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In sports gaming, especially here at Operation Sports, the most popular modes are typically the franchise or career modes within the games. These modes allow you to literally run your team the way you think it should be run and/or allow you to live out the career of a professional athlete.

This type of escapism is what makes sports games so great, and what likely gives so many fans of downtrodden teams hope for the future.

When it comes to these modes, how long do you play them? What is the typical number of seasons you end up progressing inside of the mode before progress simply stops?

Vote in our poll and tell us the story of your longest career mode you've ever played!

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# 1 Mdnghtmgcn1 @ 10/10/16 11:33 AM
I don't have a lot of free time to play my franchise mode in Madden, so by the time I get through about two or three seasons, the next version of the game is being released and I end up purchasing that and starting over.
# 2 sportskid84 @ 10/10/16 11:38 AM
I'm on my 10th season with the Browns but normally like 3 til 5 years

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# 3 speedtrucker @ 10/10/16 11:46 AM
With NCAA I could easily go 20+ seasons.

Our online dynasty we had would usually go 7-10 years before the next year's iteration came out.

With Madden I'd usually make it 3-4 seasons before boredom set in.

FIFA NHL and nba I would usually only got 2 maybe 3 seasons because I tended not to play those for career modes and the fact that there were just so many games to actually play each season
# 4 RandallB21 @ 10/10/16 11:48 AM
2-4 season is usually what I get out of it until the next iteration comes out. Back when I could import draft classes I would typically get 5-8 years. I really enjoyed playing with a guy in college then drafting him to my NFL team.
# 5 malky @ 10/10/16 11:57 AM
I usually go 3 seasons for franchise. And that's one season for each calendar year -because I usually don't have that much free time, I don't buy the games yearly.
# 6 porkys8077 @ 10/10/16 12:06 PM
With Madden I can say about 5 years.

NBA 2K less than 3 years before the next 2K comes out.

MLB The Show 3 or 4 years.
# 7 GlennN @ 10/10/16 12:42 PM
Depends on the sport, but typically 5-8. One thing I usually do, though, when I am done "playing" my career, I sim off into the future to see what becomes of my team and my old draft picks after I am gone.
# 8 Cardot @ 10/10/16 01:31 PM
I am old school. I typically play one season, and then at the end, start over with a different team in a different division.

I understand the appeal to the GM aspects of the sport, but it just isn't my cup of tea. I spend the majority of my 9-5 job in front of spreadsheets, so when I do get to sit down with a video game, I am not too exited about negotiating contracts, managing a salary cap or balancing team needs etc.
# 9 spoofrice11 @ 10/10/16 01:45 PM
I usually get 7-10 years into my Franchises. That's mostly all I play in my sports game.
- Also, I don't buy the games each year. Rotate sports games so I can get farther into them.
# 10 GeauxTigers @ 10/10/16 04:18 PM
In the NCAA Football games I could go 10 years or so easily; but that was at the expense of most other sports titles where I'd probably play just one season or maybe two depending on the game experience. Then for some reason Madden 16 just caught me at a good time and I'm sure it's 20+ years for me (long enough that I've wondered if there's a limit) ... I enjoyed the off season experience of drafting, trading and developing my roster. For some reason though I just haven't found the same comfort level with Madden 17 ... it's almost like in the zeal to make it authentic it's become too time consuming ... for example in 16 once the season started I could resign the players I wanted all at the same time ... maybe not the most realistic scenario but at least then when I started the season I could focus more on the game play experience and less on the GM side of things ... whereas now in 17 I can't just bust through a three game window of the season back-to-back-to-back unless I'm willing to sacrifice some of the personal touch of being the GM ... sometimes I just want to play games and move the season along which seemed easier to do in 16 ... I suspect at some point I may even just go back to playing 16 full time and take in 17 for some nice trade value while it's still fairly new.
# 11 tessl @ 10/10/16 06:08 PM
It depends on the game. In football it is easy to go deeper into future years because of the limited schedule. Baseball is a different story.
# 12 Ruben2424 @ 10/10/16 07:14 PM
In Franchise mode, I'll usually get through 5-6 seasons in Madden and 2-3 in MLB The Show.

In Career mode, 6-8 in MLB The Show and 3-4 in NBA 2K.
# 13 bigbuckeyeboi @ 10/10/16 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by sportskid84
I'm on my 10th season with the Browns but normally like 3 til 5 years

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You're in your 10th season? Well damn!
# 14 Crazy Packers Fan @ 10/10/16 08:01 PM
Back in the PS2/Xbox era, I'd play decades because my NCAA players could then become NFL players and then become NFL coaches. It was amazing to recruit a player who would eventually become the head coach of the Packers. But in recent years, I've only been playing 3 or so years in Madden franchises. I'm always so interested in what new features the new game will have that I give up early on the old game.
# 15 MavsManiac4Life @ 10/10/16 11:00 PM
Depends on the game, NCAA I can go forever, Madden 12 I'm still going I think 23 years in, newer Maddens and 2K only a year or two, but I play a lot of games/in-depth across the league.
# 16 Lilgoosy @ 10/11/16 05:03 AM
Usually, in Madden, i go for 2 or maybe 3 years and then i start over.
basically i find it difficoult to fall in love with made up players created by the AI so my interest fades when i have a lot of fake players
# 17 legendstatus @ 10/11/16 09:58 AM
I can go on 10+ years because I actually simulate each game every week until we get to the playoffs. I'll play all the playoff games and hopefully make it to the Superbowl but it's never a guarantee because I feel like games are harder in the playoffs but it could just be my imagination.
# 18 KBLover @ 10/11/16 09:58 AM
When I last played Madden (M13), I believe I got to Year 8.

In M12, I think it's in Year 11.

In MLB The Show, I usually get through a combined 5-6 seasons (3 years in two franchises, one of them being my carryover that's now in Year 10).
# 19 dtlm6 @ 10/11/16 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by Mdnghtmgcn1
I don't have a lot of free time to play my franchise mode in Madden, so by the time I get through about two or three seasons, the next version of the game is being released and I end up purchasing that and starting over.
I'm in the exact same boat unfortunately.
# 20 eric7064 @ 10/11/16 10:57 AM
Me and my 3 buddies finished over 20 years last year in madden.

In MLB we are in year 10 (play 1 gm a series)

Back in NCAA days 20+ seasons was definitely possible.

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