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The OS Daily Ten - Should the NFL Ban Low Blocks? Stuck
Posted on August 28, 2013 at 09:52 AM.

Top Sports News for Wednesday, August 28, 2013

QOTD: Are low blocks too dangerous or should defenders stop complaining?
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# 1 GlennN @ Aug 28
My short answer is "no," but the longer answer is if they insist on protecting "defenseless players," a concept I find completely foreign to a sport like football, then, for consistency, how could they not outlaw such hits? Williams was every bit as defenseless as a receiver going up for a ball - either both are protected, or (in my preference) neither. I miss the days of a safety actually being able to separate a receiver from a ball and going over the middle being dangerous. The new NFL is way, way less fun to watch.
# 2 juicey79 @ Aug 28
They absolutely should ban it...that's the most vulnerable part of the body.
# 3 criscarter @ Aug 28
Low blocks like that, absolutely. I'm a bit biased, but that is a senseless and awful block.
# 4 jmik58 @ Aug 28
I'm more of a defensive minded person from the playing and coaching days so I do have some bias on this, however ... I don't like low blocks for a couple reasons beyond injuries.

One is the fact that football is a game of skill and a successful block should depend on "ability". A cut block takes minimal skill. Also, there is little that a defender can do to equalize the playing field. For example, pass interference or holding can be called both ways. Most things "physical" about the game of football keep a close balance between offense and defense -- except for low blocks. What advantage does the defense have on the offense, or what can they do to counteract the impact of a cut block? I've yet to find the answer.

The injury concerns are self-explanatory. I wonder if the NFL would crack down on low blocks if they were facing a huge lawsuit related to them? Fortunately, you have a greater chance of successful surgery to repair a knee unlike an injury to the brain. But unfortunately, that means low blocks will likely stay around.
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