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# 10
mike24forever @ Mar 20, 2018
What you do for the DC for the Sim World rosters is amazing. You have the creative mind of an author. You tell a great story with all the recruits.

As a long time member of OS, not that it means anything, but thank you for what you do. I truly enjoy reading you updates.
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# 9
donrellion600 @ Dec 28, 2014
Can u help me out bro I need it for the SimWorld setups u guys have created my gamer tag is rellioncellblk6
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# 8
donrellion600 @ Dec 28, 2014
Hey bro I downloaded the latest Sim world rosters and sliders which draft class is the correct one for after the patch 3
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# 7
MilesyWL @ May 4, 2014
Hey man,

Hope you don't mind me messaging you like this, anyhow I've tried to download your 2k13 fictional draft classes off 2kshare but I hadn't realised that 2k have stopped the online services for the game. Is there anyway you could send me your version 2 draft classes as I would love to have them on my game!
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# 6
luca3113 @ Mar 5, 2014
Hey mate. I'd like to begin a MyCareer with one of your draftees though I play on PC and not Xbox 360. So I was wondering if you could send me pictures of his signature moves (jumpshots, dunks, etc.), accessories, appearance (skin tone, hair style, etc.) and so on via e-mail ([email protected]). The draftee in question is Aaron Hunt from your fictional draft class 3. Thanks a bunch!
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# 5
darkwolf80 @ Feb 2, 2014
Sapp Can I get on the e-mail list for the Scouting reports? [email protected]
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# 4
YourPappy @ Oct 4, 2013
I don't know if you'll see this, but i'd like to help with your draft classes from here on out. I can't PM you for some reason.
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# 3
jeaceb @ Jun 29, 2013
Originally Posted by CWSapp757
Wish I could man but probably not without some kind of program. They normally take me about three weeks to make so if I did them for both it would pretty much kill me. SwaggerCoach has been trying to convince me to come over to the PS3 side for a while now though lol.
You should for 2k14 i would love it so much i play association non stop and after 2014 others draft classes are not even close to yours level of detail
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# 2
jeaceb @ May 31, 2013
Can you make your draft classes for PS3
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# 1
wize250 @ Oct 14, 2011
Hey, thanks for the reply on the association thread. I was curious, what do you think your time frame for getting 4-6 classes uploaded might be (I know it takes a LOT of work as I started to mess with one earlier). I would love to have enough years of classes so I can go relatively deep and see the initial year or two of rookie classes start to develop and get into their prime with a team.

I know if I go ahead and start the association I'll be tempted to go quickly through the first 4-5 years just for that and I want to wait for some realistic classes.

Also having someone else make the classes is nice because then I'm not biased for picking the studs without proper scouting.
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