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520racer's Alternate F1 Univese 1994 Rounds 9-16 recap 
Posted on June 11, 2018 at 02:24 PM.
Welcome folks to the second half of the 1994 F1 season. Who will win the drivers and the teams championship? Here's what happened during the second half of the season.

The second half of the season started with back-to-back wins for Schumacher in Germany and Hungary. Then at Spa Schumacher and Katayama collided with each other while fighting for valuable position. As a result, Damon Hill, for McLaren-Mercedes sneaked a win on the legendary track. At Monza, Katayama responded with a tough fought win over Schumacher. At Estroil, Schumacher won again, meaning that in theory, Schumacher could clinch the championship at Jerez with some outside help. At Jerez, Schumacher won with a huge gap again and Katayama only squeaked in a 4th, meaning that Schumacher won his first World driver's championship with two races left to run. At Suzuka, Hill won the race but with Wendlinger’s Sauber finishing an improbable 2nd and Hakkinen scoring a second 3rd place finish of the season, his first one came at Hungary by the way. At the season finale at Adelaide, Michael Schumacher won the race with Damon Hill finishing 2nd and Ukyo Katayama rounding off the podium. To cap off this season in grand fashion, Ligier-Mugen did avoid a pointless season thanks to Jean Alesi’s sixth place finish which he barely hanged on to. Here’s the final driver and team standings for 1994.

1994 Final Driver Standings

Schumacher 102
Hill 72
Katayama 58
Lehto 40
Berger 30
Martini 21
Verstappen 20
Hakkinen 15
Wendlinger 15
Blundell 14
Coulthard 9
Barrichello 5
Zanardi 5
Lagroce 4
Brundle 3
Mansell 2
Alesi 1

1994 Final Team Standings

1 Ferrari 102
2 Minardi-Honda 78
3 McLaren-Mercedes 75
4 Benetton-Renault 70
5 Piquet-BMW 26
6 Williams-Cosworth 24
7 Sauber-Ferrari 15
8 Tyrrell-Yamaha 14
9 Jordan-Hart 5
10 Forti-Lamborghini 4
11 Lotus-Ford 2
12 Ligier-Mugen 1
13 Lola-Ford Zetec 0 best finish 7th
14 Footwork-Ford 0 best finish 7th
15 Pacific-Rolls Royce 0 best finish 8th
16 DAMS-Renault 0 best finish 13th
17 Larrousse-Ilmor 0 best finish 16th
18 Dome-Nissan 0 best finish 19th
19 Peugeot 0 best pre-q result 29th x3
20 Simtek-Cosworth 0 best pre-q result 29th

And with the 1994 season officially over, time for some awards!

Best Race of the season: Spa, because of the Katayama/Schumacher Collision and Damon Hill holding off for the race win.

Worst Race of the season: All of the races that Michael Schumacher won by a wide margin

The next award is a dedication to the site

Infinitely Improbable thing of the year: Minardi F1 team, with a solid chassis and the Honda V12 engine, they got their first wins ever after entering the sport in 1985.

Rookie of the year award: Jos Verstappen for Minardi-Honda

The next two awards are going to celebrate the worst of the worst in the F1 paddock. We often only give awards to the best of the best, this is an attempt to give the back-markers some respect as well.

Reject of the year for Drivers:

3rd Place Oliver Panis – A highly disappointing Rookie season for a talented driver in junior level competition. Considering that Rubens Barrichello scored all of Jordan-Hart’s points in 1994 is saying a lot. Hopefully, he can rebound in year 2 and he better do it fast.

2nd Place JD Deletraz – By far the slowest driver in the Pre-Qualifying sessions all throughout the season but he bought along $6 million in sponsors to DAMS in able to bring in the Renault Customer engines. Would he get another chance at a different team despite this performance remains to be seen.

1st Place: Nicola Larini – When you are the #2 driver at Ferrari and you failed to score a single point despite Ferrari still winning the teams title by a whopping 24 points over Minardi-Honda of all teams, you deserve to win a Reject of the year award.

Reject of the year for Teams:

3rd: Williams-Cosworth - A very disappointing title defense in 1994, scoring only 24 total points between David Coulthard and Mika Hakkinen. They managed to finish out of the top 5 in the teams standings for the first time since 1988, despite their heroic efforts in the second of the season to salvage something.

2nd: Footwork-Ford – Obviously, the lack of funds hampered the team for the vast majority of the season and at the final race of the season in Australia, they lost 13th place in the team’s standings and with it $100,000 in prize funds to Team Lola.

1st: Peugeot – When you are a works team that won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1992 and 1993 and then tried to crack into F1 with a proven engine design in 1994 you better deliver immediate results. However, their drivers were so bad, that they didn’t get out of Pre Qualifying even once in the season.

The following two items are also a tribute to

Drivers that got un-rejectified during the season

Note: For the drivers, you must score at least 4 points or more during your F1 career or finish on the podium once to NOT be on the reject list!

These drivers were on the reject list in real life but in this alternate universe met the criteria for removal of the Reject status

Franck Lagroce for Forti-Lamborghini, four points total in 1994

Alex Zanardi for Piquet-BMW, five points scored in 1994 plus one point for Team Lotus in 1993

Teams that got un-rejectified during the season

Note: For the teams, they must enter for at least two races AND score six points or less during their entire team history in F1

Piquet-BMW *

* even though they didn't exist in real life at this time period.

Fun fact: Forti Corse can get their reject status removed if they can score at least three points in 1995

So, at the end of the season, all of the current teams will have to pay a 40% tax from their savings to the FIA before the prize money is given out to the top 13 teams in the championship. This was done in addition of the demotion system that the FIA originally passed in the middle of the season, so Peugeot Sport and Simtek will not contest the 1995 F1 season. Who will replace them on the entry list? Stay tuned!
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