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MLB 13: The Show Franchise Video Breakdown Stuck
Posted on February 7, 2013 at 05:56 PM.

MLB 13: The Show just released a preview on Franchise Mode, my favorite mode in the series for the last five-plus years. As someone who doesnít play a lot online, Iím happy to see them improve this area of the game--an area, that admittedly, had become a little cumbersome to navigate and full of features most players probably turned off.

Before I break down the list of improvements, there's a big caveat to any opinion I may have: this stuff better work. Weíve seen too many games ďbreak themselves,Ē with features and additions that look nice, but ultimately screw up the simulation side of things. I have faith in Sony, though, and predict everything's gonna be alright.

Info Panel: Without actually navigating the menus, itís hard to say how this will feel; but it looks nice. Any improvement to the menu is fine by me, as long as it doesnít move to 2Kís archaic system.

Dynamic Budgets: Iím not sure how realistic it is, but itís nice to be rewarded for a good season. Plus, if we are being honest, Iím not sure many people really want to play a multi-season franchise with no hope of clearing the red.

Acquisition Updates: This panel is only really as good as the trade logic allows. I hate seeing players who, in real life, would have no chance of being traded. I think I saw Pujols on in the rumor mill last yearójust doesnít make sense. Bringing this to the front end of the interface will be handy, but only if whatís on it is usable.

Project Free Agents: Again, nice to have this up front as you plan for seasons ahead. Will be even more useful at the trading deadline.

Ticker: A nice touch; I loved the in-game ticker last year.

Training: Iím guilty of setting it (to auto) and forgetting it, in previous versions of the game. I suppose the end results will be the determining factor if this revision is successful, but as is, it seems much easier to use. Love the bar charts across the top.

Varied Player Projections: Along with the new push/pull engine, this is a risky tweak for The Show; I feel like both have the potential to be overdone. I like what this is attempting, but I donít want to see a ton of sub-25 year old superstars.

Scouting: The designers are correct when they state they are moving an ďafterthoughtĒ to the forefront. I rarely messed with scouting last year; I didnít see the need to navigate a ton of menus for little payoff. Now, however, thereís a lot to like, including varied scout abilities, the Top 50 icon, and specific assignments.

Final Thoughts

Itís really hard to guess how all of this will work as a cohesive whole. However, The Show has been good about making steady strides to consistently improve (as opposed to promising annual "back of box" features that soon disappear). It seems that these particular improvements are carefully planned and implemented in a way that makes sense. Hopefully, weíll see it all payoff in March.

What new feature are you most excited about?
# 1 Lovesports @ Feb 7
I think more and more players are coming in and making a big impact right away. Your Strasburgs, Harpers, Trouts are becoming a norm
# 2 thehunt30 @ Feb 8
I'm really looking forward for the budget system.
# 3 asu666 @ Feb 8
I'm going to continue my season from last year and play in the other league with this year's game too. With the realignment, playoff structure included, and franchise revamp, it should be interesting to mix it up and see which ultimately plays better.
# 4 johnpreyes @ Feb 8
It's great that they're finally showing the actual ratings instead of bars.
# 5 mrlux @ Feb 8
They talked about how they tweaked the difficulties due to the new hitting mechanics, so I'm interested to see how that is balanced in gameplay.
# 6 NYYankees42 @ Feb 8
What's up with McCutchen in a Nats cap? Will players with real pictures now switch to an animated picture with their new team's cap? Cuz that would be awesome.
# 7 Kirby_SCEA @ Feb 8
What's up with McCutchen in a Nats cap? Will players with real pictures now switch to an animated picture with their new team's cap? Cuz that would be awesome.
Yes. When a player is moved off of his original team, his real mugshot will be replaced by a CGI mugshot in his new uniform/hat.
# 8 b22gamer @ Feb 9
What season is being shown in the still above? I.e. 2013,2014,15? Curious to see if Steve Lombo starts out as an 88 overall or if he progressed to that level.
# 9 b22gamer @ Feb 9
Never mind, guess I can tell by harpers age I'ts the year 2017
# 10 lewski19 @ Feb 10
Yea, but the mccutchen, moustakas and tillman all on the nats still makes me concerned about the trade logic.
# 11 SotehPR @ Feb 12
Maybe they traded their farm system to compete... Lol. If i were to handle the phillies i would trade the entire team for prospects... Forfeit 1-2 seasons.... They will have money to spend in the offseason.... Trade lee, Halladay, JRoll, Utley, Brown, Papelbon, Adams... The Youngs... All gone! xD rebuild! xD
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