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Boise State University

The Boise State Broncos play on blue turf, just had two first-round picks in the NFL draft and are about to join a more lucrative (laugh, you're allowed) conference known as the Big East.

If that's not interesting enough, the Bronco’s offense was ranked top five in the nation in 2011. Taking over this team will present its challenges, namely finding blue-chip athletes that are willing to come play for a less prestigious school in a remote location in the mountains out west. But that’s why you take on this underdog head coaching job. Plus, the fact that they lost their starting quarterback, running back and middle linebacker makes the challenge a little higher.

Pumping out a couple NFL ready players adds to the appeal to come play for this very sound football squad. All that’s needed is a couple more notable victories over top competition and recruiting will get a boost in scholarships and appeal.

Finding the right guys to plug into your system shouldn’t be difficult since the foundation is there, pitching high school recruits on your pro-style offense. Turning your three-star and four-star athletes into champions will take some time, which means they will most likely stay for four years – ample time to establish your new dynasty.

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# 1 Special27K @ 05/07/12 01:08 PM
1. Recruiting for a "less prestigious" school like Boise State should be more difficult, but if EA has them as a 5* again it just frankly in my opinion is a joke. The Broncos in this game are far too viable from a recruiting aspect. They will easily fill a class with 75% 4* guys and compared to their competition should be head and heels above the rest of their conference whether it be MWC in 2012 or in 2013 when they join a defunct Big East.

2. The first year schedule, 2012, is and should be minimum a 10 win year. Only possible losses in my opinion are @Michigan State or @Nevada. The 2013 Big East schedule isn't released, but even then there is only 4 or so "losable" games (UCONN, Cinci, USF, Louisville/Rutgers/Houston?) and they should very well win most of those.

While there's talent to replace, there is talent there. The challenge is not, mostly due to the over rating of the school's prestige which directly reflects recruiting.
# 2 Special27K @ 05/07/12 01:19 PM
I am however very interested in seeing your opinions

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