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The Czar checks in with another Czarisode. This time he brings us a little MLB 09 The Show silence. Hitting tips coming soon!

"Your man The Czar is back with a packet of big league chew and a cheek full of seeds. If a picture is worth a thousand words then surely MLB 09 is worthy of Czar's highest honor... SILENCE !!!"

Game: MLB '09: The ShowReader Score: 9/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PS2 / PS3 / PSPVotes for game: 90 - View All
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# 1 Mr.Wednesday @ 03/22/09 07:26 PM
Silence is pretty high praise. I agree. The game speaks for itself.
# 2 viking12344 @ 03/22/09 07:33 PM
I don't know if it was the acoustic guitar but when I watched that I just sat back for a second and realized, again, how great this game is. What are the odds that such a great looking game plays such a true sim of the sport? I remember thinking back when 4 or 5 bb games were out how great they would be if you could pull 1-2 things from each and make a super bb game. Well someone did and they call it the show.
# 3 hq3000 @ 03/22/09 08:37 PM
It was a bit cheesy. It is however a wonderful game so win, win.
# 4 DubTrey1 @ 03/22/09 09:23 PM
Nicely done Czar. Now, for your next one.... you need to give us your trademarked breakdowns..
# 5 whosgotcha @ 03/23/09 07:59 AM
Very nice. Love the acoustic guitar.
# 6 amedawg00 @ 03/23/09 09:36 AM
simply beautiful. I am a 2k homer and still got goosebumps watching that.
# 7 HAILAS @ 03/23/09 07:48 PM
classic czar material! nice, easy, no explanation needed vid.
# 8 Jackdog @ 03/23/09 07:59 PM
Very nice.
# 9 Da_Czar @ 03/25/09 04:11 PM
Glad yall enjoyed it man. I don't see how anyone who loves baseball does not have this game ...

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