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Denver Broncos Preseason Game 3 Review 
Posted on August 31, 2009 at 08:19 PM.
Broncos Preseason Game 3

Chicago Bear @ Denver Broncos.

As I have started off each game so far, I will discuss the three points of improvement I was most
concerned with coming in to this matchup with the Bears. The first was how consistent would Kyle Orton
be and how would he react in his first game in a Broncos uniform in Invesco Field at Mile High. The second
was how would the defense react to the pressure of shutting down Jay Cutler. And lastly who was going
to step up at running back and be the primary back spliting time with Moreno. Just wanted to say I did
enjoy those fans that wore diapers and a Jay Cutler jersey. Also liked the women who was holding a
"Chicago Loves Cutler" sign...As the female next to her had a sign of her own that stated "< I'm with

The First Quarter began with a very short kick by Gould which was taken by Tony Scheffler. I was
a little confused by this because I do not know why they would be avoiding Broncos returners. The Broncos
first drive was a three and out with a holding penalty thrown in there. Then came the loudest set of "boo's"
I have ever heard. Broncos defense stepped up getting good pressure on Cutler and forcing a three and
out. The next Broncos possession was very much like their first one, minus the penalty. However on the
punt Devin Hester made a huge error in judgement and fair caught the ball at the Bears 5 yard line. Tack on
an illegal block on the Bears and they were starting at their own 2 yard line. On 2nd and 3rd down,Dumervil
was able to get great pressure on Cutler and hurry his throws, much to the enjoyment of the Broncos
crowd. On the ensuing Broncos possession, Orton was able to hook up with Royal for a 24 yard completion
which set up a 31 yard field goal from Matt Prater. On the following Bears possession Cutler made great
throws including a big pass on 3rd and 1 to tight end Desmond Clark. This drive lead to a 40 yard field
goal by Robbie Gould to tie the score at 3.

The Second Quarter began with a Broncos 3 and out, once again assisted by a holding penalty.
After a few more short possessions by both teams, Kern decides to punt to Devin Hester, which lead to a
45 yard return down to the Broncos 4 yard line. (Guess we did not learn two years ago)...But in all honesty
I would rather punt to him in the preseason and see what our Special Teams can do. The Hester return set
up a 2 yard run by Forte to put the Bears up 10-3. The Broncos ensuing possession ended with Orton injuring
his right pointer finger and Colquitt delivering a beautiful punt down to the Bears 2 yard line. The final Bears drive for Cutler was a long one and a good one. Cutler took the Bears on a 14 play 98 yard drive which
resulted in a Cutler touchdown pass to Forte to give the Bears a 17-3 Halftime lead. Should be noted
Dumervil did take a cheap shot at Cutler during the drive, nothing crazy, but pushed him down well after the
ball was released. The push was late, but I think Cutler took a "flop" and made it look worse. Cutler was
interviewed after the incident and just said they were playing football and jawing back and forth, but no
hard feelings.

The Third Quarter began with three consecutive 3 and outs, until the Broncos were able to put together an 11 play drive behind Hillis and Brandstater. Not to mention a great catch by Brandon Lloyd who lost his helmet during the catch. The drive was capped off with a 2 yard touchdown run by Hillis to pull the Broncos within 7.There was no other scoring during the third quarter, however Brandstater did make a crucial mistake. Brandstater had a wide open Royal and just threw too high, causing Royal to tip the ball in the air which was subsquently intercepted by Freeman.

The Fourth Quarter began with a Broncos drive which was haulted after a Brandstater fumble. On
the following drive Adrian Peterson made the Broncos defense look stupid capping off his highlight reel with
a 12 yard touchdown run to extend the Bears lead to 24-10On the following Broncos drive, Brandstater was
able to connect with McKinley for a 54 yard completion. If Brandstater would have led McKinley, it would
have been a Touchdown. The Broncos were able to finish off the drive with a 1 yard Touchdown run from
Walker to pull the Broncos within 7 once again. The Bears ensuing possession was all about Adrian Peterson
chewing up the clock, and gaining good chunks of yards while doing it. The drive ended with another Gould
field goal to make the score 27-17, which is how the game would end.

As for the improvements I was hoping for, I will start with Kyle Orton. Good news is he made great
decisions which lead to zero interceptions (and zero left handed passes). I believe Orton was scheduled to
play at least a few more possession, but due to the laceration on his right pointer finger, I agree with the
decision to pull him from the game. Plus I think Brandstater played better than I expect. Secondly I was very impressed with the first string defense and their ability to put pressure on Cutler. However the second team defense was horrible against Peterson. And as for what running back would step always it was Peyton Hillis, man that kid is a blast to watch play football.

I sure hope now that all the Jay Cutler/Denver drama is over with, it will stay in the past. He had
a good game last night and I was impressed with his decision making on the 2 minute drive. But now
Broncos fans need to go back to focusing on the Broncos not on Jay Cutlers success and failures in Chicago.

And now for my take on Brandon Marshall...I have never see a Professional Football player act like
such a baby. The key word is highlighted above...Professional...I do not care how much money you think you are worth. You are getting to play a game and get paid for it, no matter how much you are getting paid there are people that would love to be playing football for much less than you make. I have already said my peace on Marshall being a contributing factor in the death of Darrent Williams. Its just down right disgusting this guy seems to continue to grow more immature by the day. Great decision by McDaniel to suspend him.

Well til next week...Take Care Yall.
# 1 joesto54 @ Aug 31
Thanks for the QB. Have fun with Orton... LMAO!
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