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Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Posted on October 24, 2012 at 09:24 PM.
I'm pretending the Celtics are looking to get younger and going to try and rebuild them. Ill play All Star w/ Default Sliders, 14 game seasons, 6 min quarters as usual.

I am 3 games in going 2-1 with wins vs. Brooklyn, and Orlando and the loss coming to New York. Here are the trades I made:

1) Jason Terry to OKC for Hasheem Thabeet, and Thabo Sefolosha
2) Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox to CHA for Tyrus Thomas
3) Kevin Garnett, Barbosa, CJ MIles to SA, Diaw, Blair, Bonner to BOS, S.Jackson to CLE.
4) Darko Milicic `13 2nd Pick to POR for Ronnie Price
5) Blair, Diaw, Bonner, `14 1st Pick to PHI for Hawes, 13`1st Pick

Boston Celtics Player Stats (3 GP):
Paul Pierce - 20pts 3.7reb 2stl
Rajon Rondo - 13pts 11.3ast 2.3stl 3reb
Spencer Hawes - 12.7pts 5reb 0.7blk
Avery Bradley - 12pts 3.3ast 2.3reb
Jeff Green - 10pts 2.3reb 2.3ast 0.7stl
Jared Sullinger - 9pts 6reb 0.7stl
Courtney Lee - 8pts 0.7stl
Tyrus Thomas - 3.7pts 1reb 1blk
End of Bench: Melo, Thabeet, Sefolosha, Price

Friday, September 21, 2012
Posted on September 21, 2012 at 08:21 PM.
The Cowboys are now 14-0 and are 3 games away from a perfect regular season. Ogletree got his 1st TD of the year, and Austin was fantastic in this game. Tolbert continued his strong play but will again go back to the bench for Murray next game. Bryant will also be back in week 15. Manning wasn't himself throwing 5 INT in the game. Romo was also off throwing 3 INT of his own. The final score of this one was 24-10 Cowboys.

Scoring Summary:
DAL: Ogletree - 2 Yd TD Pass from Romo (1st Q)
NYG: Bradshaw - 2 Yd TD Run (1st Q)
DAL: Janikowski - 26 Yd FG (2nd Q)
NYG: Tynes - 32 Yd FG (3rd Q)
DAL: Tolbert: 11 Yd TD Run (4th Q)
DAL: Austin - 16 Yd TD Pass from Romo (4th Q)

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 16/27 (59%) 200Yds, 2TD, 3INT
Tolbert - 14ATT, 42Yds, TD
Austin - 8Rec, 124Yds, TD
Ogletree - 5Rec, 49Yds, TD
Witten - 3Rec, 27Yds
Janikowski - 26 Yd FG (1/2 FG), 3 XPM
Sensabaugh - 6 Tackles, 1 Sack
Ware - 4 Tackles
McCann - 4 Tackles, 1 Sack
James - 4 Tackles, 1 Sack, 2INT, 23Yds
Jenkins - 4 Tackles, 2INT, 26Yds
Scandrick 1 Tackle, INT, 25Yds

Giants Stats:
Manning - 19/30 175Yds, 5INT
Bradshaw - 14ATT, 43Yds, TD
Beckum - 5Rec, 44Yds
Nicks - 4Rec, 2Yds
Cruz - 2Rec, 61Yds

- Dallas will be on the road to face off against Tampa Bay next week where they will get a look at Josh Freeman and Vincent Jackson as they look to stay undefeated. They will get Murray and Bryant back for the game which could never hurt their chances
Posted on September 21, 2012 at 08:09 PM.

Yes folks, win number 13. This one was close though until a McCann interception helped the Cowboys pull away for good. The final score was 17-12 and the Cowboys escape with their perfect season still intact.

Dez Bryant left the game and will be out for a week his shoulder injury. Ogletree will fill in at the WR 2 spot.

Scoring Summary:
DAL: Tolbert - 29 Yd Run (1st Q)
ARI: Feely - 44 Yd FG (2nd Q)
DAL: Janikowski - 44 Yd FG (3rd Q)
ARI: Feely - 37 Yd FG (3rd Q)
DAL: McCann - Returned INT 23 Yds for TD (4th Q)
ARI: Roberts - 18 Yd TD Pass from Kolb (4th Q)

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 8/16 (50%) 150Yds
Tolbert - 13ATT, 85Yds, TD
Bryant - 3Rec, 49Yds
Witten - 2Rec, 27Yds
Austin - 2Rec, 57Yds
Gaffney - 1Rec, 17Yds
James - 8 Tackles
McCann - 7 Tackles, 1 Sack, INT, 23Yds, TD
Brooking - 6 Tackles
Ball - 6 Tackles

Cardinals Stats:
Kolb - 21/25 208Yds, TD, INT
Ryan Williams - 12ATT, 76Yds
Doucet - 5Rec, 30Yds
Roberts - 4Rec, 77Yds, TD
Fitzgerald - 4Rec, 40Yds

- Dallas will face off against Manning and the Giants in a Week 1 Rematch! Dallas will be without Bryant, and will look for Austin more in the offense. Look for Ogletree to have a nice game too if he gets Bryant's targets.
Posted on September 21, 2012 at 07:46 PM.

The Cowboys continue their perfect season and are now 12-0 with a 28-6 victory against Miami. Tolbert continues to shine when called upon scoring 2 TD and rushing for almost 100 yards. He is fighting for more playing time and it is noted that Murray may be dealt in the offseason because of his injury trouble.

Scoring Summary:
MIA: Carpenter - 37 Yd FG (1st Q)
MIA: Carpenter - 17 Yd FG (2nd)
DAL: Witten - 28 Yd TD Pass from Romo (2nd Q)
DAL: Witten - 7 Yd TD Pass from Romo (3rd Q)
DAL: Tolbert -20 Yd TD Run (3rd Q)
DAL: Tolbert - 7 Yd TD Run (4th Q)

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 12/18 (66%), 171Yds, 2TD
Tolbert - 15Att, 96Yds, 2TD
Bryant - 5Rec, 88Yds
Austin - 4Rec, 45Yds
Witten - 2Rec, 35Yds, 2TD
Janikowski - 4 XPM
Ball - 6 Tackles
Scandrick - 5 Tackles
Spencer - 4 Tackles
James - 1 Tackle, INT, 7Yds

Dolphins Stats:
Moore - 9/17, 116Yds
T. Barber - 9ATT, 28Yds
Naanee - 4Rec, 42Yds
The Cowboys will now face off against the Cardinals in Arizona. Kolb will get the start for Arizona vs. Romo's Cowboys.
Thursday, September 20, 2012
Posted on September 20, 2012 at 10:44 PM.
I had played way to many games in advanced so Ill give ya scores and players of the week for Dallas. I am currently on Week 12 vs. the Dolphins so I'll be back to full updates from those games.

Week 8: Dallas Cowboys 20, Philadelphia Eagles 0:
Romo - 11/18 189YdS, TD
Murray - 19ATT, 86Yds, TD
Austin - 6Rec, 117Yds, TD

Week 9: Dallas Cowboys 31, Seattle Seahawks 3:
Romo - 11/21 226Yds, 2TD
Murray - 15ATT, 96Yds, TD
Austin - 5Rec, 110Yds, TD
Bryant - 2Rec, 74Yds, TD

Week 10: Dallas Cowboys 42, Buffalo Bills 7:
Romo - 12/22 204Yds, 2TD
Murray - 14ATT, 238Yds, 4TD*
Bryant - 4Rec, 95Yds, TD
Austin - 3Rec, 28Yds, TD
Witten - 2Rec, 49Yds**

Week 11: Dallas Cowboys 27, Washington Redskins 10:
Romo - 9/17 100Yds
Murray - 10ATT, 41Yds, TD***
Tolbert - 7ATT, 126Yds, 2TD
Bryant - 4Rec, 43Yds

Notes from Week 8 - Week 11:
* DeMarco Murray has probably the best game of his career and of any other RB this year going 238 yards for 4 touchdowns.

** Jason Witten returned from injury and will resume his starting TE spot. Shockey will back him up.

*** DeMarco Murray is down yet again after showing his value since coming back from the first injury. He will be out 3 weeks with an Abdominal Tear and will be replaced by Tolbert who had a massive game coming in for Murray in the 2nd Quarter to run for 126 yards and 2 Touchdowns.

- The Cowboys signed K Sebastian Janikowski to a 1yr/850K contract and released K Kris Brown. Brown had been alright but missed a couple easy FG. Janikowski was released by the Raiders and scooped up by Dallas. The Cowboys hope this will fix their K problems. The rest of the season will be a tryout for Janikowski, who may sign on with the Cowboys in the offseason.
Posted on September 20, 2012 at 10:14 PM.

Bryant and Austin both had a great week 7, 100 yards receiving each.

The Cowboys (7-0) keep their winning ways going vs. the Rams with a 28-0 win. The big story of the year is Dallas's remarkable journey for a perfect season. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant both had massive games, taking advantage of Tony Romo and his excellent performance. Here is a scoring summary:

Scoring Summary:
DAL: Tolbert - 2 Yd TD Run (1st Quarter)
DAL: Shockey - 26 Yd TD Pass from Romo (2nd Quarter)
DAL: Austin - 80 Yd TD Pass from Romo (3rd Quarter)
DAL: Austin - 11 Yd TD Pass from Romo (4th)

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 14/19 (73%) 299 Yds, 3TD, INT
Tolbert - 14 Att, 85 Yds, TD
Bryant - 4 Rec, 97Yds
Austin - 3 Rec, 106 Yds, 2TD
Shockey - 3 Rec, 53 Yds, TD
Gaffney - 1 Rec, 12 Yds
Ogletree - 1 Rec, 17 Yds
Brown - 4 XPM
James - 3 Tackles
Bowen - 3 Tackles, 2 Sacks
Ware - 3 Tackles

Rams Stats:
Young - 5/11 41 Yds
Jackson - 8 Att, 14 Yds
Smith - 3 Rec, 23 Yds

- The Cowboys play Michael Vick and the Eagles next week in Philly, and they get a nice surprise as they will see the return of RB DeMarco Murray. Murray will start at the HB position sending Tolbert back to the bench. If Murray dont preform or gets re-injured look for Tolbert to be back
Posted on September 20, 2012 at 10:00 PM.

The Cowboys got their hardest test of the season but continued the excellent all around play by beating the Pats 24-3 in week 6. Tolbert continued to play well for the injured DeMarco Murray, running 72 yards and getting another touchdown. Here is the scoring summary:

DeMarcus Ware returned and played his 1st game of the season.
Jason Witten left the game and will be out for a few weeks.
Cowboys sign TE Jeremy Shockey to a 1yr/750K deal. He will be the starting TE until Witten returns.

Scoring Summary:
DAL: Brown - 41 Yd FG (1st Quarter)

DAL: Austin - 6 Yd TD Pass from Romo (1st Quarter)
NE: Gostkowski - 46 Yd FG (3rd Quarter)
DAL: Tolbert - 7 Yd TD Run (4th Quarter)
DAL: McCann - Returned Interception for 25 Yd TD (4th Quarter)

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 14/26 (53%) 138YDS, 1TD

Tolbert - 14ATT, 72YDS, 1TD
Austin - 5ATT, 32YDS, TD
Bryant - 3REC, 33YDS
Ogletree - 2REC, 18YDS
Witten - 2REC, 39YDS
Gaffney - 1REC, 4YDS
Phillips - 1REC, 12YDS
Brown - 41YD FG (1/1), 3XPM
Spencer - 7 Tackles

James - 6 Tackles, 1INT, 7Yds
Sensabaugh - 4 Tackles
Bowen - 3 Tackles, 3 Sacks
McCann - 1 Tackle, INT, 25Yds, TD

Patriots Stats:
Brady - 12/18 101YDS

Woodhead - 14ATT, 10YDS
Lloyd - 5REC, 29YD
Edelman - 3REC, 26YDS

- Dallas will face off vs. Vince Young and the St. Louis Rams. Bradford is hurt so Young is starting QB for the Rams. Shockey is playing until Witten returns so this is his 1st game of the season.
Posted on September 20, 2012 at 02:33 PM.

Mike Tolbert dominated week 4, scoring 2 Touchdowns on 133 Rushing Yards.

The Cowboys are now 4-0 and dominating the competition. They defeated the Lions by a score of 45-14 in week 4 and are not looking back. Mike Tolbert was the player of the game rushing for 133 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns. Here is a look of the scoring summary:

Scoring Summary:
DAL: Tolbert - 3 Yd TD Run (1st Quarter)

DET: Johnson - 50 Yd TD Pass from Stafford (2nd Quarter)
DAL: Austin - 5 Yd TD Pass from Romo (2nd Quarter)
DAL: Brown - 17 Yd FG (2nd Quarter)
DET: Young - 46 Yd TD Pass from Stafford. (3rd Quarter)
DAL: Austin - 2 Yd TD Pass from Romo (4th Quarter)
DAL: Austin - 21 Yd TD Pass from Romo (4th Quarter)
DAL: Tolbert - 5 Yd TD Run (4th Quarter)
DAL: McCann - Returned INT 22 Yd TD

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 11/16 (68%) 217YDS, 3TD, 3INT
Tolbert - 16ATT, 133YDS, 2TD
Austin - 5REC, 105YDS, 3TD
Witten - 2REC, 41YDS
Bryant - 2REC, 58YDS
Ogletree - 1REC, 4YDS
Tolbert - 1REC, 9YDS
Brown - 17YD FG (1/1), 6XPM
Ball - 3 Tackles
James - 3 Tackles, 1 Sack
McCann - 1 Tackle, 1 INT, 22YDS, TD
Sensabaugh - 1 Tackle, 1INT, 12YDS
Newman - 2 Tackles, 1INT, 13YDS

Lions Player Stats:
M. Stafford - 7/19 163YDS, 2TD, 3INT
J. Best - 6ATT, 25YDS
C. Johnson - 3REC, 77YDS, TD
T. Young - 2REC, 52YDS, TD

WEEK 5 -------- BYE WEEK

Posted on September 20, 2012 at 02:15 PM.

Romo had a huge week 3 with 255 passing yards and 4 Touchdowns.

The Cowboys (3-0) continue their winning ways vs. Washington in a big way by a score of 35-0. This game was over before it started as Romo couldn't miss putting up 4 touchdowns and 255 passing yards. The 1st quarter saw Witten catch a 9 yard TD from Romo. In the 2nd, Bryant and Austin each caught a TD from Romo (9 yard, and 17 yard respectively). In the 3rd, Tolbert put up a 13 yard TD run to make it 28-0. Last score came in the 4th when Witten scored another TD, his 2nd of the game, this time off a 40 YD pass from Romo.

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 16/26 (61%) 255YDS, 4TD
Tolbert - 10ATT, 65YDS, TD
Miller - 2ATT, 18YDS
Witten - 6REC, 101YDS, 2TD
Austin - 3REC, 47YDS, TD
Ogletree - 3REC, 87YDS
Bryant - 3REC, 24YDS, TD
Defensive Notables:
Ball - 4 Tackles
Bowen - 4 Tackles, 2 Sacks,
Olshansky - 3 Tackles, 2 Sacks
McBriar - 0/1 FG, 5XPM

49ers Player Stats:
D. McNabb - 5/13, 55YDS Passing, 6ATT, 40YDS Rushing
J. Davis - 7ATT, 16YDS
R. Williams - 3REC 42YDS

Notes: Kris Brown will take over the Kicking duties since McBriar has went 0/3 in FG kicks so far this season.

- Week 4 will see Tony Romo and the Cowboys facing off against Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions. Week 5 will be a BYE WEEK

Posted on September 20, 2012 at 02:02 PM.

Miles Austin put up 104 receiving Yards in Week 2.

Dallas (2-0) are off to a good start beating the 49ers in Week 2 by a score of 14-7. It was a low scoring affair but the Cowboys managed to pull out their 2nd win of the season. Miles Austin was the player of the game, catching 4 passes for 104 yards. Jason Witten started where he left off in the 1st scoring a 8 yard TD from Romo to put Dallas ahead 1-0. In the 2nd, Manningham caught a 5 yard pass from Smith for a TD to tie it. With 38 seconds left on 1st and goal because of a Miles Austin catch, RB Mike Tolbert was able to punch in his 1st TD of the year for the winner, 14-7 Cowboys.

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 10/15 (66%) 165YDS, TD

Tolbert - 15ATT, 79YDS, TD

Witten - 5REC, 39YDS, TD

Austin - 4REC, 104YDS
Ogletree - 1REC, 5YDS
Bryant - 1REC, 17YDS
Defensive Notables:
Williams - 5 Tackles

James - 5 Tackles
McBriar - 0/1 FG, 2XPM

49ers Stats:
A. Smith - 15/21, 145YDS, TD

B. Jacobs -9ATT, 46YDS
M. Manningham - 5REC, 30TDS, TD
R. Moss - 3REC, 55YDS

- The Cowboys will now play their home opener vs. Donovan McNabb and the Redskins.
Posted on September 20, 2012 at 01:49 PM.

Jason Witten with 1 of his 2 Touchdowns in Week 1 vs. the Jets

The Cowboys (1-0) win game 1 of the season in New York vs. the Jets by a score of 28-14, with a great game all around from Romo and by 2 touchdowns by Jason Whitten. The Jets started the game with a 65 yard TD by Santonio Holmes from Sanchez. The Cowboys answered back with a 6 yard TD by Dez Bryant from Romo. It would stay tied 7-7 until the 3rd quarter when Holmes got another TD, this time a 44 yard TD from Sanchez. The Jets led this until the 4th when Witten caught a 14 yard TD pass from Romo. The game winner was from a interception from Terrance Newman who returned it for the TD and the winner. Jason Witten added the insurance with his 2nd TD of the game, a 10 yard score from Romo to end the game 28-14.

Cowboys Player Stats:
Romo - 11/18 (61%) 173YDS, 3TD

Vickers - 5 ATT, 45 YDS

Witten - 4REC, 60YDS, 2TD

Austin - 4REC, 94YDS
Bryant - 2REC, 12YDS, 1TD
Phillips - 1REC, 7YDS
Defensive Notables:
James - 11 Tackles

Scandrick - 4 Tackles
Ball - 4 Tackles
Newman - 2 Tackles, 1INT, 63YDS, TD
McBriar - 0/1 FG, 4XPM

Jets Stats:
Sanchez - 12/21 (57%) 255YDS, 2TD

Greene - 16ATT, 45YDS
Holmes - 4REC, 179YDS, 2TD
Keller - 4REC, 41YDS

- The Cowboys will now face the 49ers in San Francisco. Tony Romo will take on Alex Smith in the Quarterback matchup.
Monday, September 17, 2012
Posted on September 17, 2012 at 11:42 PM.
QB - Tony Romo, Kyle Orton
HB - DeMarco Murray(IR), Mike Tolbert, Jerome Harrison, Lonyae Miller
FB - Lawrence Vickers, Mike Tolbert
WR - Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Kevin Ogletree, Jabar Gaffney
TE - Jason Whitten, Jon Phillips
K - Mat McBriar
Punt Return - DeMarco Murray(IR), Dez Bryant
Kick Return - Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray(IR)

Offensive Linemen Notables:
C - Andre Gurode
LT - Doug Free
RG - Leonard Davis
LG - Kyle Kosier
RT - Marc Colombo
RT - Tyran Smith
RG - Phil Costa

Linebacker Notables:
ROLB - DeMarcus Ware(IR)
MLB - Brady James
MLB - Keith Brooking
LOLB - Atkins Spencer

Defensive Linemen Notables:
DT - Jay Ratliff
RE - Igor Olshanky
LE - Stephen Bowen

Cornerbacks and Safety Notables:
CB - Terrance Newman
CB - Mike Jenkins
SS - Gerald Sensabaugh
FS - Alan Ball
CB - Orlando Scandrick
SS - Barry Church

- Best Players*

The Cowboys are ready to start year 1. The first game will be on the road where the Dallas Cowboys will be in New York to face NY Jets. Who will win the QB Matchup and the Head-Head Matchup? Comments are welcome

: Tony Romo (DAL) vs. Mark Sanchez (NYJ)

Key Matchup: WR Miles Austin (DAL) vs. WR Santonio Holmes (DAL)
Posted on September 17, 2012 at 10:58 PM.
Well ill be switching back and forth with NFL and MLB franchises in the near future. Its my 1st ever football game posts so I decided to go with NFL Madden 2012 in case it fails lol. I will be playing on the Default Difficulty with my Custom Rosters that took me 2 hours to edit (since the game is a year old). I will be playing with my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys and only posting about Offensive Stats (Passing, Rushing, Catching, Kicking, Returning and Kicking), except for the top 3 in Tackles along with Sacks, and INT (both all stats).

DeMarcus Ware - Out 4 Weeks with Broken Hand
DeMarco Murray - Out 7 Weeks with Herniated Disk
C Phil Costa - Out for Season with Torn ACL

Dallas Cowboys Player Movement - Preseason

Signed WR Jabar Gaffney to a 2yr/4.26M Contract
- This is a move to improve our depth at WR in case of injury or struggles.

Traded RB Felix Jones to Panthers for RB Mike Tolbert
- Tolbert would be the starting RB for the 7 Weeks Murray is out, but we like Tolbert in short yardage and some goal line plays. May even get some tosses his way, and also saves some Cap here too.

Signed RB Jerome Harrison to a 1yr/600K contract
- This is mainly for RB depth with Murray out for 7 weeks. Wont see many touches.
Posted on September 17, 2012 at 05:06 PM.
*** This Post is Supposed to be BEFORE The Orioles Game and AFTER the Rays Game...accidentally posted it in BLOG ***

Happ throws complete game allowing only 2 hits in win vs. Royals

Toronto improves to 5-0 in a 9-0 victory vs. Kansas City. J.A Happ was the story of this game only allowing 2 hits in a complete game shutout. The 1st 2 innings were the story again for the Jays as they put up 7 out of 9 runs in those innings. Surprisingly enough, there were no home runs and all runs were by singles and doubles. RBI Singles came from Bautista, Encarnacion, and Sandoval. Ben Zobrist and Justin Morneau were the offensive players of the game, both going 4/4 in the win. Zobrist was 4/4 with 2 RBI, 3 Runs and a double. Morneau was 4/4 with 4 RBI, and 2 doubles.

Happ picked up the win going 6 innings, 2 hits, 0 ER and 0 strikeouts. He had the ball on the ground the entire game and looked fantastic. Bruce Chen was Kansas City's starter and went 1.2 innings allowing 10 hits and 7 runs. Coleman allowed the other 2 runs on 6 hits in 4 innings of relief.

The Blue Jays (5-0) will face the Orioles (4-1) in Baltimore. Wei-Yin Chen (1-0) will take the mound for the home team while Ricky Romero (1-0) will pitch for Toronto. Baltimore's only loss came to Toronto in a 13-0 beat down. Baltimore will look to come back hard in game 2. Colby Rasmus is back in the lineup and in CF after his rest day. Omar Vizquel will start at SS, giving Yunel Escobar a day off
Posted on September 17, 2012 at 05:02 PM.

Romero throws a 1 hitter vs. Baltimore in a 3-0 Win

For the 2nd game in a row pitching has been the key for Toronto. This game Baltimore kept Toronto's bats relatively quiet only allowing 3 runs rather than 13 last game out, but they could only muster 1 hit against Romero. The first run of the game came in the 1st on a Encarnacion Sacrifice Fly and that would be all until the 4th when Colby Rasmus hit his 3rd home run of the season, solo shot and Omar Vizquel hit a RBI single to make it 3-1. Rasmus had a good game defensively robbing Adam Jones of a home run in the 1st. Omar Vizquel made a fantastic diving play in the 4th, but would injure himself and would have to leave the game.

Ricky Romero was the best performer in this game going 5 innings only allowing 1 hit, 0 runs, and struck out 5. Chen also went 5 innings for Baltimore allowing 3 runs on 11 hits and striking out 1. Sergio Santos recorded a perfect 6th to get the save.

Omar Vizquel was placed on the 15 day DL with shoulder stiffness and will be out around 20 days. He wasn't expected to get much playing time anyways, so look for Casilla to backup the infield for the time being. The Jays will not call up anyone from AAA and play with 24 players.

Toronto (6-0) will face Seattle (3-3) now in Toronto at Rogers Center, where James McDonald (1-0) will face off against Jason Vargas (0-1) for the Mariners. This is their 1st meeting of the season and Toronto will look to continue their exceptional play

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