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It is time for you to make your case on the greatest NBA team of all-time.

Fans can select a current or Legendary squad and submit their argument to Youtube. Upload a compassionate, convincing argument and have a shot at an upcoming NBA 2K12 commercial spot.

Head on over to NBA2KDebate.com to get the details.

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# 1 illwill10 @ 09/09/11 02:11 PM
Great vid. Rings dont lie
# 2 MessenjahMatt @ 09/09/11 02:16 PM
Another golf tournament intervi.... wha what?! haha awesome 2K.
# 3 NY State of Mind @ 09/09/11 02:17 PM
Haha its good to see him acting like that and i'm glad the Hitler stache is gone
# 4 23 @ 09/09/11 02:38 PM
I think he was serious when he said no push off

See the face he made...lol
# 5 mymannemcee @ 09/09/11 02:40 PM
"98 Bulls...no push off" LMAOOOOOOOOO
# 6 DurtySoufReppin @ 09/09/11 02:44 PM
who's the worst GM of all time?
# 7 King_B_Mack @ 09/09/11 02:45 PM
Love Jordan lol. Good to see him actually doing this one.
# 8 MrBigShot1 @ 09/09/11 02:47 PM
No pushoff....lol.....
# 9 23 @ 09/09/11 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by DurtySoufReppin
who's the worst GM of all time?
Come on dude, dont get a card for trolling.. just stick to the topic
# 10 sammie @ 09/09/11 03:01 PM
Even with the flu.... no push off!!

# 11 NINJAK2 @ 09/09/11 03:08 PM
Would have been nice if they had bill russell stroll in and flash his 11 rings..lol.
# 12 NINJAK2 @ 09/09/11 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by Moe24-
Thanks Moe. My bad
# 13 NINJAK2 @ 09/09/11 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by Moe24-
Oh and can someone explain to me what he meant by "no push off" lol sorry
Byron Russell..Last Shot... I think
# 14 Epiffani @ 09/09/11 03:16 PM
Is he seriously trying to blind the viewer with those rings?

*goes to get aviators so I can actually watch the vid in its entirety*
# 15 sammie @ 09/09/11 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by DukeC
So...I'm assuming you've never watched the highlight of when he hit that game winner over the Jazz? Before he shot the ball he crossed someone over (he clearly pushed him ) before shooting.
That was Utah. Game 6 of the 98 Finals to give the Bulls their 6th ring in 8 years
# 16 laroche360 @ 09/09/11 03:19 PM
damn canīt believe they got MJ for the commercial, he has never done videogames commercial before..
# 17 Basketball GURU @ 09/09/11 03:21 PM
96 Bulls clearly...no debating


# 18 Toaster @ 09/09/11 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by NINJAK2
Byron Russell..Last Shot... I think
Actually the name is Bryon Russel, frequent mistake tho
# 19 VDusen04 @ 09/09/11 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by NINJAK2
Byron Russell..Last Shot... I think
Dude can't catch a break. 13 years later and people are still calling him Byron.

Bryon Russell just had bad finals luck

By the by, with the inclusion of so many legend players (and role players), it'd be easier to recreate the '04 Finals series as well in 2K12. I'm pumped about that too.
# 20 mjwizzle @ 09/09/11 03:27 PM
I can see bill russell makin a video next????? Bill does have 11 rings many forget that. MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time!!! Many don't know that Bill Russell is the GREATEST CHAMPION of all time 11 rings Come on No arguing with that one. Not a opinion either its a fact

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