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The Show 19, and it's glorious amount of content 
Posted on July 11, 2019 at 07:49 AM.
First, let me say that baseball is my favorite sport... Although the video game version of the sport hasn't always been a great representation of the game itself. Even older versions of The Show had some big cracks. The 2018 release was pretty good. Not great, but a solid effort. But the we come to the 2019 version of the game. And since the day it was released, it's all I've played. I've got 3 consoles, and am an avid Xbox gamer. But my Xbox has sat quietly, as well as my Switch, and my quest to save Zelda.

When I booted the game up for the first time, one thing that caught my eye was there were new modes. Usually if it's not a "story" prior to release, generally it's a mixed bag of stuff getting crowbarred in to fill out the game. This year nothing could be further from the truth.

Since it's inception, I've loved Diamond Dynasty. It's the one mode I play continuously. Compared to other companies and sport games, it's by far the best card collecting, team fielding mode. I find Madden a bit too convoluted, NBA 2k forces you to play a certain style that may not suit you... FIFA doesn't have a bad one in FUT, but I don't follow soccer enough to know most players aside from the rati gs they recieve.

So when I saw March to October, Diamond Dynasty, Moments, Franchise, Challenge of the Week, Road to the Show, along with Conquest (with more than just the one 'map'), DD Ranked Seasons I got excited.

Now, I paid the $100.00 for my copy because as I said, I'm an avid DD player. So the extra were worthwhile. The Show is really the only sports game I'd drop a C note on...

Most glaringly, online franchise is missing, but that doesn't really nother me. If it were there, I'd probably play more franchise. But that one omission is kind of moot to me, since they added so much more content and modes into the game. Whether you got the $60 copy, or spent the $100... There's plenty of game here for pretty much all baseball fans.

Last year I maybe played around 100 or so games. This year I've hit over 500 so far, and do not intend to put my controller down for a good while to come. One of the main reasons I continue to play it, at keu a little each day is o can play a couple of the Moments, or I can dig in deep in DD, or play some MtO.

One of the great things this year is the availability of diamond level players Bei g much more available. With a few exceptions (Mike Trout) most of them are reasonable price-wise, and they have more availability in the packs. I have more diamond players this year than in all the years prior. That allows me to be more competitive at higher rankings in the ranked seasons, which keeps me coming back. I also think that the team at SDS who make this game adding in more than one or two conquest maps makes a big difference. We are no longer forxed into playing just those, and when completed, no reason to play the mode anymore. This year there is plenty of purpose to continue playing it.

The wealth of modes and content is staggering, especially when you consider that you don't HAVE TO spend more than the price of admission to the game in order to play any of them.

I think San Diego Studios should be applauded for the effort, and the finished product they've given us. There are still way too many quitters, and I wish that there'd be a big drawback to quitting online games than a small amount of "ranked seasons xp" loss.

There are few games that are able to reach out, grab hold of you, and not let go. This thankfully is one of those games. I know Madden will be out in a few weeks. And normally I'd be amped (NCAA Football was my favorite, but Ed O'Bannon ruined that) to get my lousy Jets on the field, and go to work. Not this year though. I'll certainly get it, but I don't NEED to have it in release day, and that's in no small part to what I'd already say is definitely a GotY contender. It's certainly been the best sports game I've played in a good long while.

I just wanted to say, appreciate what SDS has put forth and given us. The depth here is incredible. Appreciate that they didn't just rehash last year's game with a new coat of paint. Because as much as SDS put forth for gamers like you and I to devour, they continue to make sure that we are getting fresh content.

The one thing that I'd say is time to change is the announcers. With the repetitive lines, to the old, and often brought up "anecdotes" it is time to find some new blood for the booth, or have mostly refreshingly new stories and one liners by the crew they've got in there now.
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