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Thursday, March 14, 2013
08:51 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by JoeSports
Started a CCM with the Vikings. Simulated the preseason with a few cuts.
Jaspar Brinkley MLB
Micheal Jenkins WR
Fred Evans DT
and a few others
A few signings to be named also
MLB (R) - Jay Dwyer
QB (R) - Aaron Corp
RB/KR - LaRod Stephens-Howling

Week one went well, we were home VS the Jaguars. Corp had an average start with 1 TDs and as well as 2 INTs. Peterson led the team to victory with a 200 yard rushing show.

Defense needs a lot of work allowing MJD to rush for near 200 yards.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings
Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)7177738
Minnesota Vikings (1-0)32161040
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense480407
Rushing Yards182228
Passing Yards298179
First Downs1222
Punt Return Yards014
Kick Return Yards153202
Total Yards633623
3rd Down Converstion4-85-9
4th Down Conversion
2-Point Conversion
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/12/3
Posession Time19:3432:26
Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings
Aaron Corp (R)13/2019612
Adrian Peterson342156.31
Aaron Corp (R)4133.21
Jarius Wright (R)37424.61
Jerome Simpson33712.3
Percy Harvin33411.30
Adrian Peterson2178.50
Kyle Rudolph23417-
Jerome Felton1
Charlie Johnson1
Phil Loadholt1
Jay Dwyer (R)5 (2 TFL)000
Harrison Smith (R)5000
Erin Henderson5000
Blair Walsh4/44/41644
Larod Stephen-Howling519238.41
Larod Stephen-Howling21470
Dynasty: JoeSports
Jones Returning to Lineup for Friday's Game

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Garrett Jones will be back on the field for the Pirates on Friday.

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said after Thursday's 2-1 loss to the Phillies that Jones will play five innings at first base and get two or three at-bats Friday, when Pittsburgh travels to face Houston at Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, Fla. Jones has been sidelined since March 6 due to tightness on his left side.

Jones was scheduled to take live batting practice back at the Pirates' Spring Training complex on Thursday.

"Jones had a good day today," Hurdle said.

The first baseman went 3-for-14 in six Grapefruit League games before the injury. He posted a .274/.317/.516 batting line with 27 homers and 86 RBIs in 145 games last season.

Karstens May Make Grapefruit Debut Monday

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Jeff Karstens saw his first game action of the spring Wednesday in a Minor League game against Phillies Triple-A players, and he might make his Grapefruit League debut as soon as Monday.

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said Karstens, who had been working his way back from biceps tendinitis, will definitely pitch two innings Monday, but it remains to be seen whether that will be in another Minor League outing or against the Red Sox at McKechnie Field in Bradenton, Fla.

In fact, Hurdle said the Pirates are keeping both slots open until they make a decision.

"It's going to be one or the other," Hurdle said Thursday at Bright House Field.

Karstens is scheduled to throw a side session in the bullpen Saturday. He tossed two innings Wednesday on just 26 pitches, 15 of them for strikes. The Pirates don't need a fifth starter for another 25 days, and Hurdle said Wednesday that the club believes Karstens will be a part of its Opening Day rotation.
Dynasty: KHarmo88
08:45 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by Cirio91
Matchup Preview *|* March 25, 2013
Philadelphia 76ers
(29-39, 10-21 Away)
Utah Jazz
(36-33, 24-9 Home)
Stats Comparison
93.2Points Per Game98.4
Projected Starters
J.HolidayPoint GuardMo.Williams
N.YoungShooting GuardR.Foye
E.TurnerSmall ForwardD.Carroll
T.YoungPower ForwardP.Millsap
Injury Report
Out season

Out season

Game Notes
Utah Jazz will look to protect their home court against the ailing 76ers.
Utah will look forward to exploit their big guys and Al.Jefferson should be able to have a big game with A.Bynum out.
Mo.Williams will hopefully be able to find his shooting stroke after going ice cold in the last few games shooting just around 30% from the field, it's not that he's been forcing shots it's just they don't go in.

76ers will try to exploit their great athleticism and run up and down the court against the slower and heavier Jazz players.

The Jazz needs the support of the home court to keep the dreams alive of playoff birth. While the 76ers are pretty much out of the playoff picture in the eastern confrence.

Recap of the game comes right after the game is done !
Dynasty: Cirio91
08:35 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by Cirio91
Knicks 103 vs Jazz 95

Carmelo Anthony was virtually unstoppable scoring 38 points in 38 minutes and adding 12 rebounds as well. He didn't have a great first 3 quarters but man did he step up in the fourth quarter there was no stopping him. At the start of the fourth quarter the Jazz was leading 9 points, and it looked like they would come up with the win. In steps Carmelo and turned the game over and at the same time the Jazz couldn't buy a bucket. Mo.Williams had terrible game and couldn't do nothing he was 4-18 fg 1-11 for 3pt.

Jazz 109 @ Rockets 96

Jazz won this big match up for the playoff spot, the big guys for the Jazz had a great day with Omer Asik out and both of the big guys recorded a double double and didn't find a lot of challenge inside the painted arena P.Millsap had 20pts-10reb and A.Jefferson 17pts-12reb MO.Williams still Ice cold from the field like in the last few games, and the Jazz really can't offered many more games with him this cold if they are going to make the playoffs. Rockets played a good game but it cost them greatly not having their starting center.

Jazz 103 @ Spurs 118

Well the Spurs are just a lot better then the Jazz...The defense was nonexistence, the spurs did whatever they wanted. The Jazz had 6 players in the double digits and their points where 18,17,17,15,14,12 So there wasn't like one guy killed the Jazz it was a team effort. A.Jefferson was the leading scorer for the Jazz but didn't do his job in the rebounding category, P millsap had probably his best game of the year recording 16 pts 11 rebounds and 7 assist, Mo williams keeps his cold streak going and couldn't by a bucket for himself

Jazz 93 @ Mavericks 102

Well this game just finished and this was a game the Jazz never had a chance, even though it was close for the most part it never felt close it always felt like an uphill battle and it was only for strong minutes at the end of the quarters that made this game look closer then it actually felt. A.Jefferson (27 points 9 rebounds) was the main man in this game for the Jazz, A.Burks had a good thing going for most of the game and ended up with 17 points. Mo.Williams still cold getting frustrating but nobody is stepping up either for the team. O.J. was good for the Mavericks and netted 32 points. Dirk was very efficient in this game scoring 12 points and grabbing 13 rebounds while shooting 5-7 so hard to do much better then that.

The Jazz will meet the 76ers at home next and will hopefully get the crowd behind them and get this W.

The Standings right now in the west

NBA Standings - Updated: Mar 25, 2013
Trail Blazers353419.0

So there are many ways this season can go with teams having just around 10 games left so there are enough chances for teams to work their way up the rankings or fall out of the playoffs. The Jazz hold on to the hope of making the playoffs but they will have to play better then in the last few games to be able to do that.

Well in the mean time
Let's Jazz it up !!!!
Dynasty: Cirio91
Making Rotation Bid, McPherson Bounces Back, Bucs Fall 2-1

Pittsburgh Pirates at Philadelphia Phillies
Mar 14, 2013123456789RHE
Pittsburgh (8-11)000000100190
Philadelphia (8-10)00000101x271
W: Diekman (1-0, 5.00) L: Zagurski (0-1, 1.80) S: Jimenez

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- In the latest turn of what he termed a "roller coaster of a spring so far," right-hander Kyle McPherson showed Thursday at Bright House Field why he's still in the mix for a spot in the Pirates' rotation.

Facing a Phillies lineup that included as many as six of their Opening Day starters, McPherson breezed through five scoreless innings, allowing only four hits with one strikeout. And as Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said, the results were representative of the way he pitched.

"That was a nice five-inning snapshot of what you're looking for from him," Hurdle said.

That hadn't been the case this spring for McPherson, competing with left-hander Jeff Locke for the final spot in the rotation, as he'd allowed eight earned runs on nine hits and four walks in his previous 7 2/3 innings.

But he put it all together Thursday, inducing early contact, keeping the ball down in the zone and letting the Phillies serve up ground balls and catchable fly balls.

"Fortunately the early contact was in my favor today," McPherson said. "Balls on the ground and some fly balls that we could handle, and I was able to go deep enough into the ballgame to give the team a chance."

On top of that, McPherson blanked a lineup loaded with left-handed threats, including Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Domonic Brown, while staying within his prescribed 65-70 pitch count well enough to get through five innings. All that's left for McPherson to do, Hurdle said, is repeat Thursday's performance on a consistent basis.

As for that fifth-starter competition, McPherson said everything you'd expect him to -- that he's focusing on his work on a day-to-day basis rather than thinking about possibly landing a spot on the Opening Day roster. Locke, meanwhile, has given up six runs on 15 hits and six walks while striking out 10 in 13 1/3 innings over four starts.

As expected, Hurdle wouldn't tip his hand when asked if he's seen either pitcher create any separation.

"I wouldn't tell you if I did," the manager said with a grin. "You guys are watching the same games I am. You're seeing what I see."

On Thursday, the Pirates saw a "snapshot" of McPherson at his best, one they certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of this spring.
Dynasty: KHarmo88
07:34 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by wwefan

4 Weeks till Judgement Day

DDPs music plays He enters the ring and says "what...the...hell was Sunday about! that punk Hogan screwed me! The NWO think they will get away with this they wrong!" Stone Colds music plays He enters the ring "Hold on one bloody second DDP, you say they screwed you? I was the one climbing the ladder to take the title if anyone was done injustice it was me!" The Gm then comes out and says "I understand how you both must feel so tonight you two will face off in the main event to let of some steam". "that's not good enough!" Austin says "that SOB Hogan need to show his damn face here so I can re-arrange it" DDP then say "what the hell happened to that guy people respected him and now he the NWOs pawn he need a lesson taught to him" The GM says "unfortunately he is not here tonight so make do with facing each other" then cuts to the break.

After the break Kevin Nash and Buff Bagwell are walking and bump into the Hardy Boyz. "well look what we have here buff" says Nash "what the hell do you two want" says Jeff "well" says Buff "even though your pretty stupid your not that stupid are you?". Jeff says "so you looking for these" Jeff says both Matt and Jeff hold their titles. "hey Jeff I already have a match but if these punks want to try get these off us lets go!" a brawl starts they fight into the ring area and the title match starts.

WCW World Tag Team Championship
Normal Tag
Team Extreme (Jeff and Matt) vs The NWO (Kevin and Buff)
This was a good match but during the match Hollywood Hogan interferes with a distraction to the ref then Kevin chair shots costing the Hardy s their Championship.

Winners and New WCW World Tag Team Champions The NWO!

They celebrate and Hogan says "DDP and Austin your both full of crap!" Kevin then says "see I gave a warning a few months back we would take everything from WCW and now what has happened?" They then lay a beat down on the Hardys but then DDP, Austin and Eddie run in to see them off and Eddie says Scott I will see you later in the ring holms!"

Goldberg vs Booker T
Ok match Booker tries to attack Goldberg from behind but Goldberg just destroys him and wins after planting him through the announcer table and rolling him in the ring to do a Jackhammer

Winner Goldberg

He also has embrace the crowd

He then says after "Whos Next!" and walks off with he third win since his return after a break.

Matt Hardy vs RVD
RVD performs very good Highflyers and it takes him 2 Frogsplashes to win.

Winner RVD

Non Title Match
Eddie Guerrero vs (C) Scott Hall
Scott attacks him from behind while Eddie making his entrance.
Eddies is still angry about he loss to Scott at TLC. He really lays into Scott smacking his head against the ring post 4 times. He gets some revenge on him here and gets a wins after holding the ropes to gain leverage after a frog splash to rub it in.

Winner Eddie Guerrero

Main Event
DDP vs Stone Cold
Once again two people who have grown to respect each after many grueling matches for many months face off once again. Wait Hogan attacks DDP from behind and rolls him in the ring before making a swift exit. Stone Cold then pin him reluctantly to win.

Winner Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin says after "Hogan you really let your self go with your cheap tactics and being the NWOS bitch someone needs to beat some sense into you SOB!".

The show then goes off air
Dynasty: wwefan
06:36 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by JoeSports
So my original CCM is finished, my game froze on the 4 game and I hadn't saved (So stupid) I'll be starting a new one today!
Dynasty: JoeSports
06:17 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by wwefan

TLC This Sunday

Chris Jericho's music plays He enters the ring and says "Ryback you have been going around with your lap dog thinking you can do what ever you want, I am sick and tiered of you and Ziggler" Zigglers music plays Ziggler and Ryback enter "whoa Jericho your pretty brave saying that I am sure that Ryback here won't mind beating your *** tonight to prepare him for his match against Bigshow Sunday". Ryback just says "Feeed me Jericho!" then the GM comes in and says "ok tonight will be Jericho vs Ryback but in a steel cage!" "what the hell" says Ziggler Ryback then says "Ziggler I can take care of him myself worry about who will break you one on streak" Ziggler says "ok... I have something else I have my sights on anyway and it that United States Championship!" Jericho says "man Dolph your pretty brave wanting to be in a match with Kane and Seth put together! you must want to lose your streak fast!" "what you think I can't do it Jericho! Please GM put me in that match so I can wipe that smug grin of Jericho's face at Sunday!" The GM says "ok I would love someone to knock you down a notch anyway it will be now a Triple Threat match! Kane vs Seth vs Ziggler in a Ladder match this Sunday for the United states Championship!". Cuts to the break.

After the break Backstage HHH bumps into his Opponent Sunday Cena and says "John you listen here I know me and you have our differences but one thing I do is respect your bravery wanting to go one on one with me in a TLC match" John replies "Well HHH I respect your confidence in thinking you will beat me that won't be happening" "ok Cena how about tonight me and you have a warm up!" says HHH "If you think I would say no for one second with that offer to beat you tonight and Sunday your wrong I will see you later in the ring! replies Cena and he walks off.

Fallcount anywhere match
Antonio vs Roman Reign
Antonio meets again with one of his former team members. Roman cheapshots Antonio from behind and it pays off he lays a brutal assault on him. He wins after spearing him through the barricade and then rolling him in ring to do a power bomb in what he now calls the Bomb of Justice.

Winner Roman Reigns

Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins
Rey Mysterio comes ringside for some reason. Seth shows some great highflying moves and wins by doing a 450 Splash then a One and Only on Swagger.

Winner Seth Rollins

He says after "Ziggler do you really want to get involved in Shield business? You have officially made yourself target!" Ziggler then runs out and Zig Zags Seth. Then Roman and Dean come running in to help Seth and he leaves swiftly before they can get him. He says "it my time from here onwards! sorry, The Shield will not get one over on the showoff, when I take the United States Championship me and Ryback are coming for the tag belts regardless of who wins The Showoffs are going to be the ones taking over the WWE! not The Shield". Big words from Ziggler there let's hope he not bitten more then he can chew.

Non Title match
Brock Lesnar vs (C) Kane
Old rivals meet again in the ring two monsters in the same ring can't be good.
It take Kane a sidewalk slam, two piledrivers and a neck breaker to beat Brock. Kane seemed like he wanted to take his anger out on him and prove why he the United States Champion.

Winner Kane

The Shield then attack him from behind and Seth says "Ziggler and whoever else this is what happens to non believers of the Shield!. They then all say "believe in The Shield!" and walk off.

Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho vs Ryback
Don't know who would want to be stuck in a cage with Ryback in the mood hes been in the past few weeks after Bigshows attacks on him. Ryback destroys Jericho in this match and finishes him of with 2 Shellshocks before escaping through the door by kicking it open.

Winner Ryback

After Bigshow comes out to the ramp looking at him saying your finished at TLC me and you in a first blood match!" They have a very intense stare down.

Main Event
Non Title Match

(C) HHH vs John Cena
Another good performance from both competitors who have apparently got mutual respect for each other. This was no warm up by far if it was would hate to see their real match Sunday. It take two AAs from Cena to win in this bloody match.
Good match to watch.

Winner John Cena

He says after "Sunday HHH we will be enemies make sure you don't hold back next time!" and he walks off celebrating his win.

The show goes off air

News on Heat Kofi and R-truth get knocked out again by The Shield Dean this time. Also Randy is in a match with Drew and Austin Aries interferes attacking Randy from behind and rolling him in for Drew costing him his match and embarrassment Austin needs to get escorted out by security after. Bigshow is in a match with Roman but Ryback comes to Shellshock Bigshow and then does the same to Roman.
He says after "Feed me Bigshow...Feed me Shield... Feed me Bigshow!" repeatedly.
Dynasty: wwefan
04:03 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by hattrick3518
Anaheim Ducks at Phoenix Coyotes
Oct 5, 2012123F
ANA (1-0-0)1326
PHO (0-1-0)3205
Three Stars
G: 2 - A: 0 - PTS: 2 - TOI: 21:16
G: 2 - A: 0 - PTS: 2 - TOI: 21:09
G: 1 - A: 1 - PTS: 2 - TOI: 14:46
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal3027
Faceoffs Won-Lost17-2424-17
Penalty Minutes100
Power Plays Converted00
Power Play Opportunities05
Time on Attack5:425:23
Scoring Summary
ANA01:11 - B. RYAN (1) - ASST: T. MYERS (1) AND K. YANDLE (1)
ANA10:56 - M. BELESKEY (1) - ASST: T. MYERS (2)
ANA16:35 - T. ENNIS (1) - ASST: K. YANDLE (2) AND B. LITTLE (1)
Anaheim Ducks - Goalies
J. HILLER272281%5.00
D. ELLIS00%0.00
Anaheim Ducks - Skaters
M. BELESKEY12:3710020
B. BONINO05:5000000
S. BROOKBANK18:1110-110
T. ENNIS14:4611042
E. GUDBRANSON21:1620052
B. LITTLE14:1501010
B. MACLEAN14:1602010
J. MCCLEMENT10:5201010
T. MYERS27:1902032
R. REAVES11:0600002
B. RYAN15:4410150
L. SBISA16:4801-110
T. SCHERWEY12:2900010
V. SOBOTKA17:3001100
P. STASTNY21:5100220
T. VANEK17:3300020
R. WILSON16:4800100
K. YANDLE20:5202212
Dynasty: hattrick3518
03:04 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by sbailey020
The 5-1 Bills roll into Miami looking to add to their winning streak, but the Dolphins had other plans as they put away the Bills 30-20.

Like the last three games, the 4th quarter has decided the outcome and for once, Buffalo didn't outscore their opponent in final period, let alone score at all. This is the first time all season Buffalo has failed to score in the 4th and it will serve as a reminder that you can't always wait until the 4th to show up and play.

Fitzpatrick proved why he is a perennial backup QB as he threw 3 terrible INTs, although he did hook up with CJ Spiller and Stevie Johnson for TDs. Spiller continues his quest for 2000 rushing yards with another 100 yard performance, his 5th of the season and 3rd straight. Stevie Johnson recorded his first TD of the year after being continually double teamed all year.

The defense performed well against the run as usual, only allowing 2.0 YPC to Reggie Bush, but there was no pressure on Tannehill at all. Tannehill had all day to throw and was 10/10 after the first half. This just isn't acceptable and can't be a reoccurence every week for the Bills to be successful.

It was only a 3 point game until late in the 4th when Fitzpatrick threw his 3rd INT and on the Dolphins' first play Tannehill hit the streaking Devery Henderson for an 80 yd TD that put them up 10 with 1:23 left and effectively sealed the game.

Buffalo's only two loses this season have come from Division rivals who just seem to have Buffalo's number lately. The Bills will go into the bye week gameplanning for another tough test when the Patriots come into town in Week 9. Buffalo badly needs to escape NE's stranglehold on them lately and this is the perfect time to suprise the Patriots and catch them off guard.

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills (5-2)01010020
Miami Dolphins ()60141030
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense312259
Rushing Yards13974
Passing Yards173185
First Downs148
Punt Return Yards2444
Kick Return Yards1530
Total Yards489303
3rd Down Converstion43
4th Down Conversion30
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0/01/2
Posession Time26:3633:24
Buffalo Bills
Ryan Fitzpatrick16/3819823
CJ Spiller (2 FUM)241174.90
Fred Jackson5224.40
CJ Spiller4399.81
Danny Amendola45213.00
Stevie Johnson37826.01
Scott Chandler294.50
Fred Jackson122.00
Mike Goodson115.015.00
Dontavis Norris (R)133.00
Brian Cushing (FF)9 (2 TFL)000
Nick Barnett8 (5 TFL)100
Jairus Byrd7 (1 TFL)000
Mario Williams5 (3 TFL)000
George Wilson4 (2 TFL)000
Aaron Williams3 (1 TFL)000
Stephon Gilmore3000
Kyle Williams3000
Marcell Dareus2000
Leodis McKelvin 2 (2 TFL)000
Nigel Bradham2000
Justice Caine (R)1 (1 TFL)000
Kelvin Sheppard 1000
John Potter2/22/2855
Britton Colquitt632353.81
Danny Amendola715321.90
Danny Amendola3248.00
Miami Dolphins
Ryan Tannehill10/1219010
Reggie Bush (FUM)38772.02
Jorvorskie Lane3124.00
Ted Ginn Jr.38026.70
Devery Henderson29145.51
Reggie Bush133.00
Davone Bess144.00
Reshad Jones (FF)9 (1 TFL)000
Kevin Burnett6 (1 TFL)000
Chris Clemons5 (1 TFL)010
Cameron Wake5 (4 TFL)200
Richard Marshall4010
Tamarcus Finley (R)4000
Karlos Dansby (FF)4 (1 TFL)000
Michael Dorsey (R)3000
Matt Roth3000
Randy Starks3 (2 TFL)100
Sean Smith2010
Chris Wilson2000
Koa Misi1000
Joseph Aguzie (R)1000
Jordan Carter (R)1000
Dan Carpenter3/33/31239
Brandon Fields734649.41
Ted Ginn Jr.34414.70
Dynasty: sbailey020
03:03 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by hattrick3518


NHL Entry Draft 2011:

Other Transactions:


D - Tom Poti to Colorado in exchange for: 1st, 2012 (COL) (R. Richardson)

C - Olli Jokinen (UFA ) to New York Islanders in exchange for: C - Greg Fraser

D - Carlo Colaiacovo, and a 2nd, 2012 (ANA) to Boston in exchange for: D - Adam McQuaid, and C - Vladimir Sobotka

C - Ryan Getzlaf to Colorado in exchange for: C - Paul Stastny

Released: S. Bickel, M. Cousineau, S. Koivu



S. Brookbank - 1 year/$0.600m
T. Ennis - 3 year/$9.900m ($3.300m AAV)
J. McClement - 2 year/$1.790m ($0.895m AAV)
A. McQuaid - 2 year/$2.800m ($1.400m AAV
R. Reaves - 1 year/$0.725m
V. Sobotka - 2 year/$2.000m ($1.000m AAV)

Rookie Signings
S. McColgan - 3 years/$2.700m ($0.900m AAV) - ELC
R. McNeill - 3 years/$2.400m ($0.800m AAV) - ELC
B. Ross - 3 years/$2.295m ($0.765m AAV) - ELC
T. Toffoli - 3 years/$2.295m ($0.765m AAV) - ELC
N. Treutle - 3 years/$2.700m ($0.900m AAV) - ELC

Free Agency:


R. Emmerson - 1 year/$0.550m
J. Falk - 1 year/$0.800m
M. Gilroy - 2 year/$1.600m ($0.800m AAV)



Sent RW - Corey Perry and D - Brendan Mikkelson to Buffalo in exchange for D - Tyler Myers

Sent C - Alex Burmistrov and a 3rd, 2014 (ANA) to Atlanta for RW - Bryan Little

Opening Night Roster


Dynasty: hattrick3518
02:28 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by sbailey020

After the KC game and the weeks games have finished up, the team trainer determined Phillips will only be out 3 weeks with his broken collarbone, opposed to the 6 weeks the medical staff originally thought.

Buffalo Bills Injury Report
PosPlayerInjury Note
QBPharoah PhillipsBroken Collarbone - Out 3 Weeks

This is great news for a streaking Bills team that will desperately need their dynamic, dual threat QB to make a deep playoff/championship run this postseason.

The even better news..Phillips will only have to miss 2 games due to the Bills having their bye in Week 8. Fitzpatrick will lead the troops Week 7 @ Dolphins and Week 9 vs. NE in what will be a power struggle for AFC East Supremeacy.
Dynasty: sbailey020
02:20 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by sbailey020
Disaster struck late in the first half of the Chiefs..Pharoah Phillips got BLASTED by Tyson Jackson on a read option play and broke his collarbone =[ The in game medical center said Phillips would be out 6 weeks..NOOOOOO. Ryan Fitzpatrick was forced off the bench to finish the game and he'll now get starts until Phillips is back and healthy. The injury really put a damper on my mood and the game didn't seem to be as exciting after this news.

The good news is CJ Spiller had his first career 200 yd game. Spiller has been lighting defenses up lately and hasn't looked back. Spiller did have another fumble in the first quarter to add to a ton of Buffalo fumbles this year..(I"m thinking this is a slider issue now). Fitzpatrick didn't play very well at all after coming in late in the first half, throwing an INT on his second pass attempt. Like last week @ Redskins, the game was very close through 3 quarters and Buffalo just took over scoring 17 4th quarter points and holding the Chiefs scoreless in the last quarter (exact same 4th quarter @ Redskins).

Mario Williams continued on his tear, adding 2 more sacks. Rookie third stringer, Daniel Foster recorded 2 sacks as well in garbage time late in the 4th. Gruden new KC had to throw the ball so he blitzed all of the 4th quarter.

The Buffalo D has shut down every HB they've faced this year and are currently #1 against the run and #4 against the pass. The offense is ranked #3 in rush offense, but have struggled moving the ball through the air and are currently ranked #22 in passing offense.

Next week Buffalo travels to Miami for its 4th Division game in 5 weeks and last vs. the Dolphins for the year. Buffalo is currently riding a 3 game win streak they hope to extend in the hostile Miami environment.

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills
Oct 13, 20131ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Kansas City Chiefs ()36009
Buffalo Bills (4-1)7031727
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense245386
Rushing Yards42224
Passing Yards203162
First Downs1616
Punt Return Yards023
Kick Return Yards5155
Total Yards296464
3rd Down Converstion64
4th Down Conversion02
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/11/1
Posession Time26:4333:17
Kansas City Chiefs
Matt Cassel22/4424103
Jamaal Charles20432.20
Dwayne Bowe68213.70
Steve Breaston5619.60
Jonathan Baldwin2105.00
Braylon Edwards23015.00
Dallas Clark122.00
Jamaal Charles122.00
Derrick Johnson8 (1 TFL)000
Kendrick Lewis7010
Tracy Porter7010
Eric Berry6 (1 TFL)000
Justin Houston (FF)6 (3 TFL)000
Tamba Hali6 (4 TFL)000
Stanford Routt4000
Jovan Belcher3000
Rashean Mathis2010
Tyson Jackson2 (2 TFL)000
Andy Studebaker2 (1 TFL)000
Glenn Dorsey2000
Javier Arenas1000
Ryan Succop3/30/0949
Dustin Colquitt728640.90
Steve Breaston25125.50
Buffalo Bills
Pharoah Phillips (R)7/165300
Ryan Fitzpatrick11/1810903
CJ Spiller (FUM)222019.11
Ryan Fitzpatrick199.00
Fred Jackson671.21
Pharoah Phillips (R)471.80
CJ Spiller6152.50
Stevie Johnson57014.00
Scott Chandler34715.70
TJ Graham2199.50
Rock Cardenas (R)144.00
Danny Amendola177.00
Cushing6 (1 TFL)000
Justice Caine6011
George Wilson5 (2TFL)020
Nick Barnett4 (2 TFL)0100
Ron Brooks4000
Jairus Byrd4 (2 TFL)000
Stephon Gilmore3000
Marcell Dareus3 (3 TFL)100
Mario Williams3 (3 TFL)200
Daniel Foster (R)2 (2 TFL)200
Aaron Williams2000
Kyle Williams2 (1 TFL)000
Leodis McKelvin2000
Delano Howell1000
Kelvin Sheppard1000
John Potter2/33/3943
Britton Colquitt313143.72
Danny Amendola35518.30
Danny Amendola5234.60
Dynasty: sbailey020
02:01 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by hattrick3518

Teemu Selanne - 1,268 GP - 624 G - 684 A - 1,308 PTS

NHL Entry Draft 2011:


Other Transactions:


D - Mark Mitera to Montreal in exchange for D - Mathieu Carle

D - James Wisniewski (Negotiation Rights) and a 3rd, 2011 (ANA) to Buffalo in exchange for: C - Tyler Ennis

Released: T. Bodie, M. McCue, C. McElheney, P. Nokelainen, S. O'Donnell, N. Oystrick, E. Regan, M. Sharp


M. Beleskey - 2 years/$1.300m ($0.650m AAV)
S. Bickel - 1 year/$0.500m
N. Bonino - 3 years/$1.650m ($0.550m AAV)
J. Levasseur - 2 years/$1.000m ($.500m AAV)
B. Maclean - 2 years/$2.800m ($1.400m AAV)
B. Mikkelson - 1 year/$0.640m
D. Sexston - 1 year/$0.740m
*Indicates 2-Way Contract

S. Koivu - 1 year/$0.780m
K. Yandle - 5 year/$23.750m ($4.750m AAV)

Rookie Signings
A. Burmistrov - 3 years/$2.535m ($0.845m AAV) - ELC

Free Agency:

R. Reaves - 1 year/$0.500m
B. Salvador - 2 year/$3.000m ($1.500m AAV)
S. Valentine - 3 year/$1.500m ($0.500m AAV) - ELC

Claimed D - Tom Poti off waivers from Washington


Traded D - Lubomir Visnovsky to Buffalo, in exchange for LW - Tomas Vanek

Claimed D - Andrew MacDonald off Waivers from New York Islanders

Deadline Day
March 7, 2012

Traded: D - Mathieu Carle to Atlanta in exchange for RW - Tristan Scherwey

Traded: LW - Jason Blake, D - Andrew MacDonald, and a 3rd-2012 (ANA) to Saint Louis in exchange for: D - Carlo Colaiacovo and C - Jay McClement

Traded: RW - Joffrey Lupul to Colorado in exchange for: D - Ryan Wilson, and a 6th-2011 (COL)

Season Statistics
ANAHEIM DUCKS - 50-24-8 - 108PTS - #2 WEST Stats - 2011-12
T. ENNIS*823943821032632218:30
R. GETZLAF8229507911834624220:28
B. RYAN822742698638425018:08
B. MACLEAN622435592012318812:49
T. VANEK762334572028423116:34
C. PERRY821931506127420518:16
K. YANDLE8212334599213729:58
O. JOKINEN821229414725314314:10
E. GUDBRANSON*8263238281429514:24
J. MCCLEMENT80171936726312610:45
L. SBISA82727341823215225:10
B. SALVADOR7232629677012118:50
S. BROOKBANK725212610325011714:47
C. COLAIACOVO803222537-1307011:00
S. GLENNIE*442222415605516:18
R. WILSON164913141112815:38
M. BELESKEY63841235-171707:22
S. KOIVU67371033-1406510:03
T. POTI26010100102310:37
R. REAVES*57538102-162618:31
D. ELLIS39298921,168.9212.3912,311
J. HILLER361917921,115.9172.5752,146
J. ALLEN*82625244.8983.230465
J. LEVASSEUR*101430.8674.00060

* Denotes Rookie Skater

Playoff Results

Round 1 – #2 Anaheim-1 < #7 Columbus-4

Season Awards
Stanley Cup - Boston Bruins
Presidents' Trophy - Pittsburgh Penguins
Clarence S. Campbell Bowl - Nashville Predators
Prince of Wales Trophy - Boston Bruins
Art Ross Trophy - Sidney Crosby
Hart Memorial Trophy - Evgeni Nabokov
James Norris Memorial Trophy - Mark Giordano
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy - Ilya Kovalchuk
Calder Memorial Trophy - Tyler Ennis
Conn Smythe Trophy - Tuukka Rask
Vezina Trophy - Miikka Kiprusoff
William M. Jennings Trophy - Miikka Kiprusoff
Bill Masterson Trophy - Nikolai Antropov
Frank J. Selke Trophy - Alexandre Burrows
Ted Lindsay Award - Sidney Crosby
Maurice Richard Trophy - Sidney Crosby
Dynasty: hattrick3518
12:31 PM - March 14, 2013. Written by sbailey020
The Bills are coming into this road game hot off two straight Divisonal wins and are looking to the keep the momentum going in DC against the electric RG3 and Co.

Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins
Oct 6, 20131ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Buffalo Bills (4-1)0981734
Washington Redskins ()00707
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense408158
Rushing Yards16133
Passing Yards247125
First Downs253
Punt Return Yards161
Kick Return Yards3728
Total Yards461187
3rd Down Converstion92
4th Down Conversion10
2-Point Conversion10
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/20/0
Posession Time
Buffalo Bills
Pharoah Phillips (R)22/4124200
CJ Spiller201045.22
Fred Jackson8374.60
Pharoah Phillips (R) (FUM)691.50
Stevie Johnson166.00
Mike Goodson155.00
CJ Spiller8678.40
Scott Chandler56112.20
Stevie Johnson34916.30
Danny Amendola34515.00
TJ Graham2126.00
Dontavis Norris (R)2105.00
Rock Cardenas (R)2115.50
Cushing5 (2 TFL)100
Mario Williams5 (3 TFL)111 (25 YDS)
Marcell Dareus5 (4 TFL)200
Kyle Williams4 (2 TFL)000
Justice Caine3 (1 TFL)000
Aaron Williams2000
Jairus Byrd2000
Leodis McKelvin2010
Nick Barnett (FF)2 (1 TFL)100
Stephon Gilmore1000
Ron Brooks1000
George Wilson1000
John Potter4/52/21452
Britton Colquitt212864.01
Danny Amendola23718.50
Danny Amendola2168.00
Washington Redskins
Robert Griffin III10/1614512
Robert Griffin III (FUM)2178.50
Alfred Morris15161.10
Josh Morgan310635.31
Alfred Morris3134.30
Fred Davis242.00
Emmanuel Sanders22211.00
Brian Orakpo10 (4 TFL)100
James Laurinaitus (FF)9 (2 TFL)000
Barry Church8 (1 TFL)000
Husain Abdullah7000
Perry Riley7000
Deangelo Hall5000
Josh Wilson4000
Ryan Kerrigan3 (3 TFL)000
Reed Doughty2000
Jonathon Jones (R)2000
Adam Carriker1 (1 TFL)000
Dejon Gomes1000
Keyaron Fox1000
EJ Biggers1000
Billy Cundiff0/01/110
Daniel Sepulveda625943.20
Eddie Royal12828.00
Eddie Royal111.00

Once again Buffalo was able to stuff the run and kept the read option under control, allowing only 33 total rushing yards. Pharoah Phillips has played more consistently since his embarassing play against NE 3 Weeks ago. He hasn't put up pretty stats (1 TD in his last 3 games) but he also hasn't thrown any INTs since NE.

CJ Spiller continues his quest for a 2000 yard rushing season with his 3rd 100+ yard rushing performance of the season, while adding 2 more rushing touchdowns to his resume (6 on the season).

Mario Williams was all over the field Sunday turning in his best performance of the year. Mario picked off RG3 and took it 25 yards to the house for a pick six while also sacking RG3 on the next possession. Mario started the season slow, but has come on strong with 18 tackles, 9 TFL, 2 FF, 3 sacks, INT and a TD in the last three weeks.

Next week the Bills go back home to meet the strugging Chiefs in what the Bills will try to make a statement game by beating up on a struggling, weaker team. Championships are won by beating teams you should beat and keeping it close in every other game.
Dynasty: sbailey020