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During an interview with Senior Producer Rob Jones, Outconsumer shows some NBA 2K15 gameplay footage of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The gameplay starts at roughly the 5 minute mark. Most of the video itself is in Spanish, but during the interview Rob is speaking in English.

Post your thoughts!

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# 1 tsbmolina @ 09/13/14 03:04 PM
Curry at the 4:20 mark oh my that looked nice and Durant at 7:05 was buttery smooth.
# 2 PhiPsi1 @ 09/13/14 03:07 PM
I wish the Spanish interviewer would move his head... LOL!
# 3 tsbmolina @ 09/13/14 03:11 PM
A few screens
# 4 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 09/13/14 03:13 PM
Need a GIF of that curry sequence please
# 5 youvalss @ 09/13/14 03:16 PM
Thanks, always nice to see some more bits and pieces. Hoping to see a long official gameplay video soon.

I probably totally missed it when the trailer was released (and maybe some guys had already spotted it a while ago), but around 4:20 while Curry is dribbling - it's either a shadow issue or his feet never touch the ground.
# 6 tsbmolina @ 09/13/14 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by Rockie_Fresh88
Need a GIF of that curry sequence please
Here you go
# 7 tsbmolina @ 09/13/14 03:31 PM
Hair physics.
# 8 Mintsa @ 09/13/14 03:48 PM
Lots of of little clips of the player intros......looking sweet!
# 9 ffaacc03 @ 09/13/14 03:57 PM
First, love the quality of the video, it allowed to showcase the game that was in the background.

Positives that I liked:

- The subtle bumps when Westbrook drove and the D made contact with him as he did his first drive attempt

- The ball movement of the next sequeance after that first Westbrook drive (around 6:50 mark), was CLE ball

- That steal attempts are no longer a long animation, think I saw Perkins do very quick back to back attempts ... hopefully tho, steal spammers are pennalized when the context isnt right (like when the ball handler is protecting the ball or has the ball with the opposite hand of the defender), havent really been able to discern if Kyrie deserved to loose the ball or not, if I had to guess, yes, but dont think Perkins had a good angle (?). Hope for increased propensity of drained stamina and called fouls, vs steal spammers, specially for head to head matches.

- Saw subtle differences in body types, even tho they should/could be much more prominent ... at times, KD seemed very lanky and tall, as opposed to the likes of Varejao, Kyrie & Perkins.

- The bounce pass sequence that resulted on the last Westbrook drive.

Havent seen anything (really) bad yet but will keep watching and rewatching it.

By the way, I assume those were 2 users face to face ... if so, looked a lot less messy than what we are used to ... wasnt great, but better ... and if they were cpu, am at even more awe with the 2 sequences I described and cant definitively wait to have NBA 2K15 on my hands !

Just saw 1 (bad) thing and was solely going by the screens and not by the motion, plus I might be nitpicking ... players are still missing that awareness in respect of where they are looking at ... in example, that Rose drive where he goes within NOP defense, no wonder why he made it in, where was Davis looking at ? ... hopefully the players, referees and crowd get that improved along the way on this gen ... it really detracts from the inmersion.
# 10 tsbmolina @ 09/13/14 04:07 PM
A few more screens
# 11 lakers24 @ 09/13/14 04:25 PM
Well for those wondering if Varejao had been scanned you have your answer lol.

Is it just me or does Durant's jumper look better. It has a smoothness to it and it seems like a slightly higher release point now.
# 12 t90cw @ 09/13/14 04:29 PM
Very interesting how Rob Jones didn't say yes or no to gameface. It would be awesome if it is in 2K15.
# 13 tsbmolina @ 09/13/14 04:32 PM
More screens.
# 14 thedream2k13 @ 09/13/14 04:51 PM
they gotta stop demos on pro level. To many contested shots going in giving cheesers hope for the future
# 15 BluFu @ 09/13/14 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by thedream2k13
they gotta stop demos on pro level. To many contested shots going in giving cheesers hope for the future
i think it's perfect. we get those lousy cheesers hoping and then when the game comes out.. BAM!! crushed by simulation. a couple of returned games sure but a much better online environment i would think.
# 16 Blue12 @ 09/13/14 05:29 PM
I like the fatheads in the crowd, but it looks likes there's too many. It's a cool addition but if overdone can make the game look cheezy.
# 17 Shadojoker @ 09/13/14 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by Blue12
I like the fatheads in the crowd, but it looks likes there's too many. It's a cool addition but if overdone can make the game look cheezy.
Totally agree
# 18 turty11 @ 09/13/14 06:06 PM
the curry iso @ 4:20

the ball handling looked real smooth, but his jump shot is SOOOO bad, it seems no effort was put into correct animations again?
# 19 Tonyattia @ 09/13/14 06:08 PM
Durante jumper is so money. I did notice that during currys dribbling around 4:20 his feet were floating and not planting to the ground. It may have been a weird occurrence and I hope it is because I hated how you would slide last year
# 20 PhiPsi1 @ 09/13/14 06:30 PM
Hoping that Dion Waiters does not suffer from the 'Monta Ellis / Swaggy P / Jamal Crawford syndrome', where they only look to shoot! OR I hope that tendency edits can address this...But of course, this is only two possessions that were shown. Just hoping I'm wrong...

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