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Penalties in Madden Football--how to make it realistic 
Posted on September 1, 2009 at 03:01 PM.
Penalties in Madden Football

Every year the slider crew attempts to make Madden give “sim” results in every category.
Penalties are no exception. We play the game and adjust the sliders in vain trying to get NFL “sim” stats. I have yet been able to tune the game to get penalties to replicate a game of football.

IS there a solution?

Maybe not this year in Madden 10, but Madden 11 could install a simple solution to the problem. Adding new penalty ratings for each player, in each category; holding, clipping, facemask, offside, false start, etc: could go along way to making Madden 11 play like real NFL football.

If having each category adds too many ratings (not enough room) then give each player a penalty rating based on how many times a game they committed a penalty. Penalties play a HUGE part of football. Killing drives, causes poor field position, moving you out of field goal range, (or moving them into field goal range) and gets teams out of offensive rhythm.

Playing in Franchise Mode draft you may want to make sure your not stacking your team with a lot of players who commit a lot of penalties-giving your opponent more opportunities to score. Field position is extremely important in football. Executing a drive where the opposition commits penalty after penalty is similar to baseball players making errors and letting a man on base. Stopping a 3rd and 4 yards to go, then seeing a flag on your OLB for holding is a momentum killer. And it usually leads to points for the other team, too many penalties almost always results in a LOSS for your team.

I hope Donnie “the Ratings guru” can implement a system to better replicate the NFL in Madden 11, any additional thoughts on how to improve the impact and realism that penalties have on football and how they can be “IN the Game” – Please shout out.

A game.
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Sep 1
that could be a good idea or add that to your coaches. I think a poorly coached team commits more penelties.
# 2 SaintsNATION32 @ Sep 1
Awesome idea....! Every penalty they have in the NFL must be in the game....good idea bro! You gotta go to Ian Cummings OS page on that one.
# 3 superstarshad @ Sep 1
That's an awesome idea bro. Or how about using Live's DNA to make it true to form......
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