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I can see this feature overtaking the forums.... 
Posted on November 10, 2008 at 08:04 PM.
The more that I fiddle around with this, the more I love it. As my friends list has grown and I'm starting to get chalkboard comments, the more I'm just engaging in the back and forth with persons that I have on the list. Not saying that the forums will become obsolete, but I can see myself spending a great deal of time in the back and forth with friends and managing my page. In a way it is a welcome change, in that there aren't the inevitable arguments and trolling that have become too pervasive in many of our forums. And I can see the developers really using their arenas to be more of an avenue to share info in a "read-only" format to keep us informed without the negative interchange that has also become all too common.

I'd have to say that this feature is evolutionary and much needed on this site. Many thanks for it's welcome addtion...
# 1 trobinson97 @ Nov 10
I agree man, especially the rampant arguing and trolling point. I can definitely see myself using this feature more than the forums itself as time goes by.
# 2 BrianFifaFan @ Nov 10
The more I think about the concept of how this will work, it'll actually help the boards, in that it will be self-modded. If many of us tend to make it a more one on one and not become friends with those who tend to the trolling point of view, it will put those guys out on an island with nobody to complain to but themselves. As a side-effect, they will have to build relationships with persons to have someone to talk to. Hence the baord will become a better place for all... "waytogo"
# 3 RGiles36 @ Nov 10
This concept/modification is great. I'm starting to feel addicted lol.
# 4 countryboy @ Nov 10
Just when I thought I couldn't get more addicted to OS, they spring this on us.

But I agree Brian, the chalkboard feature is a very welcomed addition.
# 5 BrianFifaFan @ Nov 10
I'm loving all of the new arena. The clipboard is cool in that it's real time and if the conversation is compelling others can join in. I'm also really liking the "X" button where I can delete anyones posts that I don't like for the blog. Then I'm really digging the videos and screens areas. I never liked MySpace or Facebook, but now I really understand how they are so addictive. This is just the perfect place for me to express the things that I like, sports and gaming. I'm straight hooked.....
# 6 ghm125 @ Nov 13
all the new additions are very sweet!!!!!!
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