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TGS06: Hands On, Behind the Wheel, Gran Turismo HD (PS3)

Kotaku has posted their hands on impressions of Gran Turismo HD.
"After Sony's dizzying E3 presser, we were given a chance to play Gran Turismo HD for the PS3. I quite enjoyed Gran Turismo 3 and was looking forward to some one-on-one with the game. I pushed my way through the crowd and tried out a GT motorcycle for the first time. I started the bike up, turned a corner and was dumped off. Another corner and was dumped off the bike. Wash, rinse, repeat."

Forza Motorsport 2 Screenshots (360)

360Monster has posted some screenshots of Forza Motorsport 2.
"Featuring 4 visually impressive cars, including a silver Subaru Impreza, the screenshots are showing off what looks like a very good game. As always, we'll keep you informed with any new information with regards to the game."

Virtua Tennis 3 Gameplay Movie Clips (PS3, 360)

Playsyde and Xboxyde have both posted gameplay movie clips from Virtua Tennis 3.
"Virtua Tennis 3 also was very visible inside Sega's booth, running on excellent looking 1080p tvs. The 360 version was nowhere to be seen."

Question of the Day

How did your team(s) do over the weekend?

Well, the Cowboys had a bye week, so I can't complain. Unfortunately, the Giants were the only NFC East team to lose.

Other Stuff...
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Member Comments
# 1 RockyTop1 @ 09/25/06 07:51 AM
QOTD - Vols won, Colts won a big one, Red Sox still suck
# 2 MachoMyers @ 09/25/06 07:57 AM
Great Weekend!
WSU pulverized Stanford AND Green Bay won their first game of the year while Favre picked up TD 400.
# 3 aukevin @ 09/25/06 08:01 AM
QOTD: Auburn won and Bama lost, can't do much better than that The Braves lost all three games this weekend to the Rockies though, that's terrible
# 4 ExtremeGamer @ 09/25/06 08:04 AM
QOTD - Buckeyes won. Browns...well, we at least forced the Ravens to kick a last second FG to win. That's our moral victory.
# 5 pb4201 @ 09/25/06 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
QOTD - Buckeyes won. Browns...well, we at least forced the Ravens to kick a last second FG to win. That's our moral victory.
Ravens barely won...but we'll take it!

Cleveland and Charlie Frye showed we have some holes on defense.
# 6 Acid @ 09/25/06 09:17 AM
UCLA lost to Washington, but Seattle beat the Giants, so it's not all bad.
# 7 Beantown @ 09/25/06 09:44 AM
Texas barely won.

Are the Red Sox still playing?

I shouldn't have even bothered watching the Pats game.

All-in-all...pretty bad.
# 8 Dice @ 09/25/06 10:24 AM
Chicago Bears - It's a good sign for your team when:
- The linebackers played like crap.
- Offensive live played medicore.
- The QB played like crap for 3.5 quarters.
- Secondary played no better than the linebackers.
- Minimal production from the running game.
AND YOU STILL WIN THE GAME! 19-16 against the Vikings. Unfortunately, we can't play like that against the Seahawks and expect to win. But I'm confident that we'll shore up those issue for next week.

Chicago White Sox - Evened out the weekend series against the Mariners. Technically still in the playoff race BUT in reality we're looking towards next season.
# 9 Shaver @ 09/25/06 10:32 AM
Wolverines Won and Manningham continues to make my proclamaion from 18 months ago that he will be the next #1 look REALLY good!

Tigers clinched the Playoffs!

Lions lost! Bastages!

Sparties lost, which normally makes me happy... but I wanted them to beat the Irish.

Very bittersweet.
# 10 dieselboy @ 09/25/06 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by Xavier12
Great Weekend!
WSU pulverized Stanford
And the Seahawks won.
# 11 ndeezlo @ 09/25/06 12:30 PM
Notre Dame kind of had a big 4th quarter, Tigers clinched, Lions lost and I almost went swimming in a swamp Saturday night. So everything went as expected.

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