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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
09:56 AM - February 27, 2013. Written by wwefan
Hell in a Cell PPV (Raw and Smackdown)

Welcome to Hell in a Cell and boy there is some Matches to look forward too. The main event is one not to be missed HHH, CM Punk and Ryback face off for the WWE Championship in a Cell, everyone Knows HHHs experience in this match type so will he reclaim the title back or will the current Champion CM Punk or Ryback ruin his chances?

Also Sheamus will Face off against The Undertaker in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also there Rumour going around Alberto is here tonight.

First we Kick start with The United States Championship Match...

Brief Backstory Ever since Kane won the title at Night of Champions as well as retaining the tag titles. He has attacked R-Truth Multiple times and too add to this former Champion and Shield member Seth has been making life hard for R-Truth and his Partner Kofi. So R-Truth had a number one Contenders match against Seth and won much to Seth's disappointment. All three people have been at blows for over 2 months. Now it will be Kane vs R-Truth will Kane retain? or will R-Truth become Champion for a 3rd time?. What ever the out come they both better watch their backs in the future with Shield making their present clear the past few months.

United States Championship

(C)Kane vs R-Truth
Knowing he has another match later looks like R-Truth wants to end this as quick as possible to avoid tiring himself out later.
R-Truth wins by Submission this time after Kane made him submit last week.

Winner by Submission and New United States Champion R-Truth

R-Truth quickly exits the ring and goes backstage leaving Kane looking pissed off.

Brief backstory Eve has made herself dominant she has held the title for a record 80 Weeks! Will Beth be able to stop her dominace this time only this match will tell.

Divas Championship

(C) Eve Vs Beth Phoenix
Eve does it again! who can stop Eve look like nobody can take her title of her.

Winner and Still Divas Champion Eve

Brief Backstory With Randy Ortan's record when it comes to titles falling for months. The Intercontinental Champion Christian believes he can never cut it when it come to the big one and always has a excuse when he loses if it not countouts it always something else. Also a former Champion Wade Barrett has been cheapshotting both Randy and Christian. He Says nether deserve anything more then him and Christian only got the belt because he has not faced him yet. So it was decided it would be a Triple Threat Falls anywhere match so Countouts are not a option. Will Randy be able to get his career back on track? or will he prove Christian right? or will Wade steal the glory?.

Intercontinental Championship
Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Match

Randy Ortan vs (C) Christian vs Wade Barrett
This match went back and forth Christian and Wade seemed to be working together to get rid of Ortan. Then Wade turns his attention the Christian after grabbing a chair and hits him. While this is happening Ortan gets the steps and hits Wade then Christian gets the chair and hit Wade some more. Ortan tries to pin Wade but he Kicks out. Wades then Clothlines Christian and back drops Ortan and picks up the steps to bust Christian open. The match carries on Randy RKOs Christian only for him to kick out after the pin attempt.Wade Then goes to the announcer table which was almost his mistake as Randy almost pinned Christian for 3.Pin after pin is broken or kicked out of. This gruelling match finally ends when Randy RKOs the Champion outside to Pin.

Randy has finally put an end to his poor record maybe this is the start of a new era for him.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion Randy Ortan

Brief backstory Smackdown a month ago made the decision to sign the Selfish Generation (Bobby Roode and Austin Aries). Bobby just thought he would take it upon himself to fight Drew McIntyre and his partner Aries also interferes in Drew's partners Heaths match last week and Drew claims he can beat Bobby Roode and will tonight.

Bobby Roode vs Drew McIntyre
Austin interferes and helps Roode win but then Roode starts arguing with him saying he did not need his help. He exits the ring "Saying next time come when I ask you too" and Austin just looks at him saying "you won didn't you?" with a smile. The argument carries on backstage.

Winner Bobby Roode

Brief Backstory Well for 4 months SOS have been trying to get the titles back since losing them at MITB. Team Hell No have shown how dominant they are in the tag division in a variety of Tag matches. Will R-Truth and Kanes match before hand effect their performances hindering their partners? or Will R-Truths and Kanes personal issues be the cause?

Tag Team Championship

(C)Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) vs SOS(Kofi and R-truth)
Kofi and Kane start but Bryan kicks Kofi when he goes near him
Kofi Then spears Bryan outside the ring and continues to fight Kane. after a while Bryan is Tagged in to fight Kofi R-truth is eager to get in but Bryan won't allows Kofi to tag until Kofi head butts Bryan then tags in R-Truth. Bryan later double teams with Kane now it a repeat from earlier. R-Truth and Kane fight then R-Truth and Kane tag in their partners. Before Kofi quickly double teams again with R-Truth. R-Truth almost makes Bryan tap but Kane breaks it. Then Bryan tags in Kane who tries to make R-Truth tap but Kofi Breaks it. R-Truth later pins Kane to take another title from him!

Winners and New Tag Team Champions SOS

Kane and Bryan argue after the match who was responsible for the lost

Brief Backstory Undertaker has shown since defeating Randy Ortan 3 months ago that he worthy of being a champion. He has overcome the odds and now he will face a former champion Sheamus in a Cell. Everyone knows that this is Undertakers home but will Sheamus be able to prove the critics wrong and become Champion again?

World Heavyweigth Championship
Hell in a Cell

(C)Undertaker vs Sheamus

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker

Alberto's Music plays he is holding his briefcase! after Undertaker wins and is worn out looks like he cashing in now!

World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio vs (C)Undertaker
Undertaker looks worn out after a brutal match before hand and Alberto goes straight it for the kill. After a reversal Undertaker gains some momentum for a while then Alberto throws him into the steel post. Undertaker then tries to make Alberto submit but Alberto being fresher makes Undertaker tap out after a Arm lock.
Great Match

Winner by Submission and New World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio!

Alberto says after "what did I say? When the time is right" and smiles then exits the ring with his new title. leaving Undertaker looking shocked.

Brief Backstory CM finally reclaimed the title back at Night of Champions and has not shut up since about it. Will Ryback or HHH be able to put a lid on the self proclaimed 'Best in the world' mouth or will CM Punk just fill his already high ego some more?

Main Event
WWE Championship
Triple Threat Hell in a Cell

Ryback vs (C) CM Punk vs HHH
Good match another back and forth match Ryback shows his strength big booting Punk before being spine busted by HHH. Then after a while looks like this is Rybacks match till HHH DDTs him on the floor. Punk watches the two fight for awhile before back dropping Ryback. HHH then grabs a sledgehammer and hits Punk twice with it before Ryback suplexes him. Then Punk drop kicks Ryback in the back to try and pin its broken. The match goes on for 10mins pins are broken. Then you think it will end when Punk tries to steal HHH pin but Ryback kicks out. Then Punk does Go to sleep on Ryback and HHH grabs Punk to Pedigree him and goes to pin Ryback to end the match.

Winner and New WWE Champion HHH
Dynasty: wwefan
09:06 AM - February 27, 2013. Written by cgalligan
2013 Free Agency

I will be going through Free Agency here in the next few days... Here are a couple things of note that have happened early on...


Dwight Howard decided to stay with the Lakers... Considering he just won the NBA Championship, and NBA Finals MVP this was probably a wise decision as he may have been looked upon as the most selfish Athlete in the history of sports if he left...

Chris Paul decided to stay with the Clippers in hopes of Bringing "LOB CITY" a Championship in the Near future... The money spent to keep CP3 however, left the Cap pretty depleted, so, the Front Office is going to have to get creative

Andre Iguodala signs with the Dallas Mavericks... The Mavs miss out on the CP3 and D12 sweepstakes and settle for Iggy... Dallas should be a fun team to watch, but, with an aging Dirk, even with Iggy, I'm not sure if they'll have enough to compete for a title

Manu Ginobili bolted San Antonio and headed towards Philly on a 1 year contract in Hopes for Playing for Championship in 2013/14...


Stay tune.... There is allot more to come
Dynasty: cgalligan
08:58 AM - February 27, 2013. Written by cgalligan

1st Round

1. Hornets - PF Nerlens Noel - Kentucky - 76
2. Cavaliers - SG/SF Shabazz Muhammad - UCLA - 78
3. Magic - C Cody Zeller - Indiana - 78
4. Bobcats - C Rudy Gobert - France - 72
5. Pistons - SF James McAdo - North Carolina - 74
6. Rockets - SF Tony Mitchell - North Texas - 76
7. Warriors - C Isaiah Austin - Baylor - 73
8. Celtics - SF Alex Poythress - Kentucky - 72
9. Trail Blazers - SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Georgia - 68
10. Raptors - SG Archie Goodwin - Kentucky - 69
11. Kings - SF CJ Leslie - NC State - 68
12. Hawks - PG Ryan Harrow - Kentucky - 68
13. Nuggets - PG Ray McCallum - Detroit - 66
14. Grizzlies - SG CJ Wilcox - 64
15. Wizards - SF Dario Saric - Croatia - 73
16. Bucks - PG Myck Kabongo - Texas - 72
17. Nets - PF Trevor Mdakwe - Minnesota - 68
18. Jazz - SF DeShaun Thomas - Ohio State - 71
19. Spurs - PF Patrick Young - Florida - 67
20. Suns - SF Adonis Thomas - Memphis - 70
21. Clippers - SG Ben McLemore - Kansas - 66
22. Knicks - C Steven Adams - Pittsburgh - 69
23. Thunder - PG CJ McCollum - Lehigh - 65
24. Mavericks - C Gorgui Dieng - Louisville - 65
25. 76ers - SG Sean Kilpatrick - Cincinnati - 60
26. Pacers - PG Ian Miller - Florida State - 65
27. Timberwolves - C Alex Len - Maryland - 67
28. Bulls - PF - Rakeem Christmas - Syracuse - 66
29. Heat - PF Alex Oriakhi - Missouir - 64
30. Lakers - PG Lorenzo Brown - North Carolina St - 64

2nd Round

1. Hornets - SF Doug McDermott - Creighton - 64
2. Bobcats - PF Mason Plumlee - Duke - 67
3. Magic - SF Otto Porter - Georgtown - 69
4. Cavaliers - PG Trey Burke - Michigan - 66
5. Rockets - C Alec Brown - Wisconsin Green Bay - 63
6. Pistons - PF Jonas Bergstedt - Denmark - 61
7. Celtics - C Dewayne Dedmon - USC - 62
8. Warriors - PG Isiah Canaan - Murray State - 62
9. Trail Blazers - SF Rodney Williams - Minnesota - 64
10. Raptors - SF Christian Watford - Indiana - 60
11. Kings - PG Dexter Strickland - North Carolina - 63
12. Hawks - PG Nate Wolters - South Dakota State - 62
13. Wizards - PF Augusto Lima - Brazil - 62
14. Bucks - PG Pierre Jackson - Baylor -
15. Nuggets - SG Durand Scott - Miami - 61
16. Nets - SG Jamaal Franklin - San Diego State - 60
17. Grizzlies - SG Michael Snaer - Florida State - 60
18. Suns - C Jeff Withey - Kansas - 62
19. Spurs - PG Nemania Nedovic - France - 61
20. Jazz - SF Robert Covington - Tennessee State - 61
21. Clippers - PG Erick Green - Virginia Tech - 60
22. Knicks - PG Elijah Johnson - Kansas - 60
23. Thunder - C Aziz N'Diaye - Washington - 60
24. Mavericks - SF Solomon Hill - 60
25. 76ers - SG Jordan Aboudou - France - 60
26. Pacers - PF Jackie Carmichael - 60
27. Lakers - SF Mike Moser - UNLV - 60
28. Timberwolves - SF Oleksandr Lypovyy - Ukraine - 60
29. Bulls - SG Drew Crawford - Northwestern - 60
30. Heat - C Mindaugas Kupsas - Lithuania - 60
Dynasty: cgalligan
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
11:56 PM - February 26, 2013. Written by PackersKingsFTW
Matchup Preview *|* March 15, 2013
Minnesota Timberwolves
(25-37, 8-23 Away)
Houston Rockets
(36-29, 21-9 Home)
Stats Comparison
96.2Points Per Game105.9
.439Field Goal %.459
.745Free Throw %.754
.3133-Point %.362
Projected Starters
Ricky RubioPoint GuardJeremy Lin
Brandon RoyShooting GuardJames Harden
Chase BudingerSmall ForwardCarlos Delfino
Andrei KirilenkoPower ForwardThomas Robinson
Nikola PekovicCenterOmer Asik
Injury Report
Kevin Love/Knee Tendinitis
Chandler Parsons/Torn Hamstring
6-8 Weeks
Game Notes
James Harden leads the Houston Rockets in scoring with 26.2 PPG That is 5th best in the NBA. Kevin Love leads the Minnesota Timberwolves in scoring with 19.6 PPG. Last time these teams faced the Minnesota Timberwolves won 92-79.
Dynasty: PackersKingsFTW
06:46 PM - February 26, 2013. Written by wwefan

Hell in a Cell this week

On tonight's Smackdown everyone is still wondering about Alberto and when he will cash in his briefcase.
Tonight we will be seeing the champion Undertaker vs Cody Rhodes Maybe it might be tonight?

Also the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Sheamus is in action against 'The Worlds Strongest Man' Mark Henry in tonight Main Event. Also it will be Randy vs Wade Barrett vs Christian at Hell in a cell in a Falls Count anywhere match. These three have been at each other throats for the past month so this is not to be missed!
Also The Selfish Generation made a statement when Bobby decided to pick a fight with Drew McIntyre 3 weeks ago. So Drew wants to face him at Hell in a Cell.

Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater
Austin Aires decided to facebust Heath Slater for Justin to win

Winner Justin Gabriel

Randy Ortan vs Wade Barrett
Wade exits the ring very often but on one attempt Ortan throws him into the stairs and RKOs him outside before throwing him back in the ring. Ortan wins with a small package.
Maybe this time Randy will win the belt at Hell in a Cell

Winner Randy Ortan

Intercontinental Champion Christian comes out Clapping and saying "you don't cut it when it comes to the big one". They both have a stare down.

Drew McIntrye vs Cactus Jack

Winner Cactus Jack

Non Title Match

(C) Undertaker vs Cody Rhodes
Cody actually puts up a good fight even in mid match Damien Sandows music plays distracting Undertaker.Cody hits him while he looking toward the ramp. Cody then gets a chokeslam to kick out but is soon after Tombstoned and pinned.

Winner The Undertaker

Damien comes out after the match him and Taker have a stare down guess someone else wants in on the title picture.

Main Event

Sheamus vs Mark Henry
Mark Henry Cheapshots Sheamus from behind
Sheamus Make Henry Tap out giving him momentum for Hell in a Cell.

Winner Sheamus

News On Superstars Gangrel screws Kurt in his Triple Threat match Against Kevin and Booker by attacking him before the match. Booker pins Kurt later in the match. Then Scott Steiner Comes in and takes out both Kevin and Booker.
Dynasty: wwefan
06:03 PM - February 26, 2013. Written by hattrick3518
Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia Flyers
Nov 15, 2012123F
TOR (4-13-2)1023
PHI (14-2-2)3036
Three Stars
Brayden Schenn – C – Philadelphia
G: 1 - A: 3 - Pts: 4 - TOI: 22:29
Tobias Enström – D – Philadelphia
G: 1 - A: 1 - Pts: 2 - TOI: 19:09
Nick Bonino – C – Philadelphia
G: 1 - A: 1 - Pts: 2 - TOI: 11:50
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal4-4-11: 1917-16-11: 44
Faceoffs Won-Lost21-2525-21
Penalty Minutes19:0025:00
Power Plays Converted10
Power Play Opportunities42
Time on Attack4:207:32
Scoring Summary
TOR00:22 – Nikolai Kulemin – P. Kessel, M. Grabovski
PHI11:14 - Ray Whitney – Unassisted
PHI14:05 – Scott Hartnell - B. Schenn, T. Enström
PHI19:51 – Jordan Eberle – R. Whitney, C. Giroux
TOR12:51 – Nikolai Kulemin – M. Grabovski (PP)
TOR14:45 – Christian Hanson – C. Orr, T. Kaberle
PHI19:27 – Tobias Enström – C. Giroux, B. Schenn (SH)
PHI19:34 – Brayden Schenn – J. Hejda, N. Bonino (SH) (EN)
PHI19:47 – Nick Bonino – B. Schenn, J. Hejda (SH) (EN)
Philadelphia Flyers - Goalies
D. Rautio191684%3.00
E. Nabokov00%0.00
Philadelphia Flyers - Skaters
B. Bancroft12:1900016
N. Bonino11:5011225
K. Brodziak14:4300025
B. Coburn15:4900227
J. Eberle18:5310270
T. Enström19:0911230
C. Giroux18:2802230
M. Green26:3100-130
M. Halischuk7:5100000
S. Hartnell15:1410120
J. Hejda18:5202210
L. Lokken Ostli14:5900010
K. Pushkarev13:5500-110
Z. Rinaldo7:5800010
B. Schenn22:2913362
M. Streit25:3500100
T. Tatar14:0200-150
R. Whitney13:4911140
Dynasty: hattrick3518
05:32 PM - February 26, 2013. Written by wwefan
Raw is War

4 Weeks till Survivor Series

Well we had some great matches at Unforgiven new champs were crowned and the Main event was one of the best in history.
Speaking of Champions what a shock to see Mankind take the title of Chris Jericho I am surprised the former Champ is not here to make excuses yet especially considering how Mankind won. Scotty 2 Hotty makes his return tonight after injury tonight who before had made a apparent alliance with Chris Benoit who is facing Shane tonight.
Well to add for tonight we have The World Tag team Championship on the line. Also a number one contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship involving the former champion Paul White, HHH and 'The Worlds Most Dangerous Man' Ken Shamrock. Also New Intercontinental Champion Owen harts gets a chance of some revenge against Kane tonight in the Main Event who has attacked him on multiple occasions in the past month". Now wait don't tell me, looks who's here it the Champ!.

Mankinds Music plays....the Crowd Cheer he enters and says "well isn't this great to be finally holding this title I have waited years for this and finally I have it". "I have had dreams about this and what a better way to take it from the resident bigmouth Chris Jericho". Then Undertakers Music plays and he stands at the ramp he says " How about tonight we see how worthy you are of that belt in fact if I am not mistaken you cheated me out of the title" Undertakers looking pissed of as ever he says "you screwed me everyone knows you had your feet on the ropes, Reply is shown on screen I was the one supposed to be champion". Mankind says "OK! how about this you and me in a match now Taker! and I will beat you here as well!". The Undertaker walks slowly to the ring.

Non Title Match

(C)Mankind vs Undertaker

Former Champion Chris Jericho interferes Liontames Mankind and also puts Undertaker in the Walls of Jericho causing DQ

Winner no contest

Y2J slides out of the ring and "says nobody! will be getting the title before me Nobody!" and walks off.

World Tag Team Championship (rematch clause)
Normal Tag

(C) The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Farooq) vs New Age Outlaws (Billy and Road Dogg)
Awesome tag action in this rematch from Breakdown (Where NAO last lost their titles) the victors ends up being The New Age Outlaws taking their gold back.

Winners and New World Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws!

#1 Contenders Match
Triple Threat

HHH vs Paul White vs Ken Shamrock
Looks like for whatever reason HHH and Bigshow have deal going on since HHH returned last week once again double teaming this time Ken Shamrock. Then Bigshow turns on HHH and Chokeslams him for a kick out on the pin attempt. HHH looks less then pleased with this action but then Ken and Bigshow start double teaming him. Then Ken pins HHH and before Bigshow can break the pin he wins.

Winner and New Number one Contender Ken Shamrock

Shane McMahon Vs Chris Benoit w/Scotty 2 Hotty
Chris makes short work of Shane in a record 2mins! Don't know why it ended so quick.

Winner Chris Benoit

Main Event

Non Title Match

(C)Owen Hart vs Kane
While Kane walks down the ramp Owen runs out of the ring to attack him.
They fight outside for awhile before going back in the ring. They perform multiple DDTs on each other. Kanes foot stomps Owen then throws him out of the ring to put him through the barricade. Then enters the ring hoping to win by countout but Owen recovers by 7 count and enters back in. They carry on fighting till Owen super kicks Kane for him to break the pin then piledrives Kane to Win.

Winner Owen Hart
Dynasty: wwefan
04:42 PM - February 26, 2013. Written by hattrick3518
Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers
Nov 13, 2012123F
MON (10-8-0)1135
PHI (13-2-2)1203
Three Stars
Mike Cammalleri – C – Montreal
G: 1 - A: 1 - Pts: 2 - TOI: 17:10
Brian Gionta – RW – Montreal
G: 1 - A: 1 - Pts: 2 - TOI: 17:07
Max Pacioretty – LW – Montreal
G: 1 - A: 0 - Pts: 1 - TOI: 18:13
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal6-6-14: 2612-8-8: 28
Faceoffs Won-Lost22-2121-22
Penalty Minutes18:0016:00
Power Plays Converted02
Power Play Opportunities34
Time on Attack3:515:40
Scoring Summary
PHI09:59 – Tobias Enström – L. Lökken Östli, B. Schenn (PP)
MON15:33 - Brian Gionta – M. Cammalleri, S. Gomez
PHI02:03 – Kyle Brodziak - M. Green, M. Halischuk
PHI04:28 – Scott Hartnell – J. Eberle (PP)
MON19:52 – Maxim Lapierre – T. Pyatt, B. Pouliot
MON02:23 – Mike Cammalleri – B. Gionta, R. O'Byrne
MON15:07 – Max Pacioretty – L. Eller, A. Markov
MON17:01 – Aaron Palushaj – S. Kostitsyn, R. O'Byrne
Philadelphia Flyers - Goalies
E. Nabokov262181%5.03
M. Carruth00%0.00
Philadelphia Flyers - Skaters
J. Blake9:5600-200
N. Bonino12:1600020
K. Brodziak13:0510-120
B. Coburn19:0600000
J. Eberle15:4601-110
T. Enström21:2710-330
C. Giroux15:3600-112
J. Godfrey18:3700-320
M. Green22:2901-110
M. Halischuk12:2601110
S. Hartnell11:5810030
L. Lokken Ostli19:2801040
D. Moss10:1900-109
K. Pushkarev19:0400-200
B. Schenn21:5201-235
M. Streit18:5300-100
T. Tatar15:4400-140
R. Whitney16:1600-210
Dynasty: hattrick3518
03:47 PM - February 26, 2013. Written by hattrick3518
The Islanders came back for the second game of the series and won in thrilling overtime fashion. Rookie goalie Mac Carruth had an embarrassing night and was chased from the net early in the second period. Nabokov kept the boys in the game, but alas, they crumbled in overtime.

New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers
Nov 11, 2012123OTF
NYI (12-6-1)31015
PHI (13-1-2)21104
Three Stars
Andrew Bodnarchuk – D – New York
G: 1 - A: 0 - Pts: 1 - TOI: 19:18
Tobias Enström – D – Philadelphia
G: 0 - A: 2 - Pts: 2 - TOI: 21:10
Jordan Eberle – RW – Philadelphia
G: 1 - A: 0 - Pts: 1 - TOI: 17:08
Team Stats Comparison
Shots on Goal11-5-7-1: 2414-8-9-0: 31
Faceoffs Won-Lost19-2727-19
Penalty Minutes2:0010:00
Power Plays Converted10
Power Play Opportunities51
Time on Attack4:175:18
Scoring Summary
PHI00:52 – Claude Giroux – M. Green, M. Streit
NYI01:24 - Matt Moulson – J. Tavares, K. Okposo
NYI03:13 – Frans Nielsen - A. Nodl
NYI09:37 – Josh Bailey – K. Okposo, V. Prospal
PHI19:13 – Konstantin Pushkarev – T. Enström
NYI06:13 – Niclas Bergford – S. Bergenheim, A. Macdonald
PHI17:43 – Jordan Eberle – T. Enström, J. Godfrey
PHI15:30 – Matthew Halischuk – N. Bonino, S. Hartnell
NYI00:19 – Andrew Bodnarchuk – J. Tavares (PP)
Philadelphia Flyers - Goalies
M. Carruth13969%9.16
E. Nabokov111091%1.76
Philadelphia Flyers - Skaters
J. Blake12:4800-120
N. Bonino13:3301130
K. Brodziak16:0600-220
B. Coburn20:5000-202
J. Eberle17:0810220
T. Enström21:1002-100
C. Giroux16:5310240
J. Godfrey17:3101000
M. Green22:5101220
M. Halischuk13:5910030
S. Hartnell10:1201120
L. Lokken Ostli17:3800-100
D. Moss13:3500-112
K. Pushkarev11:3110-140
B. Schenn18:2100-130
M. Streit20:4101100
T. Tatar12:2400022
R. Whitney15:0400114
Dynasty: hattrick3518
09:36 AM - February 26, 2013. Written by cgalligan
Around the League Pre-Draft Rumors


Several teams have contacted the Cavs about the Services of Anderson Varejao... Andy led the league in rebounds per game last year and would be a valuable asset to any team on the cusp of a championship... Even with a good draft and a decent Free Agent pickup, the Cavaliers probably wont be competing for a Championship next Season, so, they could look to move Andy for a younger, more athletic big man...

Teams interested:



DeMarcus Cousins doesn't seem like he's happy in Sacramento... Its no secret that he's had off the court issues and some people around the league question his effort at times, but, I don't think you can argue the fact that he's one of the most talented big men in the NBA... Kings new head coach Ralph Bender plans on building his entire Offense around DeMarcus but, he's also been told by his GM that if the offer is right, the team will trade him if they feel like it benefits the team in the long run... Despite what the team says, I highly doubt they would trade a franchise big man with the talent of Cousins, you never know though, some team may blow them away with an offer that they simply can't refuse...

Teams interested:



Derrick Favors

Great athleticism, Great size and a great offensive player in the post... Favors has many skills that teams look for in a big man... In Utah, he doesn't see much playing time behind Paul Milsap and Al Jefferson... Also, we're hearing that Center Enes Kanter is well liked by the Jazz staff, and that doesn't bode well for Favors going forward... He's voiced his displeasure with his role on the team and now, the ball is in the front offices court as they have to make a decision on his future with the team...

Interested teams


The NBA Draft is only a few hours away from kicking off... Will any of these players be moved by then?
Dynasty: cgalligan
08:45 AM - February 26, 2013. Written by cgalligan
2013 Off-Season

#1 pick Odds

1. Hornets - 25
2. Bobcats - 19.9
3. Magic - 15.6
4. Cavs - 11.9
5. Pistons - 8.8
6. Rockets - 6.3
7. Warriors - 4.3
8. Celtics - 2.8
9. Trail Blazers - 1.7
10. Raptors - 1.1
11. Kings - 0.8
12. Hawks - 0.7
13. Nuggets - 0.6
14. Grizzlies - 0.5


1. Hornets
2. Cavs
3. Magic
4. Bobcats
5. Pistons
6. Rockets
7. Warriors
8. Celtics
9. Trail Blazers
10. Raptors
11. Kings
12. Hawks
13. Nuggets
14. Grizzlies

Around the League - Coaching Changes

Fired Mike Dunlap - D off, D def, D teaching, D pot
Hired George Hardin - A off, B def, B teaching, A pot

Fired Vinny Del Negro - C off, C def, C teaching, C pot
Hired Lamar Burns - A off, B def, B teaching, A pot

Fired Tyrone Corbin - C off, C def, C teaching, C pot
Hired Marty Osborne - A off, B def, C teaching, A pot

Fired Keith Smart - C off, D def, C teaching, D pot
Hired Ralph Bender - A off, A def, A teaching, A pot

A look at some of the Ups and Downs from around the League

Below you will see how some of the young players are progressing, and the older players are digressing around the league...

Cavaliers Prgression

PG Kyrie Irving +3 = 87ovr
SG Dion Waiters +5 = 77ovr
SF Terance Williams +1 = 77ovr
C Anderso Varejao -3 = 74ovr
SF Alonzo Gee +3 = 74ovr
PF Tristan Thompson +5 = 73ovr
C Tyler Zeller +3 = 68ovr
SF Omri Caspi +2 = 66ovr
PF Samardo Samuels +2 = 65ovr
PF Jon Leuer +3 = 66ovr
PG Jeremy Pargo +3 = 63ovr
SF CJ Miles +2 = 70ovr
SF Luke Walton -3 = 63ovr
PG Daniel Gibson +3 = 64ovr
PF Luke Harangody +3 = 58ovr

Notables around the League

PG Jrue Holiday +3 86ovr
SF Evan Turner +6 86ovr

PG Kemba Walker +4 = 82ovr
SF Michale Kidd Gilchrist +3 = 80ovr
PF Tyrus Thomas +6 = 77ovr

PG Brandon Jennings +4 = 84ovr

PF Kevin Garnett -3 = 81ovr
SF Paul Pierce -2 = 80ovr

PF Blake Griffin +4 = 90ovr
C Deandre Jordan +4 = 76ovr
PG Eric Bledsoe +4 = 71ovr

SF Rudy Gay +3 = 88ovr

SG Eric Gordon +3 = 87ovr
C Anthony Davis +6 = 85ovr
SF Al-Farouq Aminu +3 = 75ovr
PG Austin Rivers +4 = 71ovr

SG Gordon Hayward +6 = 74ovr
PF Derrick Favors +5 = 80ovr
C Enes Kanter +4 = 69ovr

C Demarcus Cousins +5 = 87ovr
SG Tyreke Evans +5 = 85ovr
PF Thomas Robinson +3 = 78ovr

SG Iman Shumpert +2 = 82ovr

SG Kobe Bryant -2 = 91ovr
PF Pau Gasol -1 = 86ovr

PF Dirk Nowitzki -1 = 83ovr
SG OJ Mayo +2 = 80ovr

Brook Lopez +5 = 85ovr
Gerald Wallace -2 = 79ovr

PG Ty Lawson +2 = 84ovr
PF Kenneth Faried +3 = 80ovr
SF Danilo Gallinari +4 = 76ovr

SG Paul George +4 = 82ovr
PG George Hill +2 = 76ovr

C Greg Monroe +4 = 83ovr
PG Brandon Knight +4 = 77ovr

PG Kyle Lowry +2 = 84ovr
SG Demar Derozan +5 = 79ovr

SG James Harden +1 = 84ovr
PG Jeremy Lin +2 = 80ovr
PF Patrick Patterson +4 = 78ovr

PG Tony Parker -1 = 83ovr
PF Tim Duncan -3 = 84ovr
SF Kawhi Leonard +1 = 81ovr
PF Dejuan Blair +3 = 75ovr

PG Goran Dragic +4 = 81ovr
SF Michael Beasley +3 = 82ovr
SF Shannon Brown +2 = 78ovr

SF Kevin Durant +2 = 96ovr
PG Russell Westbrook +2 = 92ovr
PF Serge Ibaka +2 = 83ovr
SG Jeremy Lamb +3 = 74ovr

PG Ricky Robio +6 = 84ovr
PF Derrick Williams +5 = 74ovr

PG Damian Lillard +6 = 83ovr
SG Wesley Matthews +4 = 81ovr
SF Nicolas Batum +2 = 81ovr

PG Stephen Curry +4 = 86ovr
SF Harrison Barnes +4 = 79ovr

PG John Wall +5 = 87ovr
SG Bradley Beal +5 = 80ovr
C Nene -3 = 77ovr
C Emeka Okafor -3 = 75ovr
Dynasty: cgalligan
04:17 AM - February 26, 2013. Written by PackersKingsFTW
The Chicago Bulls used the 4th quarter to pick up the 113-107 victory. Derrick Rose scored 37 points tonight including 12 made free throws. Carlos Boozer also added 19 points and 13 rebounds. Luol Deng notched 16 points. I spoke to Derrick Rose after the game. "I felt good in tonights game. I felt like I couldnt miss besides the what 4 turnovers?, I felt as good as it could get. I wanted to come into this game with the thought every game from this point on decides our playoff spot and how well we play as a team. I liked the way we attacked the basket, getting them into foul trouble early and most importantly knocking down our free throws. tonight was only just the begging." The Utah Jazz shot the ball pretty well as Al Jefferson lead them in scoring with 21 points and added 7 rebounds. Randy Foye had 17 and Mo Williams dropped 15. I was able to catch up with Al Jefferson before he went to the locker room."We did not play defense very well. I am dissapointed it took me so late to start getting baskets. I should have been getting the boards and finding a way to get open. This was not our best defensive game." With that loss the Utah Jazz still hold the 7th seed in the West as of now and the Chicago Bulls with that win are now the 5th seed in the East.

Utah Jazz at Chicago Bulls
Mar 8, 20131ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Utah (35-27)23252732107
Chicago (36-26)30222338113
Utah Jazz
TEAM TOTALS43-87 (49%)5-11 (45%)16-18 (88%)3420839107
Chicago Bulls
TEAM TOTALS41-78 (52%)3-6 (50%)28-33 (84%)44196411113
Dynasty: PackersKingsFTW
12:18 AM - February 26, 2013. Written by mmcnab91
Houston Rockets (35-47)
Southwest Division, Fourth Place

Head Coach: Kevin McHale (2nd season)

Houston Rockets Depth Chart - 2013
PGJeremy LinToney DouglasShelvin Mack
SGJames HardenJames AndersonAntoine Wright
SFChandler ParsonsCarlos DelfinoTerrence Jones
PFPatrick PattersonRoyce WhiteMarcus Morris
COmer AsikCole AldrichDonatas Motiejunas

PG-Jeremy Lin: 20.1 PPG, 6.6 APG, 3.9 RPG, 1.5 SPG
SG-James Harden: 20.0 PPG, 6.2 APG, 4.1 RPG, 1.5 SPG
SF-Chandler Parsons: 13.0 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 3.5 APG, 1.0 SPG
PF-Patrick Patterson: 17.2 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 1.4 BPG
C-Omer Asik: 3.1 PPG, 9.9 RPG, 1.9 BPG
6-Toney Douglas: 14.6 PPG, 3.3 APG, 2.0 RPG
7-Marcus Morris: 8.2 PPG, 2.4 RPG
8-Carlos Delfino: 5.5 PPG, 2.1 RPG, 1.6 APG
9-Royce White: 3.7 PPG, 2.7 RPG, 2.1 APG
10-Shelvin Mack: 2.3 PPG
11-Antoine Wright: 2.7 PPG
12-James Anderson: 2.8 PPG, 1.0 RPG
13-Terrence Jones: 1.9 PPG
14-Cole Aldrich: 3.3 PPG, 5.0 RPG
15-Donatas Motiejunas
NOTE: Motiejunas did not play for the Rockets in 2012-13

Key Headlines
Harden named Western Conference Player of the Week
Lin named Western Conference Player of the Week
Rockets pick up team option on Delfino
Morris, Parsons named to Rising Stars Challenge
Harden earns first All Star nomination
Douglas signs two-year extension with Rockets
Rockets activate Parsons' team option
Patterson named NBA's Most Improved Player
Douglas wins Sixth Man of the Year award
Dynasty: mmcnab91
Monday, February 25, 2013
11:58 PM - February 25, 2013. Written by mmcnab91
Toronto Raptors (37-45)
Atlantic Division, Fourth Place

Head Coach: Dwane Casey (2nd season)

Toronto Raptors Depth Chart - 2013
PGKyle LowryJose CalderonJohn Lucas(E'Twaun Moore)
SGDeMar DeRozanTerrence RossAlan Anderson
SFLandry FieldsMickael Pietrus(Linas Kleiza)
PFAndrea Bargnani(Al Harrington)Amir Johnson(Quincy Acy)
CEd DavisJonas ValanciunasAaron Gray

NOTE: Quincy Acy and Linas Kleiza were traded to the Orlando Magic for Al Harrington and E'Twaun Moore on February 9.

PG-Kyle Lowry: 18.8 PPG, 8.0 APG, 4.7 RPG, 1.7 SPG
SG-DeMar DeRozan: 21.0 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 2.2 APG
SF-Landry Fields: 9.3 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 2.3 APG, 1.0 SPG
PF-Andrea Bargnani: 22.0 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 1.6 BPG
PF-Al Harrington: 20.6 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 1.2 SPG

C-Ed Davis: 8.2 PPG, 8.9 RPG, 1.9 BPG, 1.2 APG
6-Jose Calderon: 10.7 PPG, 6.8 APG, 2.6 RPG
7-Jonas Valanciunas: 7.5 PPG, 4.2 RPG
8-Terrence Ross: 6.9 PPG, 1.7 RPG
9-Mickael Pietrus: 5.6 PPG, 2.1 RPG
10-Amir Johnson: 2.1 PPG, 2.2 RPG
11-Linas Kleiza: 3.6 PPG, 1.3 RPG
12-John Lucas: 4.1 PPG
12-E'Twaun Moore: 3.2 PPG
13-Alan Anderson: 1.7 PPG, 1.2 RPG
14-Aaron Gray: 1.2 PPG, 1.6 RPG
15-Quincy Acy: 1.3 PPG

Key Headlines
Calderon signs two-year extension with Raptors
Bargnani tears ACL, out for season
Raptors get Harrington, Moore from Magic for Acy, Kleiza
Valanciunas selected to Rising Stars Challenge
Raptors complete freefall, drop 12 straight to miss playoffs
Valanciunas named to NBA All-Rookie Second Team
Source: Raptors likely to choose between Lucas, Moore
Raptors planning to re-sign Davis, Pietrus
Dynasty: mmcnab91
11:39 PM - February 25, 2013. Written by mmcnab91
Detroit Pistons (36-46)
Central Division, Fourth Place

Head Coach: Lawrence Frank (2nd season)

Detroit Pistons Depth Chart - 2013
PGBrandon KnightWill BynumDerek Fisher
SGRodney StuckeyKyle SinglerKim English
SFTayshaun PrinceCorey MaggetteQuentin Richardson
PFJason MaxiellJonas JerebkoAustin Daye
CGreg MonroeCharlie VillanuevaAndre Drummond

PG-Brandon Knight: 13.0 PPG, 5.7 APG, 3.9 RPG
SG-Rodney Stuckey: 15.9 PPG, 5.9 APG, 3.6 RPG, 1.1 SPG
SF-Corey Maggette: 17.5 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 2.4 APG
PF-Jason Maxiell: 6.4 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 1.0 BPG
C-Greg Monroe: 16.7 PPG, 8.2 RPG, 2.8 APG, 1.5 SPG, 1.3 BPG
6-Tayshaun Prince: 14.0 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 2.2 APG
7-Will Bynum: 10.8 PPG, 4.5 APG, 2.5 RPG, 1.1 SPG
8-Charlie Villanueva: 8.0 PPG, 3.3 RPG
9-Quentin Richardson: 2.4 PPG, 1.5 RPG
10-Kyle Singler: 3.1 PPG, 1.3 RPG
11-Derek Fisher: 2.7 PPG, 1.6 APG
12-Andre Drummond: 1.4 PPG, 1.4 RPG
13-Jonas Jerebko: 2.2 PPG, 1.2 RPG
14-Kim English: 2.5 PPG
15-Austin Daye: 2.4 PPG, 1.0 RPG

Key Headlines
Jerebko, Villanueva likely to pick up player options
Knight selected to Rising Stars Challenge
Monroe selected to first NBA All Star Game
Source: Pistons likely to part with Bynum, Maxiell, Maggette
Report: Pistons searching for starting point guard
Fisher uncertain on returning for 18th season
Dynasty: mmcnab91