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Posted on April 21, 2009 at 06:14 PM.
With the signing of tank johnson and coles
the bengals had an amazing offseason and I would love for them to have the same effect during the season
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Apr 21
The Bengals need two things: a healthy Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson to shut up.
# 2 northcuttjo @ Apr 21
if they draft OT & C they make playoffs enough said
# 3 TigerRama977 @ Apr 22
Bengals need more than Coles, Tank, and a few draft picks. They're in a giant hole. It'll take a lot to pull them out and make the playoffs this year.
# 4 65South @ Apr 22
My biggest thing is why is it that Mike Brown is so adamant that Chad Johnson will not be moved? His spiel was fun at first, but his act has gotten tired as of late. I understand if Brown wants to "win" in this situation by making Johnson stay and play, but you may be a bigger winner by getting a high or a combination of a first day and mid-round picks for him and MOVE ON. You've got players on this team ready to move on AND win, as evidenced by this year's turn out for voluntaries.

[VENT] GEEZ, stop letting your emotions get in the way. It's obvious Johnson doesn't want to be there so why not get something for him while you can? Arrggh Mike Brown please hire a GM! Every other team in the National Football League has one. [Sorry, VENT over]
# 5 Bengals1Fan @ Apr 22
They do need more than a few draft picks...
The line is a problem
but I see the Defense as a bigger problem
# 6 dal_hawk @ Apr 22
Yeah, I've always though Carson would make a great NFL QB... I think it's about time he has a complete season.
# 7 blackscorpion11 @ Apr 23
I think as well as the defense played late last season, it's still the weak point..But i agree with drafting an OT , we need depth on that line..especially with andrews leaving.

TJ leaving isnt a big blow at this point with coles and henry on the field. I want to see who their 2nd and 3rd round pics are???
# 8 rudyjuly2 @ Apr 23
I see them drafting Andre Smith like 95% of the people out there. And I agree that they should move Chad Johnson if they get a good deal. He's getting older, has a high contract and is a distraction. If you get a 2nd rounder for him then draft someone. Should be a lot of decent receivers in the 2nd round.
# 9 Bengals1Fan @ Apr 25
Well bengals take Andre smith the big OT that left the combine early and didnt tell anyone
And in round 2 we took a good pick in Rey Maualuga
# 10 Bengals1Fan @ May 11
The Bengals have signed roy williams and are on they're way to victory!
# 11 blackscorpion11 @ May 12
I've been waiting for the bengals to dip into the free agent pool over the yrs since our draft picks havent panned out..This team wwith a full training camp should be better than last year.. i can see 9 to 11 wins if the team stays healthy
# 12 Bengals1Fan @ May 13
"Should be better than lsat year"
Unless we pull a lions ther's no way to get worse
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