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That ReDraft #3: 2011 NBA Draft 
Posted on April 28, 2015 at 03:46 PM.
1. Cleveland Cavaliers
Actual Pick: Kyrie Irving, PG
ReDraft Pick: Kyrie Irving, PG

Irving's tenure with the Cavaliers hasn't been the most successful, or as more critics like to point out, the most efficient. However, Irving was the main buoy and life preserver for Cleveland between the LeBron James eras, and since the King's return Irving has maintained his role. He's still a dynamic player in his own right and the best this draft had to offer.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves
Actual Pick: Derrick Williams, PF
ReDraft Pick: Klay Thompson, SG

Well, they really bombed this selection, so to make it up let's give Minnesota a guy who can bomb threes. Thompson is the second best player on the board and the best scorer—someone who would have complemented Andrew Wiggins and Kevin Love perfectly. The combination of those three would be a terrifying offense.

3. Utah Jazz
Actual Pick: Enes Kanter, C
ReDraft Pick: Jimmy Butler, SF

Kanter fit the Jazz's desired mold of "big man with potential," but didn't work out quite as well as Al Horford and Al Jefferson. Butler is a quality starter at a position of need for the Jazz and has proved himself in the playoffs. He's a versatile second or third option that would make a good combo alongside Gordon Hayward.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers
Actual Pick: Tristan Thompson, PF
ReDraft Pick: Nikola Vucevic, C

I hate the Thompson pick, though he's turned out to be a perfectly good role player in The Land. But I love the Vucevic pick here: the Montenegrin has developed into a top-5 center in the league and would fit perfectly with the alpha-types that the Cavaliers have.

5. Toronto Raptors
Actual Pick: Jonas Valanciunas, C
ReDraft Pick: Kawhi Leonard, SF

Torontonians will be cheering in the streets with this pick. Leonard has developed into a great defender for the Spurs since being selected 15th overall in this draft. His presence gives the Raptors a great defense while allowing them to keep the ball in Kyle Lowry's and DeMar DeRozan's hands. As I said, Torontonians will be cheering in the streets. Politely.

6. Washington Wizards
Actual Pick: Jan Vesely, PF/C
ReDraft Pick: Iman Shumpert, SF

I wanted to assign the Wizards Vesely again, so that we could recreate his get-a-room sequence in the draft room, but I won't. Instead I'll give the Wizards Iman Shumpert, a top-notch perimeter defender. Shumpert has played his role to perfection on the Cavaliers, so there's no reason he shouldn't do it on a poor-man's Cavaliers team.

7. Sacramento Kings
Actual Pick: Bismack Biyombo, PF/C
ReDraft Pick: Brandon Knight, PG

Assuming that the Kings didn't trade away their pick, we give them Brandon Knight in the hope that he becomes a good passing point guard who supplies DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay well. And if not, who cares? They can always trade him to the Bobcats or Bucks.

8. Detroit Pistons
Actual Pick: Brandon Knight, PG
ReDraft Pick: Isaiah Thomas, shorter PG

Brandon Knight just got snatched up by the Kings. So you know I had to bring the Bad Boys name back to car-town. Maybe the Pistons should hire the original Isaiah Thomas. Then again, maybe not.

9. Charlotte Bobcats
Actual Pick: Kemba Walker, PG
ReDraft Pick: Kemba Walker, PG

I knew Walker wouldn't go before here and make it past here. It's not the best marriage in the world and it's not the worst. It's a marriage of convenience. Also, I don't think MJ would ever draft a good player. That's just my opinion.

10. Milwaukee Bucks
Actual Pick: Jimmer Fredette, PG
ReDraft Pick: Kenneth Faried, PF

This is a match made in heaven. I absolutely love Kenneth Faried. He's a fantastic rebounder and does what's asked of him.The Bucks are glad to grab the consistency, rebounding skill and hard work that Faried brings here. I'm glad to hand it to them.
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