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I must confess... UFC demo has changed my outlook. 
Posted on May 27, 2009 at 11:14 PM.
I'm a purist. I've always watched boxing and abhorred MMA. Thought it was an abomination compared to the "sweet science." Something more akin to WWE than real sport. An avenue for guys who couldn't cut it in the square circle that had to resort to using less than honorable methods to win. I was waiting impatiently to get a hold of the Fight Night demo and one night had read on Ian's Twitter how cool he thought the UFC demo was. An EA guy hyping a competitor's fight game? I found myself intrigued. So I took the plunge. And man, this game has really changed my outlook on the whole UFC/MMA scene.

It's funny how videogames, if done well, can do that. And this game is done well. I'm very seriously considering starting to follow the whole Pride/UFC fight scene. I still feel like I'm cheating, though.... I'm gonna wait until the FNR4 demo comes out and see if it has the goods. I might just be waiting on it (FN) until I get UFC and get tired of it! But I must send a shout out to THQ for putting together such a faithful recreation of the sport and making it mad fun to play. Here's to hoping this game is very successful and well-received by the critics!
# 1 tutking @ May 28
this is so true i had the same views as the author im still waitin on the fnr4 demo but... long story short i downloaded the ufc demo last week bought the game 3 days ago nd actually sat down watched ufc for the first time today haha. Very good game
# 2 DaveDQ @ Jun 2
I too got a glimpse of respect for UFC because of the game; but I don't know that I'll stay on it. MMA is exciting, but I have a hard time embracing it. It's just my opinion, but I feel the sport caters to quick gratification and lacks patience.
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