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Willie Reed Jr. has managed to leak out some NBA 2K17 video footage confirming David Aldridge and Brent Barry in the game.

NBA2KGames grabbed a copy of one of the videos here. Hustle Westbrook managed to get a copy of another video here.

UPDATE: The videos have been removed, but we definitely saw David Aldridge and heard Brent Barry on the commentary team in NBA 2K17. In another video, you could hear Doris Burke and Greg Anthony. Is Clark Kellogg gone? Could we see multiple commentary teams in the game? Let the speculation begin.

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# 1 stillfeelme @ 08/24/16 10:41 PM
Originally Posted by Daddy123
Willie Reed messing up all 2K spoilers lol. This is what happens when you wait this long to promote the game
# 2 eko718 @ 08/24/16 10:41 PM
Very interesting.... Nice. Looks like they are stepping up that presentation.
# 3 JAY_D1 @ 08/24/16 10:44 PM

Good looks Willie!

This will push them to say whats going on faster than expected
# 4 jackzagal @ 08/24/16 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by Daddy123
Willie knew exactly when to pause I'm not entirely sure this an "accident" or a "kid getting too excited". More like a new type of "ghetto footage"
# 5 Daddy123 @ 08/24/16 10:44 PM
Willie just became a legend to the 2K heads!!
# 6 The 24th Letter @ 08/24/16 10:45 PM
2k is probably sliding in Willies DMs like crazy to get him to chill, lol
# 7 thedream2k16 @ 08/24/16 10:46 PM
One day i hope they get the TNT license for presentation
# 8 King_B_Mack @ 08/24/16 10:48 PM
My man even turned his microphone off at the end. I see you 2K. Now y'all need to stop playing around and just gone head and get that TNT license.

Matter of fact, maybe we need to start bugging Chuck about signing on. They keep adding damn near every part of Turner Sports but that TNT presentation and I feel like not having Chuck on board is what's keeping them from doing. If he agreed to be in, then that'd justify doing it to them. Just my speculation.
# 9 BornIndy @ 08/24/16 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by thedream2k16
One day i hope they get the TNT license for presentation
It's not about getting the license. 2K would rather have their branding for the presentations. They don't want you to think your playing a "TNT" game. If they wanted the license, they could easily get it. It used to be in the NBA games from Sony.
# 10 Daddy123 @ 08/24/16 10:55 PM
If you listen to it in the end, Doris Burke is doing commentary now?
# 11 Daddy123 @ 08/24/16 10:56 PM
https://twitter.com/Ronnie2K/following looks like he is getting the call
# 12 Hustle Westbrook @ 08/24/16 10:56 PM
So did Clark Kellog get replaced on commentary?
# 13 Rip4ever @ 08/24/16 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by Daddy123
Willie just became a legend to the 2K heads!!

Yep, if I can ask for players in My Player I'm totally making them trade for Reed. (Because I would never play in Miami)
# 14 MackZillaTV @ 08/24/16 10:58 PM
Willie bout to get the James Nunnally treatment, or get posterized in a trailer like Napier....
# 15 VinnyVegas28 @ 08/24/16 10:59 PM
Horrible decision to add Doris Burke to commentary..can't stand her..guess I will have to mute commentary

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# 16 MackZillaTV @ 08/24/16 11:01 PM
I also like how 2K gave Miami the military jerseys a YEAR later.
# 17 MarkWilliam @ 08/24/16 11:02 PM
Ahhh karma.....
# 18 cmebfresh @ 08/24/16 11:07 PM
Glad to have you on my team willie. showing some love lol
# 19 MarkWilliam @ 08/24/16 11:10 PM
How long til its removed? Haha.

2K are gonna roast him.... what a champ.
# 20 woshihuxingtan @ 08/24/16 11:12 PM
OMG... they still have Greg Anthony there... I'm ok with Doris Burke tho.

Terrible decision. Why it's so hard to get TNT Licence without Charles Barkley? Just TNT scoreboard, TNT theme music.

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