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# 1 jeffy777 @ 01/06/11 06:44 PM
Animations look good.
# 2 Blzer @ 01/06/11 06:44 PM
Interesting. I'd like to see more player model comparisons but in the end the most differences will be seen with actual gameplay videos, provided they supply some before release.

I'm intrigued, but I don't know if I want to spend $120 on baseball games again this year. I consumed less time last year with both baseball games combined than I did with The Show '09 two years ago, so the $120 definitely wasn't well spent.
# 3 CincinnatiRedlegs @ 01/06/11 06:50 PM
Video quality is so-so, but that's really no one's fault. I'd like to see more of the models and really see what they mean by "improved fielding." So far, so good.
# 4 bigfnjoe96 @ 01/06/11 06:57 PM
WTH was that Crawford catch..... Did I just see the no-look catch animation SMH
# 5 Blzer @ 01/06/11 07:10 PM
Sorry, have to nitpick.

What are those downtown SF buildings doing right behind AT&T Park? They aren't exactly next door to the stadium.
# 6 drterb @ 01/06/11 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by Blzer
Sorry, have to nitpick.

What are those downtown SF buildings doing right behind AT&T Park? They aren't exactly next door to the stadium.
Yeah, that's weird. (caught a ball from Mark DeRosa that day!!)

Also, I thought they did an OUTSTANDING job with the scoreboards last year except for the craptastic looking graphic that showed the players face, name, and career statistics (sometimes it didn't even fill the scoreboard). Looks like the craptastic graphic is back in.

Other than that, like the fielding animations and new player models. Except for the no look Crawford catch.

My 2011 MLB gaming itch has officially begun!! Here's to checking OS every 10 minutes at work for new info!!
# 7 MasudaElTerrible @ 01/06/11 07:43 PM
looks nice, i rly dnt have an issue with the last game. the franchise really bothered me though, if they fix that, then i'll pick it up for sure. not like i have to much choice.
# 8 spankdatazz22 @ 01/06/11 07:58 PM
Nice trailer. Animations look really smooth
# 9 bonannogiovanni @ 01/06/11 08:31 PM
While I see a drastic improvement graphically, I wonder if this video has captured the PC version of the game, which last year looked a lot better than on consoles.
# 10 Blzer @ 01/06/11 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by Jayhawker
Which shot are you talking about? I never saw any buildings.
In the trailer when Posey throws out the runner. It's a quick glimpse, but noticeable.
# 11 Bwnarrow3 @ 01/06/11 08:38 PM
Marlins catcher still wears teal gear...

What is wrong with this franchise...
# 12 DickDalewood @ 01/06/11 09:02 PM
Definitely looked better, but man, that outfield diving catch was awful.
# 13 dodgerblue @ 01/06/11 09:42 PM
Honestly that video moved so quickly and had so many windows it could have been from last year's game and I wouldn't have been able to tell.
# 14 SoxFan01605 @ 01/06/11 09:44 PM
Some of the old culprits are clearly still there in terms of bad animations, but it's also clear that they've done some work in that area. Looking forward to actual gameplay videos to see how much improved animation wise.

Also, the player models don't look "new" to me, but it's tough to tell in those quick clip trailers. Legs still seemed very stocky, but as I said in the picture thread, if the animations are smoothed out (and I actually have some hope there now) then I'm good visually.
# 15 countryboy @ 01/06/11 09:46 PM
I definitely saw a lot more good in that video than I saw bad. Animations looked great. The diving catch...was different.
# 16 Scooter3 @ 01/06/11 10:04 PM
Great looking!
A big thumbs-up to the artists involved with:

new player models
dramatic lighting

IMO... visually this game has progressed BIG TIME!

If it plays as good as it looks 2K has a winner...

# 17 TexasBorn1 @ 01/06/11 10:18 PM
Trailer is well done

Animations look great and the players finally don't have that plastic look to them
# 18 spit_bubble @ 01/06/11 10:39 PM
So much more! Awesome!
# 19 DJ @ 01/06/11 11:14 PM
Some cool-looking stuff in there. I thought 2K10 was a decent game, definitely improved from 2K8-2K9. Now, if they can fix the fielding, add injuries and errors, I'll be very happy.
# 20 MrChainsaw @ 01/07/11 12:42 AM
Hope the actual game graphics look as good as they do in the trailer. 2k has been notorious for polishing their trailer graphics when the game itself looks like doodoo.

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