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Hardcore Justice 2010 PPV Review 
Posted on August 9, 2010 at 04:59 PM.
One Night Stand III………..ooopps, I mean Hardcore Justice was rather entertaining, but did lose some of that ECW feeling at some points along the way. I call it ONSIII because after the WWE 2006 version, it just became more of a hardcore PPV with WWE talent and no participation from the former ECW talent. I did not feel like this PPV should have happened to begin with, I guess Tommy Dreamer begging, crying, and pleading his case to Dixie was another story.

The show opened up very nicely with Taz addressing the fans at the Impact Zone and those paying on television. It was a nice touch to open up the show. The atmosphere of the arena was well done between the lighting and different camera pans to make this feel like the old ECW as opposed to watching another episode of TNA. One piece of the atmosphere I didn’t care for was Tenay in the booth, where was Cyrus (Don Callis) or even put fatass Mick Foley in that spot for the night.

The opening match between the FBI vs. Diamond, Swinger, Kash was terrible with so many out of shape guys, it was embarrassing. Big Sal would get a pass by me as the dude has always been out of shape…..but the rest of the guys just looked bad and their match was even worse. The only entertaining thing here was the FBI dancing, which has been one of their best trademarks.

We then cut to the back for a BWO2.0 skit, which was alright, but just didn’t fit in at all with Richards playing a badass psychotherapist of late on Impact and also leading Raven at one point. We had Al Snow, Super Nova, and a fake Meanie (one of the Phi Delta Slam guys) involved.

From there we are back in the ring with 2 Cold Scorpio vs. CW Anderson. Both guys looked good, with Scorpio looking the best. I always love his entrance dance to the ring, it is something to be seen and considering his entrance in NJPW, noting even comes close. They put on a good match and Scorpio showed that he can still go at a fast pace. I would love for TNA to sign both of these guys contracts and lose some of the other dead weight on the roster. Scorpio in the X Division and Anderson as a part of Fourtune being their Enforcer, would work perfectly.

RVD with Bill Alfonso confused the hell out of me at first. It sounded as if RVD was still facing Lynn, so I was like did something change that Lynn is not hurt anymore.

Stevie Richards vs. PJ Polaco (Justin Credible) was passable with Polaco still looking in good shape considering he has been working at the Olive Garden as a chef. Richards is probably in the best shape of his life which is great, I just wish he was more involved in the Raven storyline. Polaco vs. The Sandman would have been my choice in a Stairway to Heaven match as these guys have some history with each other…………but stupid TNA has to have a Stairway to Janice match on Thursday. ARGH!!!!!!!! It was an ok match, not anything that made me glued to the television.

Rhino vs. Brother Runt vs. Al Snow was another match that I could have really done without on this card. Rhino just doesn’t do it for me anymore and at one point I thought the guy had something since to me I think that Heyman looked at him as a replacement for Taz when he left for the WWE. Rhino can wrestle and brawl which is good, but he is put up against some boring guys that don’t allow him to live up to his potential.

Next up was Team 3D vs. Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten which was a decent brawl. I about expected this out of all four of these guys and not much more. Having Joel Gertner there was the icing on the cake, the man has it on the mic and I wish TNA would hire him managing someone or just pair him up with T3D once again. Then enter The Gangstas at the end of the match, which I was cool with these guys coming out and I would have preferred them coming out mid match like in the past ECW would do and make it a Three Way Dance out of nowhere. So The Gangstas beat the living lights out of T3D, but then we have a curtain call at the end. I was like WTF! is happening in the ring. It just brought this whole match/segment down for me to a screeching halt. I guess New Jack never lived up to his words from the past that he would kill Bubba and D-Von if he saw them again………they must have patched their differences.

Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer was a good match and was what I expected going in. It was nothing better or worse from their previous encounters. Between the headshots and Tommy’s girls sitting at ringside watching this happen, especially with Raven busting Tommy’s head just a few feet away had me wondering what are these people doing? Shouldn’t those kids be in the back at this point? The one thing that brought the match down for me was good old fatass Mick Foley with Mr. Socko. I am so sick of him and that crap, couldn’t we do one night without it?

Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu turned out to be a rather good match, thanks to Sabu who looks to be in better shape than most were lead to believe. From what I have read, in AAA he has been fairly horrible in the ring. RVD looked like he was sort of phoning this one in a bit. I am not too sure what has happened to RVD, but I can understand when WWE crushed his spirits, but he is in a new place with a clean slate. This was a good match and only wonder how Lynn vs. Van Dam would have turned out.

Hardcore Justice turned out to be a decent and entertaining PPV even besting a few of TNA’s efforts over the last year. By no means does this beat the first two ONS reunion PPV’s, but I would say it was a bit better than the Hardcore Homecoming series. I still do not understand the point of the PPV that Dixie Cater would push aside her talent for one night worth of good pay to push this, especially since an angle never came about with the EV2 guys either invading TNA or TNA invading the show last night to start up an interesting angle. I wonder where do we go from here. This could be handled just like all TNA PPV’s where they are forgotten the Impact following the PPV, which is not good for business.

It was interesting to see the “Where Are They Now?” segments, it looked like both Gary Wolfe and Francine are doing very well for themselves. Since they could not get Paul Heyman, having Tod Gordon there would have been great. Where was Shane Douglas? Granted he is out of shape, the man is what spurned EXTREME Championship Wrestling with him taking a dump on the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Speaking of packages, those TNA talent vignettes were just crap and not needed at all, especially with the comments from Love and Rayne.

I even found the message that TNA sent across with "The Whole F’N Show" Impact special makes no sense either. The comment made at the end by Dreamer was a bit rude towards the TNA locker room as if he told them all “**** You”, you can’t beat us……..the sad thing is that this PPV will probably do much better buyrates than the monthly TNA ones have been doing to rub salt into their wounds.
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