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Our friend Jake Berger is creating a new series counting down the 25 best sports-games of all time. Be sure to watch his videos and leave your feedback on if you agree or not!

Sports games have forever been in great demand.

Such demand has historically been filled by publishers seeking to provide gamers with a virtual representation of their favorite sports. Of course, this representation often comes in many flavors, the wide-ranging tastes of the sports gaming public have permitted experimentation regarding sports game development over the years.

The results of such experimentation have yielded two general forms of sports games: simulation and arcade. Both represent a developerís attempt to replicate a particular sport with varying degrees of authenticity. But striking a balance between realism and fun has proven quite difficult.

While developers on the whole have attempted to cater to a diverse set of sports gaming desires, relatively few have been successful. So today I welcome you to aid me as I venture forth in the hopes of discovering the 25 greatest sports game of all time.

Before we set sail, know that the games on this list are ranked according to their critical reception, general fan perception, influence on future sports titles, and of course, a dash of personal preference.
And now, letís begin our voyage, and cruise through the countdown with part one.

Member Comments
# 1 TreyzAllDayz @ 02/24/15 03:00 PM
MVP Baseball 2005! ...and someone please bring back the College basketball & football games!
# 2 Simple Mathematics @ 02/24/15 07:06 PM
Backyard Baseball for life!!!
# 3 man_u_treble @ 02/24/15 08:07 PM
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the SNES better be on this list.
# 4 Wolverines05 @ 02/24/15 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by man_u_treble
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball for the SNES better be on this list.
haha its hilarious you say that... that was going to be my surprise pick for next week's vid.. although im talking bout the one for the n64. that game was f'n amazing
# 5 SDwinder @ 02/24/15 11:50 PM
Earl Weaver Baseball on Commodore Amiga.

Original Hardball on Commodore 64.

A little history lesson for the kiddies!
# 6 Mintsa @ 02/25/15 08:10 AM
I like how he gave Live 2005 some love. It was an amazing game and was the peak of the whole Live vs 2k battle. It's s shame it basically hit the fan for live when it went to PS3......oh well. Great memories with Live 2005.
# 7 TSOLEliot @ 02/26/15 06:38 PM
I second the Hardball on Commodore 64....I used to like Dr. J vs. Larry Bird...there weren't a lot of options back then...I used to play this text-based basketball game that had the greatest college basketball teams of all time and it was pretty awesome with its stat tracking- I used to print out the stats on my stupid old dot matrix printer. Forget the name but it was great! UNLV was my team of choice.

I liked Brett Hull Hockey for the SNES but only because I was starting to get back into hockey at that time...I used to keep track of the stats on a pad of paper...

I tried to play Strat-O-Matic the other day, but couldn't do it...I just don't have the patience, time, or mathematical ability.
# 8 davidto138 @ 03/18/15 04:56 AM
MVP Baseball 2005! ...and someone please bring back the College basketball & football games!Swasika,operationsports
# 9 Ghost Of The Year @ 03/18/15 08:30 PM
Madden 99 on the original PlayStation.
# 10 hbgmysite @ 06/05/15 03:39 AM
nfl 2k5 was better on xbox than ps2. but its still a good game. i think tecmo super bowl should be on this list it was the most addicting football game EVER created and i still play it from time to time.

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