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Modern Warfare 2 review/rant 
Posted on February 20, 2010 at 04:23 AM.
Before I start this review/rant, I know that I will get chewed out for what I will say about it.

ModernGlitchfest 2 has some good ideas but released the game with very bad things. First off how in the hell do you release a game that has so many glitches that when you fix one, there are 2 more to take its place? Care Package glitching (Running arround with knife and the stupid spamming), Javalin Glitch, getting into certain parts of the map your not suppost to be in, Models, etc..... I mean come on, you had 2 years to get this stuff right. Instead of releasing a public beta like for modern warfare 1 you get big headed and dont release one. Another thing is who in the hell thought it would be a good idea to put Halo's sword lunge in this game? I mean did someone seriously sit down and say, "I want to run around like a little ******* and knife people from 5 feet away?" Also your servers.....seriously people.......Who dows not put dedicated servers in hier video game anymore? You have the money, use it! All you made in Modern Warfare 2 is a twitch fest POS game that rewards campers and glitchers.

Single player is enjoyable to me, while short it is full of action and heart pounding moments. With that I will end it here.

6 out of 10
-Multiplayer Twitch Fest
-Guns dont feel that much different than each other
-Shotguns that shoot like snipers
+SOME cool perks and fun multiplayer of you dont get stupid people hiding in a building in a corner/ on top a fridge, in a crate, undernieth your covers.

Buy or Rent or Run:
  • Run if you want to play online with a non glitching experience and are not interested in single player.
  • Rent if you love a heart pounding Single player experience, not long enough to justify $60.
  • Buy if you love the single player and have friends that can play online with you. The more friends you get into the game, the less dumb asses you get.
# 1 LingeringRegime @ Feb 24
Good review. I agree.
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