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Monday, July 24, 2017
08:57 AM - July 24, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State at San Jose St.

SJSU is 1-2, and have lost to both Navy and Florida Atlantic. It doesn't look like such a touch opponent for the Bobcats. But we are on the road so you know anything can happen.
Dynasty: OBinKC
08:51 AM - July 24, 2017. Written by OBinKC
As we sit during the bye week, it's time to get you caught up on Texas State's recruiting so far this season.

The Bobcats seem to be going aggressive on the defensive side of the ball. Their big targets include 3-star middle linebacker Chad Dorsey (6'2" 239, 68 OVR) from Converse, TX, 3-star strong safety Kellen Freeman (6'3" 189, 69 OVR) from Austin, TX, and 3-star strong safety Eric Welsh (6'0" 196, 68 OVR) from Hillsboro, TX. Running the 4-2-5 defense, it always helps to have good strong safeties.

But the biggest recruit on their board is an athlete. 5-star prospect Jason Mays (5'10" 188, 77 OVR) from Robinson, TX is projected to be a running back. But Mays will be coveted by many and the Bobcats will have done the impossible if they can sign him.
Dynasty: OBinKC
08:35 AM - July 24, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State 56, Army 24

San Marcos, TX -- Jordan Moore had another astronomical game in terms of stats as the Texas State Bobcats defeated the Army Black Knights. He threw for 491 yards and 3 touchdowns. Tight end Bradley Miller finally broke out this season with 115 receiving yards. But the bulk of the touchdowns came on the ground. Terrance Franks had 3 touchdowns and Tim Gay had 2.

"That's one thing about this offense that gets overlooked with all of the gaudy numbers", said Bobcats head coach Dennis Franchione. "When defenses tighten up on our pass game in the red zone, we can just punch it in on the ground."

Army could never really get their run game going, at least not in time for them to be in this game. It's going to be interesting to see if anyone can figure out a way to hang with TX State's offense this season.
Dynasty: OBinKC
Sunday, July 23, 2017
11:34 PM - July 23, 2017. Written by bacon96
Angels at Astros |
Apr 25, 2018123456789ExtrasRHE
Los Angeles (14-7)0100000001 0 0 0 0 26140
Houston (13-9)2000000101 0 0 0 0 04110
W: Graham Young (2-1) L: Trent Smith (1-2) S: Karl Davis (1)
Scoring Summary
HOU1stMontgomery singled to center. Weber scores.01
HOU1stSlade singled to left. Montgomery scores.02
LAA2ndWhite grounded out to second. Lamb scores.12
HOU8thWeber homered to right.13
LAA9thWolf singled to right. Brennan scores.23
LAA9thWhite singled to right. McIntyre scores.33
LAA10thLeFave homered to left.43
HOU10thMontgomery singled to center. Young scores.44
LAA15thLamb homered to left. Brennan scores.64
Los Angeles Angels
LeFave LF5111211.299
Nakamura 3B7010020.253
Brennan CF-RF7220000.349
Roland 1B3000000.295
McIntyre PH-1B3110010.288
Lamb DH7222011.316
Wolf RF5021000.276
Brenner PH-CF2010010.267
White SS7022000.246
Wynn 2B4010200.381
Fernandez C6010020.219
2B: Lamb (4), White (3)
HR: Lamb (3), LeFave (2)
RBI: Wolf (7), Lamb 2 (9), White 2 (6), LeFave (10)
HBP: Roland
GIDP: White
SB: Wynn (1)
CS: Brenner (1)
Houston Astros
Weber RF7231001.361
Montgomery 3B7122020.257
Stephenson CF6010120.303
Clark LF6010100.226
Bruce 1B6010020.281
Slade DH4011220.267
Lindsay 2B4000120.264
Young SS5120100.209
Larson C5000020.250
2B: Stephenson (8), Weber 2 (11)
HR: Weber (1)
RBI: Montgomery 2 (12), Weber (7), Slade (12)
SAC: Lindsay, Larson
GIDP: Young, Lindsay, Clark
Los Angeles Angels
Young (W, 2-1)20000203.27
Davis (SV, 1)10000100.51
Houston Astros
Rowe (H, 3)11000002.51
Preston (H, 5)10000106.75
Russell (BSV, 2)25330118.38
Smith (L, 1-2)23221214.91
WP: Pruitt 2 (2)
Dynasty: bacon96
08:09 PM - July 23, 2017. Written by bacon96
Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros
Apr 24, 2018123456789RHE
Los Angeles (14-6)0002003005110
Houston (12-9)33110011X10180
W: Blondie Pena (2-0) L: Benito Martinez (1-1)
Scoring Summary
HOU1stClark doubled to left. Weber scores. Montgomery scores.02
HOU1stBruce singled to left. Clark scores.03
HOU2ndLarson homered to left. Young scores.05
HOU2ndClark singled to left. Stephenson scores.06
HOU3rdLindsay singled to center. Slade scores.07
LAA4thRoland homered to left. LeFave scores.27
HOU4thBruce flied out to left. Stephenson scores.28
LAA7thLeFave singled to center. White scores.38
LAA7thNakamura singled to right. Smith scores.48
LAA7thBrennan singled to left. LeFave scores.58
HOU7thWeber singled to right. Slade scores.59
HOU8thClark homered to right.510
Los Angeles Angels
LeFave LF5231000.306
Nakamura 3B5011020.265
Brennan CF4011000.355
Roland 1B4122011.307
McIntyre DH3000120.286
Wolf RF3010000.264
Lamb PH-RF1000000.320
White SS4110000.242
Smith 2B3100120.316
Fernandez C4020000.224
2B: Wolf (3), Roland (1), Fernandez (2), White (2)
HR: Roland (6)
RBI: Nakamura (7), Brennan (18), Roland 2 (15), LeFave (9)
SB: LeFave (2)
CS: LeFave (1)
Houston Astros
Weber RF5121030.356
Montgomery 3B5110000.255
Stephenson CF5220010.312
Clark LF5234001.230
Bruce 1B4012000.289
Slade DH5240000.268
Lindsay 2B4021010.276
Young SS3110100.198
Larson C4122001.290
2B: Stephenson (7), Clark (4), Slade 2 (3)
3B: Stephenson (3)
HR: Larson (1), Clark (3)
RBI: Lindsay (11), Weber (6), Bruce 2 (14), Larson 2 (4), Clark 4 (12)
SF: Bruce
Los Angeles Angels
Martinez (L, 1-1)2+11771113.26
Houston Astros
Pena (W, 2-0)66221612.79
Smith (H, 2)2/34331014.50
Morales (H, 2)1 1/30000101.59
Dynasty: bacon96
06:14 PM - July 23, 2017. Written by bacon96
Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels
Apr 22, 2018123456789RHE
Oakland (9-10)000001001230
Los Angeles (13-6)010001010370
W: Karl Davis (4-0) L: Dustin Wise (3-1) S: Cody Hamlin (10)
Scoring Summary
LAA2ndWynn singled to center. Lamb scores.01
OAK6thMcKinnon homered to left.11
LAA6thRoland homered to center.12
LAA8thSilver singled to center. White scores.13
OAK9thPrinz homered to left.23
Oakland Athletics
Rosas SS4000010.278
Floyd 2B4000010.138
Painter RF4010030.231
Williams LF3000020.218
Lawton 1B3000020.279
Dyer CF3000020.231
McKinnon 3B3111021.227
Perkins C3000010.258
Prinz DH3111011.235
HR: McKinnon (5), Prinz (3)
RBI: McKinnon (16), Prinz (9)
Los Angeles Angels
White SS4120000.241
Silver 3B3011100.222
Brennan CF4000010.361
Roland 1B4111001.296
Lamb DH3120000.327
Wolf RF2000100.260
Wynn LF3011010.412
Smith 2B2000120.375
Shields C2000010.000
2B: Lamb (3), White (1)
HR: Roland (5)
RBI: Roland (13), Silver (11), Wynn (1)
SAC: Shields
GIDP: Brennan, Roland
CS: Lamb (1)
Oakland Athletics
Wise (L, 3-1)5 1/35223213.86
Perez1 2/30000305.00
WP: Wise (1)
Los Angeles Angels
Sadler5 1/31110912.01
Davis (W, 4-0)1 2/31000200.00
Wheeler (H, 6)10000202.57
Hamlin (SV, 10)11110216.35
Dynasty: bacon96
05:22 PM - July 23, 2017. Written by korndogg8323
Cleveland Indians at San Francisco Giants
Jul 17, 2017123456789RHE
Cleveland (63-30)0100040005130
San Francisco (58-36)000100100280
W: Josh Tomlin (8-5) L: Matt Moore (6-5) S: Cody Allen (25)
Scoring Summary
CLE2Tomlin singled down the left field line. Jackson scored. Gomes to second.10
SFO4Span singled to center. Crawford scored. Hundley to second.11
CLE6Ramirez doubled to right. Diaz scored. Jackson to third.21
CLE6Gomes reached on a fielder's choice. Jackson scored. Ramirez to third.31
CLE6Tomlin sacrificed to first. Ramirez scored. Gomes to second.41
CLE6Brantley singled to left. Gomes scored. Guyer to second.51
SFO7Parker homered to right.52
Cleveland Indians
2B: Lindor (14), Ramirez (17)
RBI: Tomlin 2 (2), Ramirez (31), Gomes (31), Brantley (25)
SAC: Tomlin
GIDP: Lindor 2
San Francisco Giants
HR: Parker (16)
RBI: Span (27), Parker (57)
E: Panik (5)
Cleveland Indians
Miller (H, 12)1.00000100.50
Allen (S, 25)1.01000202.06
TEAM TOTALS9.0822081
WP: Allen (2)
San Francisco Giants
Moore (L, 6-5)5.06333404.13
TEAM TOTALS9.01355370
Dynasty: korndogg8323
02:57 PM - July 23, 2017. Written by bacon96
Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels
Apr 21, 2018123456789RHE
Oakland (9-9)100000000160
Los Angeles (12-6)11100402X9150
W: Bryan Stockton (1-0) L: Ryan Walker (0-3)
Scoring Summary
OAK1stPainter doubled to right. Rosas scores.10
LAA1stLamb singled to left. LeFave scores.11
LAA2ndLeFave doubled to right. Wynn scores.12
LAA3rdLamb homered to center.13
LAA6thFernandez singled to left. Wolf scores.14
LAA6thLeFave doubled to center. Wynn scores.15
LAA6thNakamura singled to center. Fernandez scores. LeFave scores.17
LAA8thBrennan homered to left. Fernandez scores.19
Oakland Athletics
Rosas SS4120010.294
Dyer CF4020000.240
Painter RF4021000.230
Williams LF4000010.227
Lawton 1B4000010.293
Perkins C4000010.270
McKinnon 3B3000020.222
Prinz DH3000000.229
Nelson 2B3000020.056
2B: Painter (5)
RBI: Painter (10)
Los Angeles Angels
LeFave LF4232000.284
Nakamura 3B4022110.270
Brennan CF5132011.382
Roland 1B4000100.299
Lamb DH5122001.304
Wolf RF4110010.271
White SS4000010.222
Wynn 2B4220010.429
Fernandez C4221010.204
2B: LeFave 2 (4)
HR: Brennan (9), Lamb (2)
RBI: Nakamura 2 (6), Brennan 2 (17), Lamb 2 (7), Fernandez (4), LeFave 2 (8)
HBP: LeFave
GIDP: Nakamura
Oakland Athletics
Walker (L, 0-3)56331515.66
Los Angeles Angels
Stockton (W, 1-0)74110601.96
Dynasty: bacon96
12:13 PM - July 23, 2017. Written by Reiny09
Los Angeles Angels at Minnesota Twins
Jun 22, 2018123456789RHE
Los Angeles (31-44)001000001271
Minnesota (30-43)00003000X370
W: A. Mejia (2-2) L: V. Campos (3-3) S: T. May (1)
Scoring Summary
LAA3Trout singled to center. Maldonado scores.10
MIN5Wade reached on a throwing error. Valencia scores.11
MIN5Ramirez singled to center. Palka scores. Wade scores.13
LAA9Maybin grounded out to SS. Escobar scores.23
Los Angeles Angels
Simmons, SS4000100.240
Reyes, DH4010010.229
Trout, CF5011010.278
Marte, LF3010110.208
Plouffe, RF3000110.187
Pujols, 1B4010010.198
Escobar, 3B4110000.316
Perez, 2B4010000.229
Maldonado, C1110200.276
Maybin, PH1001000.271
2B: M. Maldonado (6), J. Reyes (14)
RBI: M. Trout (46), C. Maybin (21)
HBP: J. Reyes
E: A. Simmons (2)
Minnesota Twins
Ramirez, 3B4022000.279
Rosario, LF4010000.234
Dozier, 2B4000010.264
Gattis, C4010010.238
Valencia, DH3100100.258
Palka, RF3110110.197
Mauer, 1B3010020.215
Wade, CF3110000.322
Escobar, SS3000010.267
2B: E. Gattis (15)
RBI: J. Ramirez 2 (26)
Los Angeles Angels
V. Campos (L, 3-3)5.25322402.33
J. Alvarez1.11000103.66
K. Yates1.01000104.67
TEAM TOTALS8.0732260
Minnesota Twins
A. Mejia (W, 2-2)7.05113304.14
H. Robles (H, 13)1.00001202.93
J. Withrow (H, 1)0.121110010.80
T. May (S, 1)0.20000002.82
TEAM TOTALS9.0722550
WP: A. Mejia (5), J. Withrow (1)
Dynasty: Reiny09
Saturday, July 22, 2017
10:41 PM - July 22, 2017. Written by Reiny09
Twins at Royals |
Jun 21, 2018123456789ExtrasRHE
Minnesota (29-43)0011000000280
Kansas City (39-33)0000000021390
W: M. Strahm (4-5) L: J. Withrow (0-1)
Scoring Summary
MIN3Dozier singled to center. Escobar scores.10
MIN4Escobar doubled to left. Palka scores.20
KAN9Soler homered to left.21
KAN9Cron doubled to right. Cuthbert scores.22
KAN10Mondesi singled to right. Viloria scores.23
Minnesota Twins
Ramirez, 3B5010010.276
Rosario, LF5010010.234
Dozier, 2B4011010.268
Gattis, C4000020.238
Valencia, DH4010000.261
Palka, RF3110120.190
Mauer, 1B4000010.213
Wade, CF4010020.322
Escobar, SS3121010.333
Grossman, PH1000000.226
Yamada, SS0000000.000
TEAM TOTALS372821110
2B: D. Valencia (15), E. Rosario (15), E. Escobar 2 (2)
RBI: B. Dozier (59), E. Escobar (2)
Kansas City Royals
Burns, CF4010010.234
Mondesi, 2B5011020.296
Frazier, 3B4010000.234
Soler, RF4111011.266
Cuthbert, DH4120010.231
Moustakas, 1B4000000.210
Gordon, LF3000000.194
Cron, PH1011000.239
Moss, LF0000000.270
Escobar, SS4020000.229
Viloria, C3100120.187
2B: C. Cuthbert (8), C. Cron (8), B. Burns (18)
HR: J. Soler (9)
RBI: J. Soler (27), R. Mondesi (31), C. Cron (16)
SAC: B. Burns
SB: B. Burns (13)
Minnesota Twins
F. Romero8.16110712.56
J. Withrow (L, 0-1)1.03221009.00
TEAM TOTALS9.1933171
WP: F. Romero (7)
Kansas City Royals
I. Kennedy5.08221503.82
T. Wood1.00000201.38
S. Doolittle1.00000301.42
S. Maness1.00000001.72
M. Strahm (W, 4-5)2.00000103.00
TEAM TOTALS10.08221110
WP: I. Kennedy (2)
Dynasty: Reiny09
02:12 PM - July 22, 2017. Written by korndogg8323
Cleveland Indians at Oakland Athletics
Jul 16, 2017123456789RHE
Cleveland (62-30)2000020307112
Oakland (35-58)000000120390
W: Danny Salazar (9-4) L: Andrew Triggs (2-7)
Scoring Summary
CLE1Chisenhall singled to left. Almonte scored. Lindor to third. Encarnacion to second.10
CLE1Ramirez singled to second. Lindor scored. Encarnacion to third. Chisenhall to second.20
CLE6Santana homered to right center. Chisenhall scored.40
OAK7Lowrie singled to center. Plouffe scored.41
CLE8Santana singled to right. Encarnacion scored. Chisenhall to second.51
CLE8Brantley singled to second. Santana scored. Ramirez to third. Perez to second.61
CLE8Almonte singled to pitcher. Ramirez scored. Perez to third. Brantley to second.71
OAK8Vogt singled to right. Semien scored. Canha to third.72
OAK8Plouffe grounded into fielder's choice. Canha scored.73
Cleveland Indians
2B: Ramirez (16)
HR: Santana (17)
RBI: Santana 3 (51), Chisenhall (21), Ramirez (30), Almonte (31), Brantley (24)
E: Santana (3), Ramirez (4)
Oakland Athletics
2B: Joyce (12)
RBI: Vogt (32), Plouffe (36), Lowrie (21)
GIDP: Joyce
Cleveland Indians
Salazar (W, 9-4)7.061111002.61
TEAM TOTALS9.09331120
Oakland Athletics
Triggs (L, 2-7)4.13223505.69
Hahn 3.16553614.63
TEAM TOTALS9.011778131
WP: Hendriks (1)
Dynasty: korndogg8323
Friday, July 21, 2017
09:23 AM - July 21, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Army at Texas State

The Bobcats face another run heavy team this week, and it's going to be an even bigger challenge than last week. Army is 2-0 and have made easy work of their opponents.

Now I know you're thinking "Texas State shut down Navy's triple option, so what's going to be different about Army?" Well, Army is ranked 6th in the nation in rushing and Navy was ranked 26th. Army is averaging nearly 300 yards on the ground versus Navy's 223. So Army is like a pumped up version of what we saw last week. If they can employ a similar game plan to Navy's and put even more pressure on Bobcats quarterback Jordan Moore to score without mistakes, this game could take a turn in Army's favor.

The good news is that, so far, Texas State is not feeling the effects of the loss of graduating players Isaiah Battle and Andy Erickson. They have plugged-and-played Brice Gunter and Demun Mercer fairly seamlessly. I would like to see more production out of tight end Bradley Miller, but I think that will come with time. Maybe this is the week he shows up.
Dynasty: OBinKC
12:20 AM - July 21, 2017. Written by bacon96
Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels
Apr 20, 2018123456789RHE
Oakland (9-8)000020022690
Los Angeles (11-6)210210001X7120
W: Cody Hamlin (1-1) L: Bennett Woodard (1-3)
Scoring Summary
LAA1stBrennan homered to left.01
LAA1stRoland homered to center.02
LAA2ndWolf homered to center.03
LAA4thFernandez singled to left. Wolf scores.04
LAA4thSmith singled to left. Gardner scores.05
OAK5thPerkins homered to left.15
OAK5thPrinz homered to left.25
LAA5thBrennan homered to right.26
OAK8thWilliams homered to right. Floyd scores.46
OAK9thPrinz homered to right. McKinnon scores.66
LAA9thLamb singled to left. Brennan scores.67
Oakland Athletics
Rosas SS5010020.281
Floyd 2B4110000.148
Painter RF4000010.214
Williams LF4112021.239
Lawton 1B4020010.315
Dyer CF4000030.225
McKinnon 3B4110000.233
Perkins C4111011.288
Prinz DH4223002.244
HR: Williams (2), Perkins (6), Prinz 2 (2)
RBI: Williams 2 (8), Perkins (10), Prinz 3 (8)
Los Angeles Angels
LeFave LF3000210.254
White SS4000000.240
Silver PH-2B1000000.212
Brennan CF5332002.365
Roland 1B4111011.317
Lamb DH5021010.293
Wolf RF2211001.273
Brenner RF1010000.231
Gardner 3B3100120.118
Fernandez C4021020.180
Smith 2B-SS3021100.429
2B: Lamb (2), Smith (1), Fernandez (1)
HR: Wolf (4), Brennan 2 (8), Roland (4)
RBI: Wolf (6), Brennan 2 (15), Roland (12), Lamb (5), Smith (3), Fernandez (3)
HBP: Wolf
SAC: Roland
SB: Brennan (1)
CS: Gardner (1)
Oakland Athletics
Robinson3 1/35542439.35
Woodard (L, 1-3)5+7222314.44
WP: Robinson 2 (3)
Los Angeles Angels
Young (H, 4)1 1/31000204.00
Armstrong1 1/32220216.75
Irwin (H, 4)1/30000004.91
Hamlin (W, 1-1)12220216.10
Dynasty: bacon96
Thursday, July 20, 2017
10:31 PM - July 20, 2017. Written by bacon96
Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels
Apr 19, 2018123456789RHE
Oakland (8-8)031011000680
Los Angeles (11-5)110000100360
W: Julian Ventura (2-2) L: Darren Booker (0-3) S: Ian d'Amico (6)
Scoring Summary
LAA1stLamb hit into a fielder's choice. White scores.01
OAK2ndDyer homered to left. Williams scores.21
OAK2ndPerkins homered to center.31
LAA2ndNakamura singled to center. Brenner scores.32
OAK3rdWilliams singled to left. Floyd scores.42
OAK5thPainter singled to right. Rosas scores.52
OAK6thLawton homered to center.62
LAA7thNakamura doubled to left. Brenner scores.63
Oakland Athletics
Rosas SS4110010.288
Floyd 2B4110000.140
Painter RF4011010.227
Williams LF3111110.239
Lawton 1B4111011.300
Dyer CF4122011.239
Perkins C4111021.291
McKinnon 3B4000040.232
Prinz DH3000000.220
2B: Rosas (3)
HR: Perkins (5), Lawton (3), Dyer (2)
RBI: Painter (9), Williams (6), Perkins (9), Lawton (6), Dyer 2 (5)
SB: Floyd (1)
CS: Dyer (1)
Los Angeles Angels
Nakamura 3B5022000.254
White SS5110000.261
Brennan CF3010100.345
Roland 1B3000100.322
Lamb DH4011000.278
Wolf RF3000100.262
Gardner 2B2000100.143
Brenner LF3210110.167
Shields C2000100.000
LeFave PH1000000.267
2B: Nakamura (2)
RBI: Nakamura 2 (4), Lamb (4)
HBP: Gardner
GIDP: Roland
Oakland Athletics
Ventura (W, 2-2)64225105.57
Perez (H, 2)12111002.70
Lockwood (H, 6)10000001.17
d'Amico (SV, 6)10000000.00
Los Angeles Angels
Booker (L, 0-3)56551524.76
Dynasty: bacon96
03:28 PM - July 20, 2017. Written by OBinKC
Texas State 35, Navy 14

San Marcos, TX -- It looked like it was going to be a battle of back and forth scoring, but the Bobcat defense stepped up when it counted and put a stop to Navy's vaunted triple option rushing attack. Marcus Dallas Jr., the defensive end, led the defensive charge with 9 tackles, 3 of which were for a loss.

Navy's strategy for this game was fairly sound: win the possession battle and keep Texas State's offense off the field. After running a bit of clock, they scored easily on their first drive, mostly by the running of quarterback Keenan Reynolds. Texas State would quickly match that with a short yardage touchdown by halfback Terrance Franks after a flurry of passes from quarterback Jordan Moore. But Navy was stingy and scored after a long drive again, tying it at 14. Texas State employed the hurry up, but ran out of time before the half.

Getting the ball to start the third quarter, the Bobcats kept with their up tempo pace and scored on another Franks run. They made the right adjustments at halftime, because they stopped Navy's subsequent drive quickly. Giving them the ball back, they drove down until Moore found receiver Demun Mercer in the end zone to make it 28-14 Bobcats. Navy felt the pressure that so many teams have lately against Texas State, and they fumbled the ball in Texas State territory. The Bobcats would score again and seal the win.

Moore was 25/33 with 336 yards and 2 touchdowns. Franks was the player of the game with 3 rushing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown.
Dynasty: OBinKC