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How the PS4 and New Xbox could change sports gaming. 
Posted on February 22, 2013 at 10:35 PM.
If you're like me, then on the 20th you watched all 2 hours of Sony's presser and watched as much coverage as you could on the PS4 announcement. I watched all five hours of IGN's coverage, watched numerous youtube videos of random people's thoughts. My initial reaction was "I need to buy a Vita now". Being able to remote play a video game while watching a real game on my TV will be great. As I continue to read articles (like MMChrisS' great blog today). I think this next generation of consoles will change sports gaming as we know it.

The biggest difference will be the atmosphere of the stadiums. Specifically in Madden and NCAA. The sidelines will be much more animated, guys walking around, real players on the roster out there, equipment guys, coaches roaming and coaching up players. In game will feel like you're at the game or watching it on TV. Anything you see on field/court should be represented in this coming generation. For customablilty how about home/away accessories? The little things in sports should be a big addition with this coming generation.

How about deeper franchise modes where they can have dynamic AI for all the other GMs in the league? You will have to deal with agents for players and there could be multiple players represented by one agent (ala Scott Boras). So with other GMs and Agents you need to build continuous relationships to make trades, sign players and keeping player moral up. Not to mention having relationships with the coaching staff and scouts.

How about choosing to be a coach or GM.. then those relationship dynamics would be different (of course). The experience for a true to life franchise mode would push sports games into major experience that no other game could come close to offering. I haven't even gotten to the "Be the player" mode either. Imagine of Madden's CCM added a GM option then flushed out all these AI relationships, I think that could be the future on these new consoles.

My favorite addition is the ability to watch someone play a game. I'm not much of an E-Sports guy myself. I don't enjoy shooters or starcraft type games. They don't interest me. And I like FIFA 13 but I don't enjoy watching the sport of soccer that much. But what I do like watching is people playing Madden, NCAA Football and NBA 2k. I always have. But even bigger, I like to read people's dynasties in those games. I've done a few in the past on other websites, but now the ability to share with the world in a dynasty blog "My gamertag is XXXXXX and I will be playing the UCLA Bruins in my USC dynasty tonight at 7 pm pacific time" means your readers can actually watch you play and "coach" the game. Also the ability to share highlights anytime will add depth to recaps.

This coming generation has big potential on making sports game more than just a game, but more of an experience for us hardcore sports fans and gamers. This is what excited me for this fall, when hopefully I can rule the virtual sports world with my GM abilities. At least these are my hopes.

What do you guys think will change with this coming generation? What would you want to see in the new sports games?
# 1 Jimbo614 @ Feb 23
I would like to see the same things you're talking about;
However...I think its probably wishful thinking.
Hopefully The Show might move in those directions, I doubt that 2K has the resources necessary to really make it work, however they might try.
As for EA... Not a chance in hell. EA doesnt need a new console, they need a new corporate model and a total overturn of management.
Always remember.. It's not what you say, its what you do.
So long as Corporate greed rules at EA, any improvements you see will only come grudgingly.
In fact, I expect Madden to take major steps BACKWARDS and NCAA to disappear all together.
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