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NFL Head Coach Preview (Xbox)

XboxCore has posted their preview of NFL Head Coach.
"Instead of just running plays, players will be in charge of how a team trains with a specific play, or how well they adapt to various plays. Among the huge list of plays included by the Tiburon team, NFL Head Coach also features the now ubiquitous feature to every good football game, a custom playbook editor. You design where the team lines up, how the play executes and where itíll hopefully end. Whether you focus on defensive penetration, or long passes down the stretch, you get to design exactly how your team plays it out on the field."

Rallisport Challenge 3 in Development for Xbox 360?

Xbox Circle has the scoop.
"There seems to be a little commotion in the Rallisport franchise. The two titles that hit the Xbox were simply outstanding in every aspect, but even though thereís been no official announcement people seem to think a third installment is in development."

Baseball Mogul 2007 Interview (PC)

GamersInfo has posted an interview with Clay Dreslough, President of Sports Mogul, Inc. as they talk about Baseball Mogul 2007.
GamersInfo: "What's your favorite part of the game?"
Clay Dreslough: "My favorite part right now is our newest feature: the ability to play the game pitch-by-pitch and actually choose and aim pitches. I focus on improving my team in the off-season and then I simulate most of the regular season. But now I can play out all the playoff games for maximum control. I was just playing a campaign with the Red Sox last night that went into extra-innings in Game 7 of the ALCS against the A's. I guessed correctly that Huston Street would throw me a high fastball on a 3-1 count and David Ortiz put it in the right field seats for a walk-off homer."

Mario Kart Arcade GP Impressions (Arcade)

Planet GameCube has posted their impressions of Mario Kart Arcade GP.
"One of the most entertaining features of the game is the camera mounted above the screen. Before each race, it snaps a picture of you. This picture is displayed by your racer in-game in much the same way the icons are displayed in Mario Kart DS. What makes it even more fun is that, based on which character you choose, props are placed around your photo. Yoshi sticks Yoshi eyes on your head, Mario gives you a hat and mustache, etc. I hope they release a peripheral that allows future Mario Karts to do something similar."

Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde and Voodoo Extreme have posted some more Test Drive Unlimited screenshots.
"Atari released yet a big bunch of images from Test Drive Unlimited, now planned for a September release. The HUD images looks absolutely gorgeous, and who knows what will happen if they actually succeed with the concept? PGR4 MMO, here we come?"

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