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520racer's Alternate F1 Universe 1996 season Rounds 9-12 
Posted on January 13, 2019 at 10:17 PM.
Hello there, this is the start of the second half of the 1996 alternate f1 season

Round 9 Britain

We officially start the second half of the season with a high speed classic at Silverstone.

Pre-Q Result: Irvine, Berger, Fontana, Fisichella, McNish, Sospiri

Pole Position: David Coulthard

Top 6 Race Result

Forecast: Dry at start but rain throughout the duration of the race

1 Hill
2 Berger
3 Coulhard
4 Villeneuve
5 Irvine
6 Lavaggi
With that race win, Damon Hill claims the lead of the driverís championship by 2 points. Villeneuve leapfrogs Alesi to 3rd in the driverís championship, 8 points behind the leader. For a third race in succession, TWRís Lavaggi scored points.

Round 10 Kyalami

Now we are off to probably the final race ever at Kyalami, before being replaced by the A1 ring in Austria.

Pre-Q Result: Verstappen, Berger, Brundle, Fisichella, Salo, Fontana

Pole Position: Jacques Villeneuve

Top 6 Race Results:
1 Villeneuve
2 Hill
3 Boullion
4 Coulthard
5 Lavaggi
6 Berger

Honestly, I donít know if itís the BMW engine or the car itself, but itís now four straight races that Lavaggi has scored points. Villeneuve wins the race despite M Schumacher not finishing the race due to a puncture. Hill now extends his margin to four points.

Round 11 Germany

Now itís off to the super-high speeds of Hockenheim

Pre-Q Results: Berger, Irvine, Larini, Salo, Fisichella, Sospiri

Pole Position: Michael Schumacher

Top 6 Race Result
1 Alesi
2 Schumacher
3 Villeneuve
4 Coulthard
5 Berger
6 Fisichella

At this point of the season, Hill and Villeneuve are tied on 50 points, with Schumacher two points back and Alesi clawing his way back thanks to that race win, a further four points back.

Round 12 Hungary

Now itís off to the twisty track known as the Hungaroring in Budapest
PreQ Results: Irvine, Collard, Brack, Fisichella, Berger, Verstappen

Pole Position: Jacques Villeneuve

Top 6 Race Results
1 Villeneuve
2 Irvine
3 Alesi
4 Schumacher
5 Lavaggi
6 Hakkinen

Itís shocking how things go in F1 isnít? Thanks a lot to the up and down forms of all of the championship contenders, now we are entering the final quarter of the season. So, hereís the drivers and teams standings with four races left to go.

Driverís Standings after Round 12 of 16

Villeneuve 60
Schumacher 51
Hill 50
Alesi 48
Coulthard 12
Frentzen 11
Barrichello 10
Hakkinen 10
Lavaggi 10
Herbert 9
Berger 9
Irvine 8
Boullion 8
Marques 6
Lamy 6
Fisichella 2
Rosset 1
Salo 1
With Villeneuveís win at the latest race, he now leads the championship table yet again but this time with a 9 point margin over his own teammate, the defending WDC Michael Schumacher. 3rd place Damon hill is now just a single point behind Schumacher and Jean Alesi is still alive but heís behind 12 points from Villeneuve.

Teams Standings after Round 12 of 16

1 Ferrari 111
2 McLaren-Mercedes 60
3 Ligier-Peugeot 56
4 Williams-Mercedes 21
5 TWR-BMW 19
6 Piquet-BMW 13
7 Minardi-Honda 9
8 Larrousse-Cosworth 8
9 Jordan-Peugeot 6
10 DAMS-Honda 6
11 Benetton-Renault 2
12 Tyrrell-Yamaha 1
13 Forti-Ferrari 0 best finish 8th
14 Lotus-Rolls Royce 0 best finish 10th
15 Sauber-Renault 0 Best finish 11th
16 Durango-Hart 0 best finish 12th
17 Volvo 0 best finish 13th

Over at the teamís standings, itís far easier to determine whoís going to win it. If Ferrari can keep both cars clean and in the points, itís their teamís championship to lose. The real interesting battle is for 2nd place with McLaren leading Ligier by 4 points. Meanwhile, for 4th place, Williams is still hanging on to it but their gap to TWR has been cut down to 2 points. Speaking of surprises, Minardi, after a rough first half of the season and Larrousse, thanks to Irvineís surging forum over the last few races, have officially been promoted out of Pre-Qualfying for the remainder of the season at the expense of Jordan and DAMS, who been demoted to the Pre-Qualifying session.

I need to make some modifications to the files themselves before I can move on to the final quarter of the season. Hopefully, this season ends on a high note.
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