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MLB 2K13 announcement raises more questions than answers... Stuck
Posted on January 9, 2013 at 10:52 AM.

Well, seemingly out of no where, 2K Sports announced MLB 2K13 and a March 5th release date.

This is a surprise to most, since there was no mention of this game prior to today. It wasn't on 2K's release list, and was reportedly losing the company money.

It seems that a new (more favorable?) licensing contract was established with Major League Baseball, letting 2K provide Xbox 360 owners their only real choice for console hardball.

While I feel competition is healthy for any aspect of business, this surprise announcement raises a number of questions:

1. How much improvement should we expect? It's unclear if 2K was working on this game prior to release. I suspect they were, but if not, will this simply be a roster update? The MLB 2K series was heading in a good direction until 2010; last year's version left a lot to be desired.

2. Only 360 and PS3? No word on PC or Wii U versions.

3. Will the contract extend into the new generation of consoles? I'd love to see other developers take a risk and help get us back to the glory days of baseball gaming (where we had multiple choices on every console).

Operation Sports has put in a request for comment on the length of the development cycle and what the plans are for this year's game and we will let you know when (if) we get an answer of some sort!

What are your thoughts/questions regarding this breaking news story? Will MLB 2K13 be fit for prime time when it releases in just a few short weeks?
# 1 GrandMaster B @ Jan 9
Will Houston be in the right league? lol Afterall, it is 2K.
# 2 tril @ Jan 9
As far as gameplay, Im sure theyll just fix alot of the issues found in last years game. just fixing the bugs. development costs could be minimal, since it would just most likely be fixing the existing code.
so it could be a win for 2k. they may make a profit;
And this could lead to the always talked about subject about releasing a new game every few years. 2k13 in all likelyhood is a patch, and will only be a DLC. only question would be the cost for the update and the cost for the entire game, for those who dont already have 12.
# 3 Slimshady718 @ Jan 9
They won't fix much as long as they keep doing that million dollar contest pll will by
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