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NBA2k10: Dissection of MyPlayer Mode Pt. 1 
Posted on April 21, 2010 at 12:43 PM.
First off I would like to say that we're somewhat familiar with each other, I would like discuss the MyPlayer mode in a very detailed fashion in hopes that my concerns as well as the concerns of many others can be heard. I've been a visitor on this site for a while but due to my hectic work schedule, its easier for me to monitor and comment when I can. Anywhoo, I plan on having different sections so that each arena can have it's own intricate analysis, but that will mainly depend on the feedback from you all.

This first section will be about MyPlayer Mode as a whole. I think MyPlayer addition to 2k10 was by far the best create a player experience of any game I've played. The reason I'm hesitant to include games like NBA Ballers or NBA09: The Life is because those were more casual appealing games and not considered sim by most people's standards. While I would love the have the MyPlayer mode be more in depth, I wouldnt dare have it on the level of NBA Ballers/The Life which had too much of an arcade feel imo. While they offered some neat concepts to the create a player arena, I think some of the things were over the top.

With that being said, the MyPlayer mode aimed to take your rookie and develop him into a NBA legend. Let's start with the draft. The Draft Combine XBLA/PSN download was a HUGE hit imo. It gave you a preview of the game and added a much welcomed mode to the series at the same time. However, it seemed to cause more problems by having the infamous clone issue, the horrific bleacher camera issue (where the camera would seem to get caught behind the brick of the building), and cpu AI that was comparable to middle school basketball.

MyPlayer mode introduced the concept of being a team player in order to advance your players skills. While I loved the skill upgrade concept, I felt it needed to be tweaked but I will go more in depth on another section. So you get drafted, and go the the summer league. Here, I couldnt seem to call plays. Not sure if it was by design, but my assumption is that summer league is a glorified street ball exhibition with refs so you take what you can get. I wont even complain about that issue. So then it takes you to training camp where you are battling for a roster spot. I've played only three different positions and in my experiences, no matter how good I outplayed the cpu teammates, I NEVER made the team. Now this maybe an isolated incident, but i've read quite a bit of posts that have experienced the same problem.

So you dont make the team, (your agent/representative is doing a bang up job at pleading a case for you at this point ) and now you are down to the D-League. Another great implementation imo. Initially the problem with the D-League was that it felt no different than a NBA game and you couldnt set your game minutes. Stands were packed, and the arena sounded like it was a NBA finals match. Both were eventually "patched" but again I just wanted to highlight a positive about the MyPlayer mode. Another thing to note here is the AI.

If only those players actually played like they were trying to make a NBA team, I think it would have been alot better. Your cpu teammates would either ball hog too much, or become too passive, but nowhere in between. So you ended up calling for the ball too much which took a hit on your overall team grade. Understandably so, these guys are just as "raw" as you are and still need some work fine tuning their games, but still there were times when it was just down right frustrating to play the entire game because of their erratic behaviors.

This is turning out longer than I thought, and I dont want to bore you guys with my first blog, so my next installment will be v1.5 As the great Czar would say, later "sim nation".
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