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The latest version of TeamBuilder is now up and running for NCAA Football 12.

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# 1 dhs22p @ 06/30/11 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by Glooper35
New teambuilder is up. It doesn't look like there is anything new.
Do you have a link?
# 2 illwill10 @ 06/30/11 02:32 PM
They could at least change the background color. I was hoping it wasnt true, until I saw the B1G and HS stadiums and Dreads on the player.
I shouldnt be surprised. Ben wasnt lying when he said wasnt much changed at all
# 3 illwill10 @ 06/30/11 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by dhs22p
Do you have a link?
Go to the ncaa website
# 4 Ziza9Noles94 @ 06/30/11 02:33 PM
I love the link at the top "Go to teambuilder 2011." Cause that's so different? haha Off to explore and see what's different or not.
# 5 HHHBigFan @ 06/30/11 02:34 PM
Wow this is ridiculous
# 6 coogrfan @ 06/30/11 02:35 PM

I checked my Coogs roster and the ratings match those provided by the guys over at The Gaming Tailgate.
# 7 speedy43 @ 06/30/11 02:36 PM
yup, stadiums and jerseys have been updated. Other than that...same old same old
# 8 Ziza9Noles94 @ 06/30/11 02:38 PM
Not even a spot to name DC and OC under the head coach? Weak.
# 9 pistonica @ 06/30/11 02:39 PM
So the team builder is finaly opened for everyone?..Team Builder 12?
# 10 illwill10 @ 06/30/11 02:39 PM
couldve at least change the background color. Once I saw "Go to Teambuilder 11", I was disappointed.
# 11 dochalladay32 @ 06/30/11 02:40 PM
WAC Championship? They screwed up the high schools... which I like once it is fixed because now I'll have more variety for my defunct teams.
# 12 coogrfan @ 06/30/11 02:41 PM
Dear God---Maryland's uni's are even worse than ewe thought.
# 13 capn_razzamataz @ 06/30/11 02:42 PM
Teambuilder '13 Wishlist
  • Add something to it.

Thank you
# 14 franch1se @ 06/30/11 02:45 PM
nothing different at all. I wish we'd be able to edit players positions and tweak the roster. They have 5 QB's for USC, the one rated second best is a walk on who will never ever see the field haha
# 15 dochalladay32 @ 06/30/11 02:47 PM
Would you guys calm down. It's not even complete. They even told you it wouldn't be out until a week before release. They are probably slowly adding new things. I mean, come on, there is a High School 2 stadium with no picture and no High School 1??? It's not done.
# 16 dochalladay32 @ 06/30/11 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by Soarindude02
Uh.. Must me just you. I see a High School 1 and a High school 2 picture...
High school 2 looks like the original look, High school Playoff has a new background around the field, and High school 1 has a Blue track, and a Giant overhang overlooking the Stands.

High school 1 one looks pretty cool. I hope the Track changes color, depending on your teams Primary Color. The background looks nice and the overhang is pretty neat..
Nope. No High School 1 and just a gray High School 2 icon. They're still updating it one way or another.
# 17 volstopfan14 @ 06/30/11 03:00 PM
I don't get all the extra Championship games. Why are they there?
And Tennessee's away jersey is screwed up. They should have an orange colar.
# 18 dochalladay32 @ 06/30/11 03:01 PM
Originally Posted by Soarindude02
I'm a tad bit confused on them adding a "Pac 12 Championship" stadium....Huh?
They are just random choices. Kinda like how there is a Sun Belt, MWC, and WAC, none of which are legit. Maybe if they had put the WAC title game at UNLV, but they probably aren't nostalgic enough.
# 19 dhs22p @ 06/30/11 03:04 PM
Im not getting a picture for that one either. I am also unable to see the number for UNLV jersey. I also believe it is still being in the process of being updated...becuase I remember seeing someone say that the fonts in the endzones was slightly different just recently.
# 20 Solidice @ 06/30/11 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Soarindude02
I'm a tad bit confused on them adding a "Pac 12 Championship" stadium....Huh?
They likely are just there for options. Pac-12 championship game is defaulted to be like C-USA, hosted by the team with the better record(or high rank if tied).

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