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Madden 09's Scouting and Draft logic problems 
Posted on May 6, 2009 at 09:23 PM.
OK this is going to be a longer blog, this blog entry will be on the Madden 09's Scouting and Draft logic problems.

The first thing I would like to cover may be the most annoying for me and that is the scouting system and draft Logic in the 09 installment of Madden. I really don't enjoy seeing a team draft a QB in the first round 5-6 years in a row, really? I mean come on that is awfully ridiculous. The scouting was such a hassle you had to click on a player's name then a sub-screen would pop up, then you had to click on his name again. After all of that "work" to scout a player then it would never update the comments about the player and they were soooo vague and really didn't tell you anything about that player.

Now has this been addressed in Madden 10? According to the Franchise blog," We made the interface a lot easier to use (which we’ll show screenshots of quite soon). Second, we re-vamped the scouting system so that you unlock more comments as you scout the player longer. The comments can go from being broad (We think his awareness is no higher than 80) to telling you exactly what his key ratings are if you scout him the entire time. It won’t tell you his overall rating, but it will give you his potential, which is what you should make your decision off of."

The blog goes on to say," We also have the ability to determine where a player SHOULD be drafted and what his potential is. So we can create busts and sleepers just using those systems. Drafting a player in the top 10 will no longer guarantee that he is a great player in Madden NFL 10. Unless you do some scouting (like the real teams do), you might just pick up this year’s Vernon Gholston. On the flip side, you might also find the next Tom Brady or Marques Colston in later rounds. One piece of advice…don’t be enamored with workout warriors. Running a 4.2 forty or benching a small concrete block does not automatically make you a good football player. The big thing we’re working on as we speak is the Draft logic. I promise you…you will not see the Colts take a QB in the first round and then in the 3rd, 5th, etc. These type of logic tweaks are happening across the board and the draft is no different"

So it looks like they have addressed these issues, but it remains to be seen how improved they really are.

I will have a continued Franchise problem blog withing the next 2 stay tuned,

Brandon Coldren
# 1 don28 @ May 6
Logical drafting will be most welcome. Good read, looking forward to the next one.
# 2 TheWatcher @ May 7
Nice. Franchise has had a lot of problems, so improvements in this spirit will make a big difference.
# 3 jmik58 @ May 7
Good points.

I think it would be interesting if Madden attached personalities to a GM or Head Coach and their team tended to draft a certain way based on various criteria. For example, Oakland (Al Davis) loves to draft speed and speed alone. I don't think it should be extreme to the point where they reach for someone, but if the logic says that two players are close in rating then the team (Oakland in this case) would break the tie with the faster guy. Maybe the user could even setup his coaching draft philosophy much like an offensive and defensive philosophy, etc.
# 4 Maelstrom-XIII @ May 7
I'm actually looking forward to two things in this franchise...drafting my first bust, and my first late-round gem...if I can accomplish those two things in the first few years of my franchise, I will say its improved...

Good blog--the thing about teams drafting QBs ad nauseum is really a big negative point for me too...nothing like seeing San Diego and Pittsburgh draft QBs round after round, year after year...
# 5 cam21224 @ May 7
Hopefully this is fixed.

You made alot of good points, I really never used the scouting system after my first season in Franchise with the Colts.

Mostly because I felt like Al Davis. I would just draft a guy based on his combine results, which sucks because most work out warriors or not actually good football players.

It would be nice to have a feature, were if you had a top scout you could possibly unlock or get a hint at some of his ratings.
# 6 Avii @ May 10
I don't know about '09, but in '08 on the PC I used to cheat massively in the draft every year. I would simply run it one time, see who the best guys were that year (particularly for the speed and inj/sta/tgh), and then relaod a predraft save, and target these guys. For some reason, the CPU kept giving me high draft picks for late rounders (like, in the first round, I'd have 3 picks since the CPU would simply hand them over to me for late round ones, like #5 overall for my rd6 and rd7 or something for no reason) and I'd draft these guys then.

At the rookie signing stage, I'd simply refuse to sign any of them, and let them enter the FA market.

Once in the FA period, I'd look for these guys OVR (they do appear nicely now since during the Draft period the OVR would not show. Additionally, some of the time I'd simulate up to this part too to simply see who were the best rookies and THEN reload a predraft savegame) and sign them for the minimum salaries I could, 7 year contracts. They would sign up in a snap.

For some reason too, I could pick up any player with a hypothetical AWR of 10, and within 2 years he'd be at 99, just a few playoff wins later and I have another superstar. A bona fide superstar factory.

I feel like Belichick.
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