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2014 MLB Trade Deadline 
Posted on August 2, 2014 at 01:04 PM.
There have been a lot of posts here on OS about how MLB 14: The Show's trade logic is unrealistic. But after this year's trade deadline, I have to think that it's not the video game's logic that's off. It could be said that the real life GM's logic is "broken."

Now that's easy for me to say, I'm just a fan trying to act like a baseball expert. My job isn't on the line if I make a bad trade in my video game. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe Drew Smyly will turn into Tampa Bay's ace, maybe Willy Adames will turn into a Hall of Fame shortstop.

Some of these trades were very good and made sense, others were very bad and made me.....I don't even know. Let's take a look at my winners and losers:

Winner: CUBS
The Cubs bolstered their already stellar farm system. The additions of Addison Russell and Billy McKinney provide depth and give the Cubs a plethora of options. The Cubs also made a no risk deal with Boston picking up LHP Felix Doubront. While Doubront will likely be nothing more than 4 or 5 guy in the Cubs rotation, they have a chance to "fix" a guy who hasn't quite figured it out--just like what they did with Jake Arrieta. In another underrated deal, the Cubs picked up Single-A Catcher Victor Caratini from the Braves. This deal gives them a solid prospect to fill one of the few holes in their farm. Overall the Cubs did exactly what they needed to: they shipped off their veterans for young talent, and they got as much as they could for them.
Overall Grade: A

Loser: Rays
The Rays shipped David Price just like everybody expected, but they didn't get the huge prospect return that most were expecting. I guess no team was willing to give up the prospect load for a rental of David Price. But if they couldn't get any top of the line prospects for him, why not hold on to Price until the offseason and deal him for some top of the line guys? In the end the trade looked like this for the Rays:
David Price for Smyly, Adames, and SS Nick Franklin.
Overall Grade: C-

Winner: Red Sox
The Red Sox shipped Lester and Lackey and Peavy and received some good pieces in return to improve their team for next year. The Red Sox weren't trying to start a long rebuilding project, they are 100% committed to winning next year. They get Yoenis Cespedes from the A's, Joe Kelly and Allen Craig from the Cards. Cespedes provides a solid middle of the order bat to help improve a struggling Bo-Sox outfield. Kelly could be a solid middle rotation guy, and Craig will hopefully return to form as one of the best run producers in the game. Possibly the best thing about these guys: they all have playoff experience. Oh yeah, the Sox also brought in struggling LHP prospects Eduardo Rodriguez and Edwin Escobar who
at the beginning of the year were rated among the top lefty prospects.
Overall Grade: A

Loser: Phillies
The Phillies were inactive at this years deadline, which is surprising. They could have dealt Hamels, Lee, Burnett, Papelbon, Ruiz, Howard, Utley, Rollins, or Byrd....but instead they keep all of them in a season where they have no chance to contend. Now I understand they might not have gotten much for some of those guys, but your telling me you couldn't get ANYTHING you liked for ANY of these guys? I guess they wouldn't have gotten anything more than what the Rays got for Price if they would have dealt Hamels or Lee, but they couldn't settle for something less for some of those other guys?
Overall Grade: D

Winner: Tigers
The Tigers got the best pitcher on the market in David Price, and they didn't have to give up much to get him. Sure they gave up their starting CF, but Austin Jackson was by no means irreplaceable. They also got some bullpen help in Joakim Soria, they arguably gave up too much though.
Overall Grade: B+

Loser: Cardinals
The Cardinals received a few struggling veteran pitchers in Justin Masterson and John Lackey. They also gave up a young pitcher in Joe Kelly, and one of the better run producers in Allen Craig. I get that Craig is scuffling, but his playoff experience is valuable for a team heading to October. These trades weren't terrible, but I feel like they could have given up a few prospects instead of veterans with experience.
Overall Grade: C

Winner: Athletics
The A's rotation is now very scary. The only one that comes close is the Tigers upgraded version. They gave up their two top prospects and a middle of the order bat in Cespedes, but this proves that they are all in this year. And a platoon of Johnny Gomes and Sam Fuld in left could come close to what Cespedes was doing for the A's.
Overall Grade: A-

A Few Draws:
The Yankees made plenty of deals, but their weak farm system cost them from making any big blockbuster trades. The Yankees are supposed to be buying the best players avaiable, so it just seems silly to have a Yankee roster filled with very average ball players....

They gave up their top hitting prospect in Colin Moran, and a "too-early-to-be-a-bust-but-to-late-to-be-what-he-could-have-been" prospect In Jake Marisneck. And in return they got a young pitcher who hasn't really proven himself yet. And this is a season where I really don't see them making a playoff run; especially without Jose Fernandez.

On the other end of the Marlins trade, they sold a young pitcher who could have been their ace in the future, for a good hitting 3B prospect and a disappointing prospect. Really not a bad trade, but not great.

We'll see who are the true winners and losers after the Playoffs.

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