rooney (L, 0-2)46334203.60
WP: Rooney (1)
Dynasty: bacon96
09:07 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by Reiny09
Minnesota Twins at Tampa Bay Rays
Jun 15, 2018123456789RHE
Minnesota (29-38)010000000150
Tampa Bay (38-28)10200021X690
W: C. Archer (7-2) L: F. Romero (4-1)
Scoring Summary
TAM1Dickerson singled to center. Smith scores.01
MIN2Wade doubled to right. Kepler scores.11
TAM3Longoria singled to center. Field scores. Kiermaier scores.13
TAM7Longoria doubled to left. Field scores.14
TAM7Dickerson hit a sac fly to CF. Kiermaier scores.15
TAM8Miller homered to right.16
Minnesota Twins
Ramirez, 3B3000020.279
Rosario, LF3010120.230
Dozier, 2B4020020.273
Gattis, C4000030.238
Valencia, DH4000000.272
Kepler, RF3100110.179
Polanco, SS4000010.255
Mauer, 1B4010010.213
Wade, CF3011110.316
TEAM TOTALS321513130
2B: J. Mauer (7), L. Wade (21), B. Dozier (21)
RBI: L. Wade (17)
HBP: J. Ramirez
SB: E. Rosario (11)
Tampa Bay Rays
Kiermaier, CF3210120.258
Smith, DH4110010.258
Longoria, 3B4023000.245
Dickerson, LF2012100.259
Ramos, C4000030.276
Miller, 2B4121011.235
Duffy, SS4000000.247
Gillaspie, 1B4000020.214
Field, RF3220000.207
2B: E. Longoria (9)
HR: B. Miller (6)
RBI: B. Miller (25), E. Longoria 3 (32), C. Dickerson 2 (35)
HBP: J. Field
SF: C. Dickerson
SB: M. Smith (24)
Minnesota Twins
F. Romero (L, 4-1)5.06331602.72
M. Tonkin1.01000100.00
B. Boshers0.11221002.87
C. Johnson1.21110215.40
TEAM TOTALS8.0966291
WP: F. Romero (6)
Tampa Bay Rays
C. Archer (W, 7-2)6.05113902.50
D. Farquhar (H, 9)1.00000203.38
T. Hunter2.00000202.79
TEAM TOTALS9.05113130
WP: C. Archer (2)
Dynasty: Reiny09
08:05 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by bacon96
Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers
Apr 11, 2018123456789RHE
Los Angeles (3-5)0100210206111
Detroit (2-5)011002010590
W: Logan Cash (1-0) L: Carlos de la Torre (1-2) S: Cody Hamlin (3)
Scoring Summary
Los Angeles Angels
LeFave LF4120110.314
White SS5010010.120
Roland 1B4122011.343
Brennan CF4110000.281
Wolf RF4122001.360
McIntyre DH4221020.286
Rice 2B4011000.182
Fernandez C4000000.133
Nakamura 3B4000000.241
2B: Wolf (2), Rice (1)
HR: Wolf (3), Roland (2), McIntyre (2)
RBI: Wolf 2 (4), Roland 2 (6), Rice (1), McIntyre (5)
GIDP: White
E: Nakamura (1)
Detroit Tigers
Young RF4010100.257
Brazoban SS4111111.121
Phillips 1B5000030.286
Sanchez DH3320100.233
Carroll CF4011010.207
Prescott C4121000.231
Rodriguez LF3012110.348
Pain 3B4000020.080
Velasquez 2B4010010.250
2B: Young (3), Prescott (1), Carroll (1)
HR: Brazoban (1)
RBI: Brazoban (3), Rodriguez 2 (3), Prescott (1), Carroll (5)
SB: Sanchez (1), Young (2)
CS: Prescott (1), Young (1)
Los Angeles Angels
Young (BS, 1)`13220105.40
Cash (W, 1-0)10001201.80
Wheeler (H, 2)11111003.38
Hamlin (SV, 3)100012013.50
Detroit Tigers
Withenshaw5 1/37441223.97
Tripp1 2/31000001.69
de la Torre (L, 1-2)122202111.25
Dynasty: bacon96
07:44 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State 56, Troy 31

Troy, AL -- It was a game for the ages. There were several lead changes and broken records, but Texas State emerged as the Sun Belt Conference champs.

Bobcats quarterback Jordan Moore had a career day in a career season, going 28 for 33 with 476 yards and 6 touchdowns, a school record. He had no interceptions. Wide receiver Isaiah Battle broke school records for receptions in a season with 84 and receiving yards in a season with 1362.

Texas State started with the ball and drove down the field to the Troy 30 yard line. It looked like another easy scoring drive for the Bobcats, but a blitz jarred the ball loose from Moore and the Trojans picked up the ball up and ran it for a touchdown. This was unfamiliar territory for Texas State, but they fought back and scored with a run by Terrance Franks. Troy answered with a field goal, and Texas State scored another touchdown, this time by tight end Bradley Miller. With the score now 14-10 Bobcats, Troy dished it out some more and scored, making it 17-14. Texas State stuck to the system and scored again inside two minutes left in the half. They would stop the Trojans again before halftime and score one more touchdown.

The highly contested battle continued in the 3rd quarter. Troy drove down the field and scored, making it 28-24 Bobcats. But the redshirt freshman quarterback Moore seemed to feel no pressure and kept to the system. Texas State would score again with a touchdown pass to Andy Erickson, and then again to Isaiah Battle. Now up 42-24, Troy started to lose steam. The Bobcats forced the turnover and eventually scored again making it 49-24. Texas State knew they had the victory. Troy would score again, but so would Texas State and the comeback was squashed.

Texas State has secured the conference title and a bid for the New Orleans Bowl on December 22.
Dynasty: OBinKC
07:12 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State at Troy

This is it. One more game and the conference belongs to the Texas State Bobcats. We're witnessing greatness to be sure, but it's time to clamp down and leave it all on the field this week. Troy is 8-3 and matches Texas State's Sun Belt Conference record. You better believe the crowd in Troy, Alabama is going to be loud and rowdy. Texas State has passed all tests leading up to this, and it will be a fitting end and a well deserved accomplishment if they can finish this out.
Dynasty: OBinKC
07:12 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by Reiny09
Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins
Jun 14, 2018123456789RHE
Toronto (37-28)0101000406140
Minnesota (29-37)000400000450
W: J. Howell (1-2) L: B. Boshers (3-1) S: R. Osuna (16)
Scoring Summary
TOR2Maile singled to center. Morales scores.10
TOR4Travis singled to center. Maile scores.20
MIN4Kepler homered to right. Gattis scores. Valencia scores. Polanco scores.24
TOR8Slater homered to right. Morales scores.44
TOR8Pearce homered to left. Gurriel Jr. scores.64
Toronto Blue Jays
Travis, 2B5031010.289
Pillar, CF5000010.251
Donaldson, 3B4010110.286
Tulowitzki, SS4010110.243
Morales, 1B4220000.278
Slater, DH5122011.309
Bautista, RF3000110.293
Gurriel Jr., PR-RF1100000.225
Carrera, LF4020000.219
Maile, C3121000.193
Pearce, PH1112001.275
Saltalamacchia, C0000000.172
TEAM TOTALS396146362
2B: L. Maile (2)
HR: A. Slater (5), S. Pearce (8)
RBI: D. Travis (36), A. Slater 2 (34), L. Maile (8), S. Pearce 2 (35)
HBP: K. Morales
GIDP: K. Pillar, K. Morales
SB: E. Carrera (6)
Minnesota Twins
Ramirez, 3B4000010.282
Rosario, LF4000040.229
Dozier, 2B4000010.270
Gattis, C4110010.242
Valencia, 1B4130010.276
Polanco, SS2100210.259
Kepler, RF4114011.182
Grossman, DH3000020.240
Buxton, CF3000000.239
TEAM TOTALS324542121
2B: D. Valencia (14), E. Gattis (13)
HR: M. Kepler (5)
RBI: M. Kepler 4 (17)
Toronto Blue Jays
F. Liriano5.04442714.56
J. Collmenter1.01000103.47
J. Howell (W, 1-2)1.00000103.10
J. Biagini (H, 5)1.00000105.87
R. Osuna (S, 16)1.00000202.42
TEAM TOTALS9.05442121
Minnesota Twins
H. Ryu6.09222303.74
T. May (H, 6)1.00000202.91
A. Bastardo (BS, 1)0.02220019.00
B. Boshers (L, 3-1)1.02221112.41
R. Pressly1.01000003.73
TEAM TOTALS9.01466362
Dynasty: Reiny09
07:03 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State 34, Western Kentucky 17

San Marcos, TX -- Bobcats quarterback Jordan Moore broke the 400 yard passing mark for the sixth time this year as Texas State broke the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers' will late in the game. Although Western Kentucky stopped the Bobcats rushing attack, they, like everyone else this year, couldn't find an answer for the "Trio", the new nickname for the receiving corps of Isaiah Battle, Brandon Smith, and Andy Erickson in their Trio formation. The Hilltoppers threw everything at the attack and came up short each time. The pressure became too much and Texas State pulled away in the second half.

Texas State is now 10-1 and there are some rumblings of them ending up in the national rankings by the end of the season.
Dynasty: OBinKC
06:51 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Western Kentucky at Texas State

This must seem like a broken record, but this is a team that can put the Bobcats back in the loss column. Westerns Kentucky's talent level is significantly superior to TX State's, and it will be really easy for the Bobcats to think they're invincible and get a rude awakening.

That being said, Texas State is the favorite. O'Bradovich's system really does look invincible. If the Bobcats can work the system like they always do, it would be hard to bet on the Hilltoppers to crack this puzzle.
Dynasty: OBinKC
06:41 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State 45, Arkansas State 7

Jonesboro, AR -- Bobcats runningback Terrance Franks broke Texas State's record for touchdowns in a season with 17, but it was the passing attack as usual that shined against Arkansas State. Early on it looked like a game, but by the 2nd quarter, things began to look familiar for the Bobcats as of late. Wide receiver Andy Erickson had a big game with 120 yards and two touchdowns. But Isaiah Battle, Brandon Smith, and tight end Bradley Miller each made their mark, proving again that Texas State can attack you from anywhere.
Dynasty: OBinKC
06:27 PM - July 16, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State at Arkansas State

Arkansas State is a tough opponent at home. At 6-3, they will be the toughest test the Bobcats have had since Louisiana-Lafayette. At this point, we pretty much know that Texas State can score a ton of points on most anyone. But if they miss a few key conversions and turn the ball over one too many times, all the while with Arkansas State keeping up with them in scoring, you can see why there's cause not to take this game lightly at all.
Dynasty: OBinKC