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The quickest NBA club 
Posted on June 6, 2019 at 11:15 AM.
We all know that speed and quickness kills and it certainly can on a basketball court. This is precisely how a team can score easy layups on the run and play stifling defense by moving the feet.

I thought it would be fun to construct a team of the quickest NBA players of all time. Keep in mind that I am trying to build a club whose players had the skill sets to complement each other. Among players who have equitable speed and quickness, like say Chris Paul and Randy Smith, I will choose the player who I believe best combined his talents with his all-around game.

Point Guard- Jerry West- His pull up jumper going right was executed so quickly as to be unstoppable. His hands were as quick as a Cobra strike.

Shooting Guard- Clyde Drexler- Seemed to glide through the game but when viewed live was quicker than two-cats.

Small Forward- Michael Jordan- Known for his swiftness creating off the bounce but on defense he could play far off the ball-handler and then quickly close the gap to harass the shot.

Power Forward- Dennis Rodman- Had sprinters speed and was the only six body space rebounder in history.

Center- Bill Russell- Even now his baseline to baseline speed stands out. His quick lift off the floor was uncanny so he could hold his position until the last second before attacking the shot.

Second Unit

# Chris Paul- He is the pick in a close call over Lenny Wilkens. His pull up shooting was better than Lenny's. Just an incredible passer at warp-speed.

# Dwyane Wade- He was know as "Flash" for good reason. Very tough to stop on his baseline drives.

# Scottie Pippen- Could run with anybody who has ever played.

# James Worthy- Have to get someone who can shoot accurately from beyond 15 feet. Many good candidates for this big forward spot though. Worthy could outrun almost every other opponent and his quick spins were killer.

# Hakeem Olajuwon- Certainly one of the most athletic bigs ever. Could run with the smalls and mediums on the break. On the left wing his drop steps and counters were just performed with such swiftness.

If this team were dropped into today's game they might lose only once or twice and would definitely win the Championship.
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