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# 1 vln13 @ 02/20/11 11:04 PM
Nice way to honor the pit crews who must be sleeping very soundly tonight! haha
# 2 gigadkc @ 02/21/11 09:14 AM
I hope that this game will be awesome, I already pre-ordered a few weeks ago.
# 3 statum71 @ 02/21/11 09:54 AM
March 29th can't get here fast enough.
# 4 Dazraz @ 02/21/11 11:02 AM
Very impressive. It will be interesting to see how big the repertoire of animations are based on the various adjustments that can be made to the car.
# 5 Papi34 @ 02/21/11 12:56 PM
It is a beautiful looking game, no doubt. Does look a bit odd though that you can only see your own pit crew. Saying that, I don't think NR2003 had multiple pit crews and it never bothered me.
# 6 Potatoes002 @ 02/21/11 02:12 PM
The cars this year don't require catch-cans anymore. I wonder when the patch is released how the pitstops will react now.
# 7 twthomas @ 02/22/11 10:36 PM
I just hope they have a setting for auto pits. I love the animations and all that but I do not know a single driver who tells the crew exactly what to do. Just once I would like to see a racing game where the driver (you) only select things like pulling, pushing, running hot, rear end is lose, etc... and your pit chief decides what to do about your report. I know sometimes a driver may suggest taking a half a round out or dropping tire pressure but its usually just 'what' the car is doing.
# 8 Randiesel75 @ 02/23/11 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by AttackAttack
Still cant drive into the pits? ugh.
I believe under green you will, however under caution this is automated.
# 9 Potatoes002 @ 02/23/11 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by Randiesel75
I believe under green you will, however under caution this is automated.
True, but actually down in pit-road, the computer takes control of your car in both situations.
# 10 twthomas @ 02/23/11 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by Segagendude
You know what? In all the years I've played just about every Nascar game ever made, this idea never crossed my mind!

That's a helluva great suggestion!

That would be more realistic, wouldn't it!

I just wish that a developer would latch onto it.
Hint!! Hint!!! Wink!! Nod!!

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