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520racer's Alternate F1 Universe 1995 Season: Introduction/Entry List 
Posted on June 12, 2018 at 12:33 PM.
520racerís Alternate F1 Universe 1995 season

Hello racing fans, this is the second season of my Alternate F1 universe, this time we are moving on to 1995. Just in case anyone was wondering what is the method of choice for running this alternate universe, for the 1994 season I was using Grand Prix 2, which is a video game on PC. Of Course, with this game only having 14 team slots by default, I was using some clever tricks and game editors that I use myself to be able to simulate an entire F1 season with 20 teams. However, for the 1995 season I will be changing the game being used to Grand Prix 3, its sequel also on PC. On this game however, there were only 11 team slots available, so like last season the dreaded Pre Qualifying lists will be used but this time around instead of the bottom 10 teams being forced to Pre-Qualify like in 1994, it will be the bottom 11 teams in the standings that are being forced to Pre-Q. These lists will change more frequently, in 1994 it was reset after 4 races were finished, but in 1995, it will reset after 2 races are done. Another big change is the race grid will be trimmed down from 26 cars to just 22 cars because of limitations of the game itself. This is going to be a grand experiment, hopefully it works out just okay. Anyways, hereís the season introduction

After Ferrari and Michael Schumacher dominated Formula 1 in 1994 despite their #2 driver not scoring any points over the entire 16 race season. Ferrari were eager to improve their team and be even more dominant. Can Minardi F1 and Piquet GP prove that their 1994 performances were for real? Donít forget about McLaren, Benetton, and Williams, can they all rebound after disappointing seasons. As the current F1 teams were busy preparing for the upcoming season. There has been one more big change, the drivers now get to pick their numbers! The defending world champion can still use the number 1 or the person can decide not to use it and use their number of choice instead. Hereís the entry list for 1995, complete with their driver numbers and the teamís title sponsor. Finally be prepared for two new teams and plenty of driver changes of course.

Sponsor: Marlboro
1 (5 if not WDC) Michael Schumacher
63 Karl Wendlinger
Fresh after winning both titles in 1994. Ferrari were busy improving their team by trading away Nicola Larini for Karl Wendlinger, who scored 15 points last season. Ironically, this lineup will reunite the former Mercedes Benz Group C race drivers.

Sponsor: Beta Tools
21 Gerhard Berger
33 Jos Verstappen
After an improbable rise to top-team status in 1994. Minardi kept their highly successful Honda V12 engines, and 1994 Rookie of the Year winner Jos Verstappen on board. However, in a huge risk, they decided to trade away Ukyo Katayama for Gerhard Berger, who is still looking for his first WDC title.

Sponsor: Mobil 1
8 Damon Hill
46 Rubens Barrichello
McLaren rebounded quite nicely in 1994 with their first year using the Mercedes V10 and kept their ace driver Damon Hill. Rubens Barrichello will be the new #2 driver and he has shown some promise over his first two seasons with inferior equipment.

Sponsor: Korean Air
64 Ukyo Katayama
66 JJ Lehto
Everyoneís fan favorite of 1994, Ukyo Katayama sadly has a new team for 1995, but thankfully the Benetton still has the Renault V10 engine and JJ Lehto, who scored 40 points last year to lean on. How will Katayama respond to this sudden trade?

Sponsor: Loctite
2 David Coulthard
23 Pierluigi Martini
The other improbable story of 1994, Piquet GP enters its second season of F1 keeping the highly potent BMW V12 engine, and Pierluigi Martini who is encouraged enough to give another year at it. However, the new teammate will be David Coulthard, who had a promising enough rookie year to take a risk on.

Sponsor: Rothmans
36 HH Frentzen
77 Mika Hakkinen
After finishing outside of the top 5 for the first time since the end of 1988, Williams had to replace Coulthard, they ended up with HH Frentzen, who was with cash-strapped Footwork last season. Entering his third season, the German is now with his third team in as many seasons and Hakkinen stays put.

Sponsor: Petronas
12 Pedro Diniz
28 Nicola Larini
Entering their third season of F1, Peter Sauber now faces a challenge of replacing both drivers from 1994 and duplicating their modest success so far. They ended up with Ex-Ferrari outcast Nicola Larini and Rookie Pay-driver Pedro Diniz. The good news is they are still using the Ferrari V12 engines.

Sponsor: Mild Seven
3 Mark Blundell
24 Mika Salo
Tyrrell still has Mark Blundell, who scored all of Ken Tyrrellís 1994 points. Andrea De Cesaris decided to retire and in comes Mika Salo who has some potential driving inferior equipment last year. Will they continue to move up the grid or will they hit a wall?

Sponsor: Benson and Hedges
11 Nigel Mansell
62 Gianni Morbidelli
Eddie Jordan is liking the fact that they have signed Nigel Mansell for a one-year quick fix for $4million and Gianni Morbidelli was signed to be their second driver. However, both new drivers must score more than 2 points combined as they did in 1994 for the Irish based owner to have success right now.

Sponsor: Parmalat
31 Roberto Moreno
60 Luca Badoer
The second year Forti Corse team, still uses the powerful Lamborghini V12, but Franck Lagroce, who scored all four of their points in 1994 moved on to endurance racing for 1995. Meaning that Luca Badoer and Roberto Moreno both of whom are returning to F1 after an extended period off must perform.

Lotus-Rolls Royce
Sponsor: Hitachi
18 Phillippe Adams
25 Martin Brundle
Team Lotus somehow is still hanging on by a thread for 1995. They bought along another veteran driver, this time in Martin Brundle and yet another pay driver, Phillippe Adams. However, the biggest story is they are using a customer Rolls Royce V10 now instead of the Ford ED V8.

Sponsor: Gauloises
4 JC Boullion
51 Jean Alesi
Guess Pegueot is still in F1 as an engine supplier. After a highly disappointing 1994 season, Pegueot will be supplying engines to the Ligier team. As for drivers, Jean Alesi stays put after a sixth place finish in Adealide last season and JC Boullion, the 1994 F3000 champion will be the new teammate.

Sponsor: Pioneer
17 Andrea Montermini
40 Alex Zanardi
Another year, another new engine supplier, this time Team Lola will be using the Nissan V8 for the time being and they have two new drivers in Ex-Piquet Alex Zanardi and second year driver Andrea Montermini. The goal now is to find a long term engine supplier that they can settle down on.

Sponsor: Sasol
10 Max Papis
32 Taki Inoue
The Footwork Corporation finally has new investment from their two new pay drivers. Taki Inoue, who was with Lola in 1994 is in one seat. The other race seat is occupied by F1 rookie Max Papis. The Ford V8 is still very weak though, after they missed out on upgrading their engine for 1995.

Pacific-Rolls Royce
Sponsor: HP
7 Christian Fittipaldi
88 Giovanni Lavaggi
The second year of the Keith Wiggins led operation is an interesting mix of experience and funds. Christian Fittipaldi, who was with Sauber last year but scored no points and Giovanni Lavaggi, a wealthy gentleman racer who is making his f1 debut. As for engines, they will be still using the Rolls Royce V10.

Sponsor: Elf
14 Oliver Panis
41 Christophe Bouchut
After wasting too much money on their 1994 engine supply from Renault, DAMS is hoping that the Nissan V8 is a more viable solution moving forward. As for drivers, they bought ex-Jordan driver Oliver Panis, who disappointed in his rookie season and Christophe Bouchut, who is making his F1 debut.

Sponsor: Sanyo
16 Olivier Beretta
19 Eddie Irvine
After Ilmor withdrew from F1. Gerald Larrousse needed to find a new engine supplier. Cosworth were willing to give them customer V8 engines. They also needed to find two drivers, in which they selected Eddie Irvine, who spent all of the 1994 on the sidelines and second-year Pay driver Olivier Beretta.

Sponsor: Coca Cola
22 Eric Comas
55 Aguri Suzuki
Dome engineering who is entering their second full season of F1, had to switch engines from the Nissan V8 to the Mugen V10, which Ligier used last year. As for their two drivers, Eric Comas comes over from Larrousse and Aguri Suzuki, who has close ties with Mugen but didnít race at all in 1994.

Sponsor: Siemens
6 Johnny Herbert
39 Gabriele Tarquini
The first new team is TWR, which is run by Ex-Benetton employee Tom Walkinshaw. For his first season running a F1 team, he ended up signing a customer BMW engine deal and bought along Johnny Herbert, who was last with Ligier and Gabriele Tarquini, who is returning to F1 after some time off.

Stewart-Ford Zetec
Sponsor: Pepsi
20 Jan Magnussen
34 Bertrand Gachot
Finally, thereís Paul and Jackie Stewartís racing team, who graduated from the F3000 ranks to join the F1 grid using the Ikuzawa-designed f1 chassis. As for drivers, Bertrand Gachot gets one more season to rebuild his reputation and F1 Rookie Jan Magnussen who was an ex-McLaren young driver product.

The next post will cover the first two rounds of the 1995 season. Be prepared for anything!
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