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Madden 09-10 lack of ratings importance 
Posted on May 1, 2009 at 04:39 PM.
Hey guys, here is my second entry on the changes from Madden 09- Madden 10.

I think a lot of people know that rating didn't seem to really matter in Madden 09. I once saw a video where someone created a player with an overall of 12 and 0 Trucking yet he broke out of a tackle from Terrell Suggs. I would like to think if a guy that has the lowest overall possible in Madden 09 with a trucking rating of zero then he shouldn't be able to break any tackles. I play as the Colts in Madden and I could break tackles easily with Addai, at least one per rushing attempt. Now I have watched just about every one of Addai's games in the NFL and have maybe seen him break 5-15 tackles and never saw him fall forward.

I also had a huge problem with seeing a Wide receiver with a catching rating of 70-75 and a speed rating of 99 be able to catch the ball every time he got behind a corner. That should not happen, in my opinion that should mean he drops the ball 25-30% of the time. I really hate playing the Bears online and seeing Devin Hester constantly get deep and almost never drop the ball, that just isn't realistic.

Another rating that never seemed to matter in Madden 09 was the awareness rating. I could have a player with a 40 something awareness play the same way as a player with a rating of 90. The only thing awareness ever seemed to help was the players overall rating, I seem to remember that 2 awareness extra would put a Quarterback's rating up 1 point.

I have one more rating I would like to cover and that rating would be the Hit power rating. I could put a players hit power up from 60 to 90 and it would not affect his overall more than 2 points. I think hit power is a really important part of a defenders skill set. That is one of the reasons players like Troy P., Bob Sanders, Brian Dawkins and John Lych got a lot of attention.

I am still waiting to see if these are all improved in Madden 10 which they should be but I cannot confirm this yet.

Well that is all for this blog entry, I will have another one for you guys in a few days.

Brandon Coldren
# 1 StankyCheeZ267 @ May 1
Just watch all of apexisfree's videos on youtube and he will show why i play 2k5 over madden 09
# 2 MattIntellect @ May 6
I think that Madden 10 should be given a fair trial. The developers are really trying to bring many fans back to the franchise and also appeal to new fans as well. In terms of ratings for Madden 10, I think that the new stretched player ratings addresses many of your issues.
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