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Consumers vote EA as the "Worst Company in America" 
Posted on February 25, 2013 at 01:06 PM.
I knew EA was bad and have seen people knocking them for years. But today I stumbled across a link on the Consumerist website when Electronic Arts was voted the worst company in America. Here is the link:

I haven't enjoyed Madden since the last PS2 version. I've constantly had problems with the "reaslism" claim in NCAA Football. And this company killed college basketball & NASCAR gaming. I enjoyed the UFC Games and now that EA has the UFC license, I prob won't ever enjoy another MMA game. That is just being brutally honest.

I actually enjoyed NCAA Football this past year, not Madden. There's so many fans of professional football in this country that want to play NFL video games. I think that is the ONLY reason that Madden still sells. Because it's the only NFL game being forced down everyone's throat. It's awful. And each year I am amazed as the game does what I never think it could do. Gets worse.

This isn't supposed to be a shot at EA, even though they are responsible for my rapid decline in sports gaming over the past 5 years. Their NBA game's epic failure is proof as to why no sport or promotion should have an exclusive deal with EA. 2k's NBA game literally killed off EA's.

It hasn't always been this bad. Playstation 2, or last gen, was a great run for EA games. I always played the Madden, NCAA, Live, Fight Night, and NASCAR games. Then when I bought my PS3, I picked up both NBA and College Hoops 2k. And realized what people had been saying. At least when it came to basketball. College Hoops 2K8 is still a better college hoops game than any of the EA ones that followed.

I think that EA has lost it's exclusive deals with the NFL and NCAA. That's what I heard. I heard a rumor of NFL 2k and College Hoops 2k returning. I'd buy both. Especially College Hoops 2k, I really miss playing college basketball games. It's not fair to fans that we don't have a college basketball game. And how could anyone say that it's not EA's fault. They got an exclusive deal and then ran the game into the ground. EA owes the consumers. It's a debt I don't think EA can or will ever make right.

And people are finally starting to notice...
# 1 HMMurdock311 @ Feb 25
I'm actually worried for the future if that poll is any indication of the state of how we view companies. I get the argument of EA being so bad, but worse than BoA, Really??

I know, people don't like EA because they buy exclusivity like it's nothing. They buy up small games companies for their IP's and absorb them. Not to mention peoples hate of Paid DLC.

But to think they are worse than the fees, contribution to the economic collapse, constant unnecessary pay raises to it's CEO, the fees, and lack of loans that BoA doesn't give makes me worry.
# 2 BonesKnows85 @ Feb 28
As far as sports gaming goes, I think that EA is the grim reaper. They just aren't a good company. The roll out one exclusive deal after another and hold gamers hostage. Play their lazy, half-way produced game, or no game at all. Next gen with EA has been a complete failure all the way around. Anytime they have had competition on next gen, they have lost. Undisputed was way better than EA MMA. And 2k basketball's literally killed Live. I just don't like the effort they put into games. Their sports titles are so glitch-filled. They only sell because it's usually the only game available to buy and play. If another company made an NFL game, do you know how many people would buy only because of how bad EA is?
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