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520racer's Alternate F1 Universe 1996 season Rounds 1-4 
Posted on November 30, 2018 at 10:09 PM.
So, this is the first quarter of the 1996 Alternate F1 universe. Hope you find this post worthwhile!

Round 1 Melbourne

The 1996 F1 season starts off in Melbourne on a brand-new temporary street circuit around Albert Park. Some slight changes in the Pre-Q layout were made so that the bottom 9 teams from 1995 will have to battle it out for 6 slots in the Qualifying shootout. The top 8 teams in 1995 will automatically move on to Qualifying for the first four rounds of this season.

Moving on to Qualifying

Marques, Lamy, Brack, Morbidelli, Herbert, Collard

Schumacher Dominates in a mixed weather qualifying, as highly touted Rookie Villeneuve only squeaks 10th.

Top 6 Race Results

1 Schumacher
2 Hill
3 Frentzen
4 Barrichello
5 Alesi
6 Villeneuve

Round 2 Interlagos

The F1 circus then flew into South America for the next flyaway race of the season at Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Moving on to Qualifying:

Irvine, Marques, Lavaggi, Fontana, Herbert, Lamy

Qualifying recap:

Damon Hill got lucky in a rain-shortened qualifying session, Schumacher starts 3rd.

Top 6 Race Results

1 Hill
2 Alesi
3 Frentzen
4 Schumacher
5 Herbert
6 Rosset

Rosset scores his first F1 point, something he didn’t do in real life as Schumacher fell short of a podium finish.

Round 3 Buenos Aires

Continuing in South America for the next round . . .

Moving on to Qualifying
Herbert, Salo, McNish, Magnussen, Morbidelli, Lamy

Qualifying result: Jacques Villeneuve gets his first pole position in yet another rain compromised session

Top 6 race results

1 Villeneuve
2 Alesi
3 Lamy
4 Barrichello
5 Frentzen
6 Fisichella

Jacques Villeneuve won his first f1 race, as Pedro Lamy finally scored his first points and podium finish to boot, which means he’s off the reject list in this alternate universe! To top it all off, Fisichella scored his first f1 point in this alternate universe as well.

Round 4 Imola

Advancing to Qualifying

Irvine, Marques, Diniz, Herbert, Morbidelli, Gossens

Schumacher grabs pole position for a Ferrari front row lockout!

Top 6 Race Results

1 Schumacher
2 Marques
3 Boullion
4 Hakkinen
5 Herbert
6 Frentzen

In yet another surprise, both Ferrari’s collided into turn 1 on lap 1 forcing Villeneuve out of the race and Schumacher relegated to the back of the pack after a pit stop for repairs. Tarso Marques manages to lead his first f1 laps but got overtaken by Schumacher with two laps left. Either way, he gets off the reject list by finishing 2nd and JC Boullion also finishes on the podium, something he wasn’t able to do in real life!

At this point into the season, all 17 of the F1 teams have managed to make at least one car start a race this season, which is a welcome sight. So, here’s the driver’s and teams standings after the first quarter of the season now completed.

Driver’s Standings after Round 4 of 16

Schumacher 23
Hill 16
Alesi 14
Villeneuve 11
Frentzen 11
Marques 6
Barrichello 6
Lamy 4
Boullion 4
Herbert 4
Hakkinen 3
Rosset 1
Fisichella 1

Teams Standings after Round 4 of 16

1 Ferrari 34
2 McLaren-Mercedes 22
3 Ligier-Peugeot 18
4 Williams-Mercedes 14
5 Jordan-Peugeot 6
6 DAMS-Honda 4
8 Piquet-BMW 1
9 Benetton-Renault 1
10 Minardi-Honda 0 best finish 7th x3
11 Larrousse-Cosworth 0 best finish 8th
12 Forti-Ferrari 0 best finish 8th
13 Tyrrell-Yamaha 0 best finish 11th
14 Sauber-Renualt 0 Best finish 11th
15 Durango-Hart 0 best finish 12th
16 Volvo 0 best finish 13th
17 Lotus-Rolls Royce 0 best finish 13th

For the second quarter of the season. Jordan, thanks to Marques’ 2nd place finish at Imola. DAMS, thanks to Lamy’s third place finish at Buenos Aires, and Piquet, thanks to them winning a tiebreak have been promoted out of Pre-Q. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Benetton, who lost the Tiebreak to Piquet-BMW despite scoring one point. Minardi, who didn’t score any points so far this season, despite having three 7th place finishes to show for it, and Forti, who finished 8th just once so far all have been demoted to Pre-Q.

The next part of this alternate universe will be posted as soon as I done with the so called file updates!
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