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The NFL combine starts up in three days and you know what that means -- large men running the 40-yard dash in youth-medium spandex.

It also signals the onslaught of experts from ESPN and The NFL Network who will give us their insight and probably unleash a new phrase (Catch Radius?) to impress the viewers. But, wait there's more!

Get your red pen ready folks, because it's mock draft season. You're about to be bombarded with more mock drafts than there are prospects in the draft. And the fun thing: None of them will be even remotely correct, according to analysis by Jimmy Kempski of Philly.com.

...In 2013, [Mel] Kiper [Jr.] got a grand total of 0 picks correct, and missed on each pick by an average of 19.1 draft spots. And yet, statistically, Kiper fared the best...

Sound Off: How involved are you in following the NFL combine and pre-draft coverage?

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# 1 Real Talk @ 02/18/14 02:18 PM
My cousin said thanks for putting him on the front page lol
# 2 TheShizNo1 @ 02/18/14 04:16 PM
I'm sickly obsessed with football. Especially the draft process, so this will be DVR'd.
# 3 DropkickCleary @ 02/21/14 12:07 AM
Catch radius isn't new. It's just that the media's only now picking up on it.

They used to say it differently. Instead of a guy having a large catch radius, they'd say he catches well outside the frame (of the body). It's mostly to differentiate between guys who can reach out and snatch and those who need the ball on the numbers.

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