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Gamespot has posted their first look at NBA 2K9.

"The first thing that was apparent from the clip (and, to a lesser extent, the gameplay demonstration) was that signature player motions donít just stop at shooting this year. Player-specific celebrations and motions will also make their appearance in NBA 2K9. From Kevin Garnettís chest pump following a 3-point opportunity to Ray Allenís unique windmill teardrop, 2K9 does a good job of making the motions identifiable to the player. This even includes more subtle motions such as Derek Fisherís movement coming off a low screen or Kobe Bryantís no-look pass."

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# 1 ex carrabba fan @ 07/15/08 10:45 PM
Sounds like we won't get any news on new features til later
# 2 rockchisler @ 07/15/08 10:46 PM
2 bad no video, oh well
# 3 Shakedowncapo @ 07/15/08 10:48 PM
Hopefully we get that trailer tomorrow during the press conference.
# 4 videobastard @ 07/15/08 10:49 PM
Sounds good untill they mentioned the commentary.
# 5 bateman11 @ 07/15/08 10:49 PM
Wtf. Thats it. Wow. That preview didn't even sound..promising..
# 6 ZephyrSong @ 07/15/08 11:00 PM
I guess many people will be happy that replays after end of quarters are added... Many people were asking for that.
# 7 screwston @ 07/15/08 11:12 PM
lets hope 2k doesnt do what winning eleven did and just sit back and keep putting the same game out year after year with the same bugs, and a few add ons until the competition eventually catches up to you.
# 8 Bornindamecca @ 07/15/08 11:17 PM
If the commentary is the same.....

Let's just say I hope that isn't the case. I didn't play as much 2k8 as some of you guys, and I'm definitely not above standing pat for a year. Aside from that, this is what I expected from 2k. Both 2k and EA do the same thing every year. EA puts out a few new features and renames a bunch of old ones long before the game is out. 2k remains steadfast in their stubborn arrogance, refusing to talk about their game in many ways, early info being just one of them.

But again, none of this matters in the off season of bball gaming. We'll see where my 60 bucks is in October.
# 9 Behindshadows @ 07/15/08 11:18 PM
As much as I love 2k, this is a crappy first look.

Too much he say, crap!

Show us already damn!
# 10 jsg @ 07/15/08 11:22 PM
# 11 Tha.Pink.Pantha @ 07/15/08 11:24 PM
Could care less about commentary and I never saw the missing easy layups thing...

So all I got out of this is improved presentation and further immersion into Sig Style. I'm good.
# 12 Furq @ 07/16/08 12:25 AM
Eh especially after the patch I rarely saw missed layups. Hope that it's not something the media blows out of proportion to the extent that 2k makes every contested layup automatic
# 13 aholbert32 @ 07/16/08 12:46 AM
It looks like the focus is going to be on presentation this year folks. 2k told me that last year when OS previewed 2k8 and that seems to be coming to fruition. The commentary will be different because of Clark Kellogg (Kenny Smith is now on Sony's game).

That doesnt mean the gameplay wont be improved though.
# 14 RubenDouglas @ 07/16/08 12:47 AM
Jeff Thomas explained that the game was still in development and many bugs still required attention. As a result, 2K is holding off on announcing the new features to dawn this yearís game until a later date.
lets just HOPE that nba live's new intricate and complicated system works as planned.. THey are hypemachinest at its finest imo. we'll buy without a second thought, see that its not up to snuff , complain, and by then ea already has our money. EA is promising big things with their announcement, we need to hold it to them. 2k is not showing their cards right now, knowing that their new features arent completely intergrated. Is EA's system 100% complete and working? this will get interesting
# 15 youvalss @ 07/16/08 12:52 AM
I got a feeling that 2K has something else but they didn't tell us about it because it's still in developement. Give 'em a chance!
# 16 eDotd @ 07/16/08 12:56 AM
Issues with players missing simple layups also seems to have made the transition from last yearís game but hopefully these issues are addressed prior to the gameís release.
# 17 youvalss @ 07/16/08 12:57 AM
Think about it guys, if the commentary is the same as last year (at least for now), they must have spent their time/money on something else, something bigger.
# 18 RubenDouglas @ 07/16/08 01:02 AM
i dont understand this guys reasoning.

he's played enough to know what lines are duplicate commentary yet doesnt know that a patch fixed the layup issues?
# 19 aholbert32 @ 07/16/08 01:09 AM
Originally Posted by RubenDouglas
i dont understand this guys reasoning.

he's played enough to know what lines are duplicate commentary yet doesnt know that a patch fixed the layup issues?

The guy doesnt know what he;s talking about. Chase says Clark Kellogg is doing the commentary this year...so how can it be the same?
# 20 RubenDouglas @ 07/16/08 01:27 AM
Originally Posted by akademiks
maybe (just maybe), the person who wrote the article didn't play the game throughout the year like you and I to notice or even download 2K's late *** patch?
i barely played the game to be quite honest. fast break game has been killing me.. but thats a whole other thread. im just saying he must have one heck of a memory if he remembers commentary lines from the year before. so either he played BEFORE the patch and has great memory skills or AFTER the patch and didnt realize layups were fixed but remembered commentary lines.

November + no patch= 8 months later remembering commentary lines


Feburary/March + patch= 5-6 months later remembering only the commentary lines and not thinking to look for that layup issue he also seemed to remember

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