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Borderlands 2 Review 
Posted on September 20, 2012 at 05:39 AM.
Ok first off let me say that I havent beat the game yet I however think I played enough to write this review.


This is where Borderlands 2 is much better than the original, form the very beginning you know who he is and why you get caught up in the mess. Handsome Jack is someone you will love to hate while the story goes on and even start to like his odd sense of humor unlike in Borderlands 1 where you really didnt know who your were fighting and why. There are pot holes like why is Hyperion Reviving you when Handsome Jack wants you dead and so on but they can be overlooked.


Once again Gearbox uses the cell shaded method we have all come to love from Borderlands. However this time you will find blues, greens, reds and even purple in the environments making it a much more colorful game than its previous game. Lets not forget all the blood you can handle as well.


Borderlands 2 has four new characters that you can experiment. From a robot to a Siren you can find one of them to suit your play style. With the customization options that range from other video game characters heads and skins you can find, it adds to a already mass amount of loot you can get.


This is where Borderlands stands out the most. With Borderlands 1 getting a world record for most guns in a game and Borderlands 2 having even more you can expect that record to be broke yet again. Everything from Ammo, Grenade Mods, Shield, Weapons, and Class Mods are loot able. With all the variations looting will become a lifestyle rather than a chore. Online play looting however can get hectic and annoying if you play with people you dont know. Especially if they are loot hoarders that take everything. One thing Diablo 3 did right was have personal loot where you only seen your own loot so others couldnt steal it.


I give Borderlands 2 a 9.5/10. if you are even remotely interested in loot or RPGs you must give this game a try. Only negatives for me are I had to restart a mission once due to it glitching up, some items falling through the ground and the non personal loot online.
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