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# 10
BlueJays09 @ Mar 23, 2012
haha will do man. I just finished up to all star break. posted scores, and stats for my team. enjoy
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# 9
MikeFlu @ Mar 23, 2012
Check out my latest game. Crazy ending. Have a highlight video for it, too.
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# 8
legacyme3 @ Mar 17, 2012
Originally Posted by BlueJays09
haha nice im gonna try starting at pro and just tweaking them as i go. BTW im gonna sim the rest of my NBA season and start my MLB one over very soon. probably tonight
That's cool haha, let me know how it goes

I have been playing the game, loving it.

Now I just have to wait for the OSFM set, and I can start my dynasty.
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# 7
legacyme3 @ Mar 13, 2012
Originally Posted by BlueJays09
haha oh ok nice...mmm what settings do you use for realistic games?
Generally I tinker with the sliders till I find something that results in normal hitting and pitching records.

Once I make it more challenging without being impossible, I'll decide on the rest of my sliders.
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# 6
legacyme3 @ Mar 12, 2012

That's the OSFM set. The site ate my comment >_>

Anyway, I'll be doing 9 inning games, and just trying to keep the game setting realistic... even if my rosters aren't :P
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# 5
legacyme3 @ Mar 12, 2012
Originally Posted by BlueJays09
hahha understandable...i started the Jays one and currently about 5 games in on a 29 game season. im prob not gonna post it on here until closer to the start of the season. might even do it sooner.
I hear you on that.

I'm not staring my dynasty as I said in my post until the OSFM set comes out around opening day. I'll be trying to do a full 162 game season... I'm a little nervous that I'm committing to such a big project. But I know I can do it. I mean, on another forum, I update daily... don't see why I can't update daily here too :P

How are you going to handle your Jays dynasty?
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# 4
legacyme3 @ Mar 12, 2012
In response to your comment on my dynasty, I'll be sure to check it out when you do your Blue Jays dynasty. I might find time to check on the Celtics one, but I'm not much into basketball during baseball season haha.
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# 3
Tazer19 @ Dec 9, 2011
Thanks for the kind words about my dynasty, I will definitely check in on yours. Good luck!
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# 2
BlueJays09 @ Sep 8, 2011
wicked man im planning on starting a new one with 52 games and play them all already 1 season in and played all 52 in 5 innings each game
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# 1
BlueJays09 @ Aug 29, 2011
Its going alright...i had to take a break though...I was playing it way to much lol...Hows yours going
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