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A "Football" fan in a Football Country. Stuck
Posted on November 11, 2008 at 12:01 PM.
I was born in the wrong country, sports-wise. I love football. With all my heart I love football. Not the American one, though. I love what we have called soccer, as not to confuse. I by no means hate any of our American major sports, I watch and have played them all. But I find myself being re-seduced by the love of my youth. In 1978 I was put into youth soccer by my parents. And it wasn't a smooth start as I pretty much had two left feet. But there was one man who I saw with that little round ball that could do things I never dreamed of. His name was Pele'.

For the next 8 years I played as much soccer as I could, becoming fairly decent at the sport. I also dabbled in baseball and football, making varsity and lettering in both. But still soccer was a love. Then I started to hang out with the football and basketball guys, and soccer just kind of faded away. I don't know if it wasn't cool anymore, or if it was just unavailable. Fast forward to the U.S. women's soccer team and the Columbus Crew. Both were popular in the area of the country that I live and it was cool to cheer for them. I started to remember the game. About that time I also bought my first Fifa title for my PC. (2003) It was fun and it reminded me as to how much I loved the sport. Also the Bengals and Reds were really starting to lose my interest. So I really started to look for a team to latch my hopes to.

About that time I saw a Man U match and had heard of David Beckham and Ruud Van Nistleroy. I just knew that was my team. Now I'm not really the type to cheer for the Yankees or Lakers from the Midwest having no connection, but there was just something about the history and pagentry of ManU that drew me in. Busby's Babes, the Crash, everything. So I started playing with them on Fifa04 and never looked back. The funny thing is that they really became "my squad" from playing Fifa. I couldn't name 4 guys on the squad until I played them on Fifa. Then as I saw more matches I knew who they were by name. Then I began to seek info about the players on the Internet. And began to really realize how much I'd always loved the sport. This was just the wrong country for it....

So now I sit here on Saturdays and Sundays, watching FSC instead of ESPN. I go on the BBC website to follow the Live Match text when my beloved Red Devils aren't on, which is all too often. And I can say that now I know just as much about the Premiership and it's goings-on as I do the NFL or NBA. I'm even trying to become versed in all of the other major European Leagues. Right now I'm pretty much only aware of the big Champions League-level squads. But I'm learning! I just can't believe that I wasted so many years without "the beautiful game" in my life. Thanks Fifa and the EACA team and for really reminding me how much this game means to me. Now if you could provide some type of counseling or help. I'm already at 200 matches in less than a month. BrianFifaFan
# 1 rspencer86 @ Nov 12
I kind of feel for the "football" (I'll resist the urge to call it soccer) fans in the US. I know I give my football-loving friends a hard time for watching games and cheering for teams that play on another continent.

I never really got into football. I guess I don't understand the timing system (stoppage time? Really?), all of the feigned injuries (it's like watching 20 Manu Ginobilis out there!), and the lack of scoring.

I will give football fans this: they are extremely passionate and love the game. I think its fun just to watch true football fans watch a game.
# 2 ChubbyBanana @ Nov 12
Your story reminds me of how I got into the game of football. I was put into youth soccer by my parents at a young age. I didn't have a H.S. soccer team where I grew up, so played American football isntead.

I watched the 2006 World Cup and fell in love again. Soon I bought the world cup game for Xbox and eventually FIFA. Now I am checking scores on my phone from the Premiership games while watching the Buckeyes play whoever at the bar.

Stinks I can't watch Liverpool play that often, but it is nice when ESPN can put on a Champions League Game on in HD.

I'm in love with football also. It's truely a beautiful game.
# 3 countryboy @ Nov 12

The Bungals turned you off to American Football.

That was an interesting read.
# 4 RAZRr1275 @ Dec 19
I love football. Problem is that in the US it is never on tv. When the world cup happens I'm watching every single match that they have on tv. But since that doesn't happen often my fanhood isn't as huge as it could be. Good thing I like the MLB and NBA
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