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MLB Hypocrisy 
Posted on February 8, 2020 at 01:02 PM.
I wanted to touch on what baseball can learn about forgiveness. Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose are most likely at the top of this list. Because they donít know about forgiveness from the sport they love because MLB does not know about forgiveness because they have not received it..

Today MLB has accepted fans legally betting on baseball in fact they have embraced betting on baseball from draft kings and why is this? It all comes down to money and the realization that fans are stepping away from Baseball and also those young kids deciding on playing the game.

But letís examine Joe Jackson and Pete Rose. As for Joe he accepted payment $5000.00 for allegedly throwing a World Series however his Stats say otherwise and of course Pete Rose bet on baseball denied it all the way from 1989 to 2004 since then it has been 15 years both men still are not accepted in the baseball hall of fame which it is writer that decideds who gets in not current alive Hall of Famers which has never really made sense to me who knows better the sacrifice it takes to play this game it should be IMO the players that decide.

Getting a little off track for sure but letís get back to Pete Rose since he is currently alive and he can still communicate what he is doing now. After the latest scandal from the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox it begs the question does Pete Rose and Joe Jackson deserve to be forgiven and brought back into MLB and and the Hall of Fame. It has been 30 years since Pete was barred from baseball how can baseball continue to refuse Rose and Jackson .

To date we have had the steroid scandal where players were taking performance enhancing drugs to get better numbers to include home runs this is called cheating the game. And with all the former players we have Rodriguez a steroid user on a baseball show as itís lead analyst how does this show young fans itís okay to do these things and nothing will happen to you. But Rose still continues to be penalized it just makes no sense. We also have a Boston Red Sox manager refusing to visit the White House because in his own words the President is a liar and a cheat. Be careful judging others because he is now a fired Red Sox Manger for lying and a cheating on the game of baseball the same thing he was doing as a MLB manager.

The one word that baseball needs in their vocabulary is forgiveness I think humans still struggle with this concept. Pete Rose has definitely paid his penalty 30 years worth. Is betting on baseball and betting on your team to win not to lose but to win worse than taking steroids to not only enhance your stats but to get more money at contract time? The answer is yes of course it is. People can kill someone on this planet serve less time than 30 years and continue their life when they effectively cut down some one elseís life prematurely.

Look to the NFL Michael Vick was an exceptional talented QB he was convicted of Dog fighting served his time his debt and has been welcomed back into the NFL because of forgiveness. Pete Rose and Joe Jackson still have not. I think it is time for MLB to get back to forgiveness because what they are dabbling in now his called Hypocrisy
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